Minor League Transactions

Previous Transactions

Arizona Diamondbacks

Signed LHP Armando Almanza. Released OF Argelis Nunez. Signed 2B Joe Batten, LHP Randy Choate and C Kelly Stinnett. Released LHP Armando Almanza, OFs B.J. Lange, Miguel Matos and Marcus Townsend and RHP Tim Vaillancourt. Placed C Craig Ansman and RHP Chad Scarbery on the restricted list. Placed RHP James Belflower and C Dan Tosca on the voluntarily retired list. Placed LHP Carlton Wells on the temporarily inactive list. Traded OF Jon Kaplan to the Cardinals for future considerations. Signed C Mike DeCarlo and RHPs Elvin Nina, Kyler Newby and Eduardo Baeza. Released LHP Joe Nance. Placed LHP Aaron Gamboa on temporarily inactive list.

Atlanta Braves

Signed RHP Trey Hodges and LHP Steve Kent. Released LHP Alex Herrera. Signed 1B Andy Barkett and IF Daniel Lamb-Hunt. Released LHPs Alex Herrera, Danny Collins and Andy Van Hekken, RHPs Jeff Long and Michael Peck and OF Michael O’Keefe. Placed OF Yohan Silva on temporarily inactive list. Placed RHP Sean White on suspended list. Reinstated LHP Mike Porzio from the inactive list. Signed SS Josh Arteaga, OF Kerry Robinson, LHP Beau Jones, C Miguel Severino and RHPs Chad Paronto, Seth Bobbitt, Nate Pudewell, Jamie Richmond and Kenny Ray. Released 1B Andy Barkett and RHPs Hector Almonte and Trey Hodges. Sold LHP Juan Alvarez to Puebla (Mexican League).

Baltimore Orioles

Released LHPs Chris Smith, Horacio Estrada and Ryan Hannaman, Cs Ron Braun and Jorge Hadad and OF Jeff Inglin. Traded IF Pete Maestrales to Royals for OF Eli Marrero and cash. Signed OF Peter Bergeron. Released LHP Jeff Hundley, RHP Brandon Spillers and SS Enrique Wilson. Acquired SS Michael Moriarty from Cubs for future considerations. Signed 2B Miguel Abreu and Robert Andrews. Released RHPs Ryan Brnardic, Hector Rodriguez and Andy Edwards, C Henry Guerrero and SS Blake Hanan. Reinstated 2B Bernie Castro, 1B Mario Delgado, RHPs Paul Henry and Matt Bolander from inactive list.

Boston Red Sox

Released OF Billy McMillon. Released LHPs Joe Rogers, Horacio Estrada, Ryan Hannaman and Andrew Ehrlich. Placed RHP Tim Kester on the temporarily inactive list. Reinstated 1B John Olerud from the inactive list. Traded LHP Jason Kershner to the Padres for future considerations. Placed 3B Claudio Arias on suspended list. Signed RHPs Rich Garces and Eugenio Flores, OFs Jason Hurst, Archie Gilbert and Billy McMillon and SS Scott Youngbauer. Reinstated RHP Felix Romero from inactive list. Traded 3B Tim Hummel to Cardinals for a player to be named.

Chicago Cubs

Signed RHP Talley Haines. Released RHP Luis Brito. Traded SS Michael Moriarty to the Orioles for future considerations. Acquired SS Jose Cruz from Yankees for future considerations. Signed SS Luis Rivera, OF Jeff Culpepper and RHP Roberto Sotolongo. Released RHPs Will Cunnane, David Crouthers, Travis Phelps and Wes O’Brien.

Chicago White Sox

Released 2B Melvin Perez and RHPs Brian Miller and Ryan Warpinski. Signed OFs Roosevelt Brown and Bernie Gonzalez, Cs James Burke and Trey Combs, SS Ricardo Gutierrez, RHP Felix Diaz. Released 3Bs Caleb Cooper and Donny Leon, RHP Tetsu Yofu and OF Jeremy Giambi. Placed SSs Felix Martinez and Robert Valido and 1B Jorge Toca on restricted list. Reinstated RHP Javier Ortiz. Released LHP Josh Stewart. Reinstated SS Richard Martinez and RHP Jeriome Robertson from inactive list.

Cincinnati Reds

Signed LHP Ryan Garmon. Released 1B Leslie Nichols and RHP Luke Prokopec. Signed LHP Andy Van Hekken and LHP Ryan Garmon. Released RHP Justin Gillman and OF Eyoxy Esparragoza. Placed SS Gary Patchett, RHP Rafael Gonzalez and IF Norris Hooper on the temporarily inactive list. Placed LHP David Griffin on restricted list. Signed RHPs Aaron Garrison and Kyle Huddy, OF Esteban Quintana and LHP Brandon Newman. Released RHP Shawn Aichele. Placed RHP Jeff Bruksch on restricted list. Reinstated RHP Homer Bailey from inactive list.

