Minor League Transactions

Previous Transactions

Arizona Diamondbacks

Released RHP Ryan Holsten. Reinstated RHP Kerry Ligtenberg from the inactive list.

Atlanta Braves

Released LHP Brian Langen and C Charles Bressoud. Placed 1B Andy Barkett and LHP Michael Porzio on the temporarily inactive list. Placed IF James Jurries and RHP Ricardo Rodriguez on the restricted list.

Baltimore Orioles

Placed 3B Rafael Diaz and LHP Richard Salazar on the restricted list. Reinstated OF Jason Fransz and SS Enrique Wilson from the inactive list.

Boston Red Sox

Released RHP Talley Haines, SS Michael Moriarty, OF Michael O’™Keefe and IF Greg Stone. Reinstated RHP Anastacio Martinez.

Chicago Cubs

Released RHP Kris Gross and LHP Edilberto Oropesa.Reinstated LHP Carlos Vazquez, C Oscar Bernard, RHP David Cash and SS Robinson Chirinos from the inactive list.

Chicago White Sox

Released 1B Brian Becker and RHPs Enemencio Pacheco and Joe Winkelsas.Placed OF Fernando Alvarez on the voluntarily retired list. Placed RHP Javier Ortiz.

Cleveland Indians

Released RHP Dennis Stark and LHP Derrick Van Dusen. Placed SS Eider Torres on the restricted list.

Colorado Rockies

Released LHP Steve Kent, SS Nestor Perez, RHP Travis Phelps and 1B Andy Tracy. Reinstated RHPs Yusuke Arakawa, P.J. Bevis and Jason DiAngelo and OF Jorge Piedra from the inactive list.

Detroit Tigers

Released Tony Schifano.

Florida Marlins

Released LHP Waylon Byers, SS James Goelz and RHP Rhett James.

Houston Astros

Released OFs Julio de la Cruz, Michael Hill and Trenidad Hubbard and LHP Phillip Norton. Acquired OF Michael Floyd from Phillies for a player to be named. Reinstated RHP Scott MacRae from inactive list. Placed OF Adam Seuss on the restricted list.

Kansas City Royals

Released RHP Jim Bullinger. Acquired SS Alejandro Prieto from Phillies for a player to be named.

Los Angeles Angels

Released LHP Jason Brester and RHP Michael Nickoli. Reinstated LHP Billy Collazo and RHPs Francisco Cordova and Carlos Morban from the suspended list. Placed OF Ransel Melgarejo on the suspended list.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Released RHP Richie Jerde-Martin. Reinstated OF Jonathan Weber from the inactive list.

Milwaukee Brewers

Released RHPs Jeff Farnsworth and Kevin Rival and OF Jason Tuttler. Placed LHP Jared Theodorakos on the restricted list.

Minnesota Twins

Reinstated 1B Luis A. Jimenez, RHP William Pettit and LHP Jeff Randazzo from the inactive list.

Oakland Athletics

Reinstated RHP Elvis Avendano and OFs Javi Herrera and Luis Perez.

Philadelphia Phillies

Released 2B Anthony Aquilino, RHP Justin Cerrato, Ryan Hutchison, Cory Schultz and Robert Mendoza, and LHP Owen Hoegh. Placed 3B Jeff Phelps on the voluntarily retired list. Reinstated 1B Randy Ruiz from the inactive list. Traded OF Michael Floyd to Astros for a player to be named. Traded SS Alejandro Prieto to Royals for a player to be named.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Placed SS Brian Bixler on the temporarily inactive list. Reinstated 3B Tom Evans from the inactive list.

St. Louis Cardinals

Released RHPs Adam Acosta, Bob File and Zach Treadway, 2B Alexis Nunez, 1B Brian Robinson and OF Steven Sherman. Reinstated OF Paul Frisella from the inactive list.

San Diego Padres

Released RHPs Alexis Candelario, Brian Burks, Adam Koft, Nate Sevier, Edward Shanks and Steve Sparks, LHPs Gary Gallegos and Jonathan Nourie and IF Kervin Jacobo. Reinstated RHP Clay Hensley from the inactive list. Placed RHP Chris Rayborn on the voluntarily retired list.

Seattle Mariners

Released OF Josh Ellison and RHP Dan Reichert. Reinstated Cs Ryan Christianson and Omar Falcon, RHP Renee Cortez, OF Billy Hogan and LHP Damian Moss from the temporarily inactive list. Placed OF Jamal Strong on the restricted list.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Released SS Jason Dellaero. Reinstated RHPs Jeremy Flanagan and Michael Navaroli from the inactive list. Placed RHP Andy Sonnanstine on the suspended list.

Texas Rangers

Released LHP Joel Kirsten and 2B Chris O’™Riordan. Reinstated OF Lizahio Baez and C Justin Hatcher from the inactive list. Placed RHP Shane Bazzell on the suspended list.

Toronto Blue Jays

Released OF Jonathan Ashford. Reinstated SS Julius Matos, 3B Greg Powers and RHP Brian Reed from the inactive list.

Washington Nationals

Released OF Marcus Nettles and IF Clark Parker. Placed 1B Victor Hamisevicz on the restricted list. Reinstated LHP Jonathan Felfoldi from the inactive list.