Minor League Transactions

Previous Transactions

Draft rounds for 2005 draftees are noted in parentheses.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Reinstated RHPs Billy Biggs and Kyle Bono, OF Brandon Burgess, C Josh Ford and LHPs Mark Freed, Chris Michalak and Aaron Gamboa from inactive list.

Baltimore Orioles

Signed RHPs Matt Bruback and Sendy Rleal and OF Jason Fransz. Reinstated RHP John Stephens from inactive list.

Boston Red Sox

Signed RHPs Caleb Balbuena, Enmanuel Ulloa and Marc Deschenes. Released RHPs Steve Langone, David Pahucki and Billy Simon. Reinstated SSs Luis Figueroa and Raul Nieves, 3B Brant Ust and RHP T.J. Large from inactive list.

Chicago Cubs

Signed C Casey Kopitzke, LHPs Yorkin Ferreras and Phil Norton, 3B Aaron Sisk and RHP Lee Gwaltney. Released IFs Jose Cruz, Aaron Smith and Uriak Marquez,RHPs Armando Fernandez, Erik Foor, Michael Lefort, Walt Nolen and Alfredo Polanco, OF Morrow Thomley and LHP Jason Terry.

Chicago White Sox

Reinstated LHP Eric Everly from inactive list.

Cincinnati Reds

Signed SS Javier Colina.

Detroit Tigers

Signed IF Juan Francia. Released OF Vince Berry, LHPs Rob Henkel and Kevin McDowell and RHPs Dan Konecny and Tom Lyons.

Kansas City Royals

Signed 3B Alex Gordon (1).

Los Angeles Angels

Released LHPs William Collazo and Nick Touchstone, RHP Scott Schneider and 1B Chris Walston. Reinstated RHPs Aaron MacKenzie and William Layman from inactive list.

Milwaukee Brewers

Signed RHP Rolando Pascual and C Mike Rivera. Released RHPs Victor Arias, Luis Bernal, Carlos Cespedes, Jorge Fermin, Forrest Martin, Dany Mosquea, Nick Slack, Darwin Soto, Landon Stockman, OFs Ben Van Iderstine and Mike Gordon, 1B Carlos Gallardo and LHP Jared Theodorakos. Placed RHP Derek DeCarlo on voluntarily retired list.

Minnesota Twins

Signed 3B Thomas Watkins.

New York Mets

Reinstated RHPs Brian Bannister, Ivan Oquendo and Orlando Roman from inactive list.

New York Yankees

Released OF Ruben Rivera. Reinstated C Jon Mark Sprowl from inactive list.

Oakland Athletics

Released RHPs Victor Luces, Jesus Martinez and Leandro Noboa. Reinstated RHPs Will Shields and Brad Sullivan from inactive list.

St. Louis Cardinals

Signed RHP Victor Moreno. Released RHP Brian Miller.

San Diego Padres

Signed RHPs Evan Meek, Manny Ayala, Stephen Spragg and Michael Thompson, C Miguel Ojeda and LHP Matt LaChappa.

San Francisco Giants

Reinstated RHPs Chris Begg and James Garcia and 3B Michael Cervenak from inactive list.

Seattle Mariners

Signed RHPs Jonathan Wright, Rich Dorman and Jeff Heaverlo. Reinstated OFs Sebastien Boucher and Bryan Lahair, IF Yung Chi Chen and C Rob Johnson from inactive list.

Texas Rangers

Signed 2B Ruddy Yan and LHPs Matt Riley, Cory Vance and Rob Lee. Reinstated RHP Yeyser Marinez from inactive list.

Toronto Blue Jays

Signed SS Danny Solano.Reinstated LHPs Adrian Burnside and Chi-hung Chen and RHP Po-Hsuan Keng from inactive list.

Washington Nationals

Signed OF Justin Maxwell (4) and RHP Brad Clark (19).