Cleveland Indians

Released SS Patrick Boran, OF Darnell McDonald and 2Bs Warren Morris and Danny Garcia. Signed 3B Mike Bell and SS Patrick Boran. Released RHP Rob Ashabraner and OF Robert Castro. Reinstated OF Darnell McDonald and SS Eider Torres on the inactive list. Placed RHP Paul Shuey on the voluntarily retired list. Signed 3B Nick Petrucci, LHP Chris Hicks, C Justin Pouk, SS Jose Chavez and RHP Carlton Smith. Released RHP Kenny Rayborn and OF Mario Matulich. Placed RHPs Jason Bere and Joe Weaver on voluntarily retired list. Placed RHP Stephen Watkins on suspended list.

Colorado Rockies

Signed RHP Dan Miceli and SS Tomas Delarosa. Released LHP Keith Ramsey and RHP Josh Merino. Placed SS Lagatila Reynolds on the voluntarily retired list. Signed RHP Dan Miceli. Released LHP Chris Steinborn. Placed RHP Brian Lynch on voluntarily retired list. Placed RHPs Christian Parker and Jonathan Herrera on the restricted list. Released IF Gustavo Escobar, 1B Aaron McNeal and RHP Scott Chiasson.

Detroit Tigers

Traded RHPs Ancil Baldwin and Mike Kobow to Nationals for future considerations. Signed SS Juan Gonzalez. Released OF Wilton Reynolds. Placed RHPs Nate Bumstead and Mark Johnson on temporarily inactive list. Released RHP Nate Cornejo.

Florida Marlins

Released LHP David Marchbanks and SS Dustin Young. Signed SS Marcos Cabral and LHPs Ray Aguilar and Valerio de los Santos. Released LHP Clarence Blank. Place SS Wilson Delgado on restricted list. Placed OF Joe Pietro on the voluntarily restricted list. Reinstated SS Wilson Delgado from the inactive list. Signed 1B Mark Aranda, RHPs Michael Doolittle, Michael Bille and Landon Brazell and OF Jeff Van Houten. Released C Anthony Arnerich and RHP Bart Miadich. Placed RHP Clayton Westmoreland on voluntarily retired list. Placed RHP Allen Baxter, OF Xavier Arroyo and 3B Cole Seifrig on suspended list.

Houston Astros

Released RHP Dave Burba and 3B Ray Navarette. Signed LHP Tom Martin. Released OF Ryan Kochen and C Jose Acosta. Placed OF Anthony Acevedo and SS Ryan Stegall on the voluntarily retired list. Placed RHP Jeremy Griffiths on the temporarily inactive list. Signed OF Wilton Reynolds. Released RHP Jeremy Griffiths. Placed RHP Derick Grisby on restricted list. Traded RHP Kevin Hodge to Phillies for future considerations.

Kansas City Royals

Signed RHP Justin Wayne. Traded OF Eli Marrero and cash to Orioles for IF Pete Maestrales. Released OF Alex Batista. Placed SS Luis Ugueto on restricted list. Placed RHP Steve Chamberlin on suspended list. Signed C Ross Boudreaux, OF Cody Cure, LHP Adam Kalkhof and RHPs Phillip Davidson, Carlos Morban and Ben Cromer. Released Cs Andrew Barden and Jonathan Thomas, OF Jared Ellis and Carlos Caballero, RHP Leslie Nacar, LHPs Justin Nelson and Brandon Perry. Placed RHP Carlos Morban on temporarily inactive list.

Los Angeles Angels

Signed RHPs Kevin Gregg and OF Grant Harper. Released RHP Doug Sessions. Signed RHP Kevin Gregg. Released OF Ransel Melgarejo and RHPs Jose Guzman, Carlos Morban and Jose Valencia. Reinstated IF Kendry Morales from inactive list. Placed OF Andy Newton, SS Andy Fox and LHP Scott Hindman on the voluntarily retired list. Signed 2B Abel Nieves and RHP James Gilbert. Released RHP Aquilino Lopez and OF Ken Morris. Placed IF Sergio Garcia on restricted list. Placed RHP William Layman on suspended list. Placed C David Hernandez and RHP Kenny Plaisance on retired list.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Signed IF Oscar Robles. Released RHP Philip Sobkow. Released RHPs Mike Rodriguez and Justin Wayne, OF Yojanci Frias and LHP Alex Merricks. Place RHP Heath Totten on restricted list. Signed OF Jeremy Brown. Released RHP Tom Farmer.

