Minor League Transactions

Previous Transactions

Player, Position

Transaction Type

Arizona Diamondbacks

Simon, Brandon, of

Reinstate from DL (Lancaster/A)

Simon, Brandon, of

Transfer (Lancaster/A to South Bend/A)

Atlanta Braves

Curtis, Daniel, rhp

Transfer (Richmond/Triple-A to Mississippi/Double-A)

Davies, Kyle, rhp

Option (Atlanta to Richmond/Triple-A)

Digby, Bryan, rhp

Transfer (Myrtle Beach/A to Rome/A)

Marte, Andy, 3b

Option (Atlanta to Richmond/Triple-A)

Porzio, Mike, lhp

Release (Mississippi/Double-A)

White, Sean, rhp

Transfer (Myrtle Beach/A to Mississippi/Double-A)

Baltimore Orioles

Minor, Zach, lhp

Reinstate from DL (Delmarva/A)

Piersoll, Chris, rhp

Transfer (Ottawa/Triple-A to Bowie/Double-A)

Puente, Juan, c

Transfer (Bluefield/R to Delmarva/A)

Stephens, John, rhp

Place on 7-day DL (Ottawa/Triple-A)

Torres, Melqui, rhp

Place on 7-day DL (Bowie/Double-A)

Boston Red Sox

Berg, Dave, ss

Place on 7-day DL (Pawtucket/Triple-A)

Garcia, Harvey, rhp

Place on 7-day DL (Greenville/A)

Guyette, Kevin, rhp

Transfer (Lowell/SS to Greenville/A)

Chicago Cubs

Culpepper, Jeffrey, of

Transfer (Boise/SS to Daytona/A)

Defendis, John, of

Transfer (AZL Cubs/R to Boise/SS)

Farina, Peter, c

Transfer (AZL Cubs/R to Boise/SS)

Montanez, Luis, ss

Transfer (Peoria/A to Iowa/Triple-A)

Phelps, Michael, rhp

Transfer (AZL Cubs/R to Peoria/A)

Chicago White Sox

Gload, Ross, 1b

Option (Chicago to Charlotte/Triple-A)

Cincinnati Reds

Buck, Juan, of

Transfer (GCL Reds/R to Dayton/A)

Garmon, Ryan, lhp

Reinstate From DL (Dayton/A)

Garmon, Ryan, lhp

Transfer (Dayton/A to Sarasota/A)

Hernandez, Habelito, 3b

Return From Rehab (Dayton/A)

Lewis, Kenny, of

Reinstate From DL (Dayton/A)

Cleveland Indians

Clem, Chris, 2b

Transfer (Mahoning Valley/SS to Lake County/A)

Colorado Rockies

Baker, Jeff, 3b

Place On 7-Day DL (Colorado Springs/Triple-A)

Seay, Bobby, lhp

Outright (Colorado to Colorado Springs/Triple-A)

Detroit Tigers

Cleveland, Russell, c

Reinstate From DL (Lakeland/A)

Larrison, Preston, rhp

Transfer (Lakeland/A to Erie/Double-A)

Zumaya, Joel, rhp

Transfer (Erie/Double-A to Toledo/Triple-A)

Florida Marlins

Bostick, Adam, lhp

Transfer (Jupiter/A to Carolina/Double-A)

Resop, Chris, rhp

Option (Florida to Carolina/Double-A)

Riedling, John, rhp

Recall (Albuquerque/Triple-A to Florida)

Witt, Paul, ss

Reinstate From DL (Greensboro/A)

Witt, Paul, ss

Transfer (Greensboro/A to Jamestown/SS)

Houston Astros

Chavez, Raul, c

Outright (Houston to Round Rock/Triple-A)

Kansas City Royals

Diaz, Matt, of

Option (Kansas City to Omaha/Triple-A)

Jensen, Larry, rhp

Outright (Kansas City to Omaha/Triple-A)

Los Angeles Angels

Callaspo, Alberto, ss

Transfer (Arkansas/Double-A to Salt Lake/Triple-A)