Milwaukee Brewers

Signed RHP Brandon Hundt. Released LHP Matt Ford, RHPs Dan Grybash, Tim Crabtree and Oscar Montes and OF Dallas Bates. Signed 1B Ed Yost, RHP Brett Evert, 3B Jose Jimenez and C Mike Rivera. Released RHPs Miguel Garcia, Greg Moreira, Brandon Hundt and Joel Needham and OF Dallas Bates. Signed 3B Dan Berg, RHPs Aaron Craig, Mathew Kretzchmar and Josh Louis and LHP Derek Miller. Released 3Bs Rick Bell and Kevin Orie, RHPs Evan Meek and Chad Paronto, IF Charlie Lozada and LHP Sam Narron. Placed OF Joel Rivera and LHP David Welch on restricted list.

Minnesota Twins

Released LHP Javier Martinez and RHP Valentin Pineda. Signed 3B Rick Bell, SS Matt Lawman and C Corky Miller. Released LHP Javier E. Martinez, OF Selwyn Langaigne, RHPs Bill Mauer, Valentin Pineda and Brian Wolfe and SS Jesus Merchan. Released C Kris Lankford, SS Patrick Ortiz, RHP Luke Thwaites, LHP James Anderson and 1B Scott Lucas. Placed RHP Francisco Nunez on restricted list.

New York Mets

Signed RHP Calvin Maduro and C Mike DiFelice. Released 1B Luis A. Garcia and LHP Scott Stewart. Signed RHP Jacob Ruckle. Released RHP Todd Van Poppel, SS Marcos Cabral, C Mike DiFelice and 2B Todd Dulaney. Reinstated RHP Rafael Cova from inactive list. Placed RHP Yusmeiro Petit on temporarily active list. Traded 2B Jed Hansen to Giants for future considerations. Signed RHP Jake Harrington and LHP Horace Lawrence. Released LHPs Kelvin Garay and Henry Guzman. Reinstated 1B Brett Harper and RHP Yusmeiro Petit from inactive list. Placed RHP Will Weitzman, IF Stefan Welch and LHP Brian Walker on restricted list.

New York Yankees

Signed RHP Grant Duff. Released RHP Jose Bautista. Signed OF Dee Brown, SS Felix Escalona, RHPs Grant Roberts, Sam Marsonek, Calvin Maduro, Kevin Rival, Marc Valdes and Kris Wilson. Released RHP Brad Blackwell. Released RHP Franklin Sanchez and OF Josh Ellison. Placed RHPs Grant Roberts and Jeff Kennard and SS Jared Koutnik on restricted list.

Oakland Athletics

Signed RHP Keith Stamler. Released RHP Billy Sylvester. Purchased contract of RHP Ryan Glynn from Blue Jays. Signed RHP Mike Nannini. Released RHP Keith Stamler. Reinstated RHP Chris Mabeus from inactive list.

Philadelphia Phillies

Signed RHP Greg Bauer. Released LHPs Jason Martinez and Rob Richardson. Signed OF B.J. Littelton. Released SS Seth Davidson, RHPs Carl Dawson and Eric Glaser. Reinstated OF Enmanuel Osorio from inactive list. Placed SS Danny Sandoval on suspended list. Signed RHPs Peter Henyran and Chris Raulinaitis. Released SS Daniel Gonzalez, OF R.T. Plumsky, RHPs Jacob Tompkins and Felix Villegas, LHPs Rob Goodson and Jeff Wilson. Placed RHPs Dan Giese and Calvin Maduro on temporarily inactive list. Acquired RHP Travis Thompson from Indians for future considerations.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Signed RHP Ian Heisel. Released RHP Gabe Tarazon. Signed LHPs Mike Johnston and Derrick Van Dusen. Released LHP C.J. Nitkowski, SS Chase Voshell, C Edwards Guzman and IF Victor Mercedes. Reinstated RHP Brian Mallette and Kyle Pearson from the inactive list. Signed RHP Todd Redmond and C John Walk. Released OF Jairo Castillo, RHPs Kendry Ramos, Josh Higgins, Alex Lissir and Justin Lord. Placed OF Chaz Lytle on temporarily inactive list. Reinstated 3B Gregg Raymundo and LHP Jeremy Harts from inactive list. Placed RHP Steven Herce on voluntarily retired list.

St. Louis Cardinals

Released OF Jasha Balcom and RHP Toby Borland. Traded C Javier Cardona to Indians for OF John Rodriguez. Placed RHP Chris Della Rocco and OF Sam Herbert on the voluntarily retired list. Signed LHP Gabe White, C Cody McKay, 2B Dominic Rich, OF Eric Verbryke and 1B Juan Diaz. Released OFs Paul Frisella and Anthony Monegan, RHPs Jose Robles and Shawn Sedlacek. Placed RHP Jeremy Cummings on the restricted list. Placed LHP Shane Wallace on voluntary retired list. Acquired OF Jonathan Kaplan from Diamondbacks for future considerations. Released 3B Mark Broome, IF Mathew Demarco, RHPs Justin Knoff, Charles Bechtel and Erik Drown, OF Jonathan Kaplan and LHP Jeff Randazzo. Acquired 3B Tim Hummel from Red Sox for a player to be named.

San Diego Padres

Signed RHP Brian Sweeney and LHP Chris Steinborn. Released 3B Troy Cameron. Traded RHPs Mike Bumstead and R.D. Spiehs to Mariners for SS Wilson Valdez. Signed OF Dustin Delucchi and LHP Jason McMillan. Released RHP Joe Dawley. Acquired LHP Jason Kershner from Red Sox for future considerations. Signed RHP Pat Clayton, OF Adam Hyzdu and LHP Scott Stewart. Released RHPs Angel Cordero and James Darby, OF Kerry Robinson.

San Francisco Giants

Signed RHP Dave McKae. Acquired OF Doug Devore from Diamondbacks for RHP Matt Herges. Released LHP Stephen Randolph. Released SS Donaldo Mendez. Placed LHP Brian Mazone and C Guillermo Rodriguez on restricted list. Signed OF Michael Santoro and RHP Ryan Shaver. Placed RHPs Daniel Portorreal and Trevor Wohlgemuth on restricted list.

Seattle Mariners

Signed RHP Cory Koliscak and C John Tucker. Released RHPs Cardoza Tucker and Melvin Gonzalez. Traded SS Wilson Valdez to Padres for RHPs Mike Bumstead and R.D. Spiehs. Placed C Greg Slee on the voluntarily retired list. Signed RHPs Jonathan Wright. Released OFs Elvis Cruz and John Emmons, LHP Zach Silvera and RHPs Toby Borland, Brett Evert and Albie Lopez. Purchased contract of C Pat Borders from Brewers. Reinstated RHP Jeremy Cummings from the inactive list. Placed RHPs Austin Bilke and Chris Della Rocco, LHP John Hays and OF Sam Herbert on the voluntarily retired list. Signed IF Juan Guzman, C Nick Prosise, RHP Nick Allen and 3Bs Tyler Eastley and Ron Prettyman. Placed RHP Ryan Leaist on restricted list. Placed RHP Aaron Thorne on voluntarily retired list.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Signed LHP Austin Morgan, RHP Franklin Nunez and IF Cesar Suarez. Released RHPs Terence Brock, Adam Moreno and Joan Rodriguez, C Eric Reece and OF Jhonny Rivera. Signed SS Nestor Perez and RHP Brian Sweeney. Released RHP Dan Valentin, C Richard Sweeney, 1Bs Steve Cox and Alejandro Crooks, RHP Terence Brock and LHP Jason Pruett. Placed RHP Nick Moran on the restricted list. Signed OF David Kennedy, RHP Brian Baker and Cs Chris Regan and Alex Jamieson. Released RHP Marcus Barriger and LHP Barton Braun. Reinstated RHP Jason Phillips from inactive list. Placed LHP Ken Brock, RHP Ricardo Montilla and SSs James Scholzen and Salvador Paredes on restricted list. Placed RHP Thomas Carnes and OF James Gann on temporarily inactive list.

Texas Rangers

Signed OF Terrance Blunt. Released RHPs Keith Stamler, Luis Marcano and Pedro Fernando. Signed RHPs Kellan McConnell and Steve Karsay. Released SS Cody Ransom, RHPs Nicolas Casanova, Marc Cornell, Pedro Fernando, Luis Marcano, Clayton Jerome, Shawn Phillips and Randy Truselo and OF Adam Bourassa. Placed OF Mike Mask on voluntarily retired list. Signed RHPs R.A. Dickey and Tim Crabtree and LHP Hector Mercado. Placed RHP Gener Diaz and C Jeff Smith on voluntarily retired list.

Toronto Blue Jays

Signed C Joe Depastino. Released RHPs Bryon Bell and John Ogiltree, LHP Erik Rico, OF Suglar Valdez, 3B Vincent Esposito and IF Anastacio Guzman. Sold the contract of RHP Ryan Glynn to Athletics. Reinstated LHP Matt Foster from inactive list.

Washington Nationals

Signed OF Dee Brown and RHPs Ryan France and John Ogiltree. Released RHP Mark DiFelice and OF Melvin Nieves. Acquired RHPs Ancil Baldwin and Mike Kobow from Tigers for future considerations. Signed SS Scott Hodges. Released SS Juan Lorenzo and OF Melvin Nieves. Placed LHP Jon Felfoldi on suspended list. Signed SS Juan Melo, RHPs Marco Estrada, Eduardo Pichardo and Edulin Abreu, C Brian Peacock and LHPs Stephen Randolph and Jack Spradlin. Released RHP Samuel Martinez and OF Duron Legrande. Reinstated RHP Mayque Quintero from inactive list. Placed RHP Richard Shefka on temporarily inactive list. Placed SS Josh Labandeira on suspended list.