Kendrick, Howie, 2b

Transfer (Rancho Cucamonga/A to Arkansas/Double-A)

Leahy, Ryan, ss

Transfer (Arkansas/Double-A to Rancho Cucamonga/A)

Lopez, Baltazar , 1b

Reinstate From DL (Rancho Cucamonga/A)

Lynch, Kevin, rhp

Transfer (Salt Lake/Triple-A to Orem/R)

Matranga, David, ss

Place On 7-Day DL (Salt Lake/Triple-A)

Pride, Curtis, of

Outright (Los Angeles to Salt Lake/Triple-A)

Reyes, Ivan, ss

Transfer (Rancho Cucamonga/A to Arkansas/Double-A)

Severino, Alex, of

Reinstate From Inactive List (DSL Angels/R)

Specht, Brian, ss

Place On 7-Day DL (Salt Lake/Triple-A)

Veras, Nicolas, rhp

Reinstate From Inactive List (DSL Angels/R)

Los Angeles Dodgers

Grabowski, Jason, 3b

Outright (Los Angeles to Las Vegas/Triple-A)

Osoria, Franquelis, rhp

Option (Los Angeles to Las Vegas/Triple-A)

Milwaukee Brewers

Ballouli, Khalid, rhp

Place On 7-Day DL (Huntsville/Double-A)

Eveland, Dana, lhp

Selection To ML Roster (Huntsville/Double-A to Milwaukee)

Sarfate, Dennis, rhp

Reinstate From DL (Huntsville/Double-A)

Zumwalt, Alex, rhp

Reinstate From DL (Huntsville/Double-A)

Minnesota Twins

Morlan, Eduardo , rhp

Transfer (Elizabethton/R to Beloit/A)

Rainville, Jay, rhp

Transfer (Beloit/A to Fort Myers/A)

Rivas, Luis, 2b

Option (Minnesota to Rochester/Triple-A)

New York Mets

Nall, Brandon, rhp

Sign (Brooklyn/SS)

Nall, Brandon, rhp

Transfer (Brooklyn/SS to Hagerstown/A)

Padilla, Juan, rhp

Selection To ML Roster (Norfolk/Triple-A to New York)

Ring, Royce, lhp

Option (New York to Norfolk/Triple-A)

New York Yankees

Carroll, Mark, 2b

Transfer (GCL Yankees/R to Tampa/A)

Garcia, Christian, rhp

Reinstate From DL (Charleston/A)

Garcia, Christian, rhp

Transfer (Charleston/A to GCL Yankees/R)

Maduro, Calvin, rhp

Transfer (Tampa/A to Columbus/Triple-A)

Small, Aaron, rhp

Selection To ML Roster (Columbus/Triple-A to New York)

Valdes, Marc, rhp

Release (Trenton/Double-A)

Walsh, Nick, if

Transfer (Charleston/A to Trenton/Double-A)

Oakland Athletics

Clark, Jermaine, 2b

Reinstate From DL (Sacramento/Triple-A)

Gwyn, Marcus, rhp

Transfer (Sacramento/Triple-A to Midland/Double-A)

Morrissey, Adam, 2b

Transfer (Sacramento/Triple-A to Midland/Double-A)

Philadelphia Phillies

Adams, Terry, rhp

Reinstate From DL (Scranton/Triple-A)

Baez, Welinson, 3b

Reinstate From DL (Batavia/SS)

Blanton, John, ss

Transfer (Batavia/SS to GCL Phillies/R)

Merchan, Jesus, ss

Transfer (Lakewood/A to Reading/Double-A

Rose, Kevin, rhp

Place On 7-Day DL (Lakewood/A)

Sandoval, Danny, ss

Selection To ML Roster (Scranton/Triple-A to Philadelphia)

Sosa, Juan, ss

Transfer (Reading/Double-A to Scranton/Triple-A)

Stewart, Clayton, rhp

Transfer (GCL Phillies/R to Batavia/SS)

Woodrow, Chris, rhp

Transfer (Clearwater/A to Lakewood/A)

Pittsburgh Pirates

Duffy, Chris, of

Recall (Indianapolis/Triple-A to Pittsburgh)

Izquierdo, Hansel, rhp

Reinstate From DL (Indianapolis/Triple-A)

Skrehot, Shaun, ss

Reinstate From DL (Indianapolis/Triple-A)

St. Louis Cardinals

Gorecki, Reid, of

Reinstate From DL (Palm Beach/A)

Luna, Hector, ss

Recall (Memphis/Triple-A to St. Louis)

Palmer, Cody, c

Transfer (Johnson City/R to Quad Cities/A)

Richmond, Kevin, util

Place On 7-Day DL (New Jersey/SS)

Rodriguez, John, of

Selection To ML Roster (Memphis/Triple-A to St. Louis)

Toops, Brady, c

Transfer (Quad Cities/A to Palm Beach/A)

Williams, Simon, of

Transfer (Palm Beach/A to Quad Cities/A)

Zoccolillo, Pete, of

Transfer (Springfield/Double-A to Memphis/Triple-A)

San Diego Padres

Asencio, Miguel, rhp

Release (Portland/Triple-A)

Garcia, Jesus, 2b

Transfer (Portland/Triple-A to Mobile/Double-A)

Hensley, Clay, rhp

Selection To ML Roster (Portland/Triple-A to San Diego)

Johnson, Ben, of

Option (San Diego to Portland/Triple-A)

San Francisco Giants

Correia, Kevin, rhp

Recall (San Jose/A to San Francisco)

Taschner, Jack, lhp

Option (San Francisco to Fresno/Triple-A)

Seattle Mariners

Brandt, Adam, lhp

Transfer (Inland Empire/A to Everett/SS)

Brandt, Adam, lhp

Transfer (Everett/SS to Wisconsin/A)

Buglovsky, Chris, rhp

Reinstate From DL (Tacoma/Triple-A)

Bumstead, Mike, rhp

Transfer (Tacoma/Triple-A to San Antonio/Double-A)

Heid, Trevor, of

Transfer (AZL Mariners/R to Everett/SS)

Hernandez, Jairo, of

Transfer (AZL Mariners/R to DSL Mariners/R)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Hammel, Jason, rhp

Transfer (Montgomery/Double-A to Durham/Triple-A)

Lopez, Romelio, rhp

Transfer (Hudson Valley/SS to Battle Creek/A)

Lynn, Kevin, rhp

Transfer (Visalia/A to Hudson Valley/SS)

Magrane, Jim, rhp

Transfer (Durham/Triple-A to Montgomery/Double-A)

Peguero, Tony, rhp

Transfer (Visalia/A to Montgomery/Double-A)

Sonnanstine, Andy, rhp

Transfer (Battle Creek/A to Visalia/A)

Townsend, Wade, rhp

Reinstate From Inactive List (Hudson Valley/SS)

Texas Rangers

Botts, Jason, 1b

Recall (Oklahoma/Triple-A to Texas)

Giles, Josh, rhp

Transfer (Bakersfield/A to Clinton/A)

Padgett, Michael, rhp

Transfer (Clinton/A to Bakersfield/A)

Smith, William, of

Transfer (Frisco/Double-A to Oklahoma/Triple-A)

Toronto Blue Jays

Janssen, Robert, rhp

Place On 7-Day DL (New Hampshire/Double-A)

Mumma, Brad, lhp

Transfer (Dunedin/A to New Hampshire/Double-A)

Washington Nationals

Johnson, Deryck, of

Place On 7-Day DL (GCL Nationals/R)

Labandeira, Josh, ss

Transfer (New Orleans/Triple-A to Harrisburg/Double-A)

Reid, Brett, rhp

Place On 7-Day DL (Potomac/A)

Schroder, Chris, rhp

Rehabilitation Assignment (New Orleans/Triple-A)

Thissen, Greg, 2b

Place On 7-Day DL (Potomac/A)