Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks

Signed SS Donnie Sadler and RHP Kevin Jarvis. Signed SS Justin Upton (1) and RHP Jonathan Valverde. Released RHP John Cahill.

Atlanta Braves

Signed LHP Scott Mullen,Cs Eddie Perez, Dax Norris and Cody Clark, RHPs Jeff Bennett and Phil Stockman and OF Brian Jordan. Signed 3B Albaro Campusano, LHP Mike Remlinger and C Jon Williams.

Baltimore Orioles

Signed OF Tony Alvarez and RHP Eddy Rodriguez. Released OF Jonathan Moreno. Signed RHP Ricky Bottalico.

Boston Red Sox

Signed OF Ron Calloway, RHP Cam Reimers and LHPs Craig Breslow and Mike Holtz. Released RHP Yui Tomori. Signed OF Dustan Mohr, RHP Jason Blackey and 2B Willie Harris.

Chicago Cubs

Signed SSs Dan Gonzalez and Augie Ojeda, LHP Grant Gregg, 3B Jake Thrower,RHPs David Lee, Brian Reith, Bryan Corey and Mark DiFelice, OF Jeff Deardorff, and Cs Kevin Sullivan and Jeff Winchester. Released 2B Matt Creighton, LHPs Jordan Gerk and Michael Greenhouse, RHPs Chad Underwood and Nick Thompson and IF David Seara. Signed OF Matt Padgett, C Jon Mark Sprowl and LHP Alex Perez.

Chicago White Sox

Signed C Pascual Matos, OF Ben Grieve,LHP Javier Lopez and RHP Tim Redding. Released LHPs Thomas Brice, Jim Bullard and Eric Everly, C Cesar Castillo,OFs Clint King and Seth Morris, 3B Michael Swain, SS Derek McNeil and RHPs Orionny Lopez and James Casey. Signed LHP Stephen Randolph.

Cincinnati Reds

Signed SS Derek Wathan,OF Jacob Cruz and RHP Joel Barreto.Released 3B Mark Schramek, LHPs Jose Brito, Adam Lingenfelter, Matt McWilliam, Cristian Rios and Omar Segovia, SSs Will Hudson and Jose Rogers, RHPs Joe Powers and Josh Thigpen and OF Kyle Smith. Signed OF Andy Abad, C Dan Flaherty, 3Bs Mark Schramek, Aaron Holbert, RHPs Andy Weimer, Josh Hancock and Mike Nannini and 2Bs Darryl Lawhorn and Frank Menechino. Released SS Drew Phillips.

Cleveland Indians

Signed LHP Mariano Gomez,1B Andy Tracy,OFs Todd Hollandsworth and Todd Donovan, RHPs Rob Bell, Steve Karsay, Ben Howard and Danny Graves and Cs Einar Diaz and Tim Laker. Traded LHP Brian Tallet to Blue Jays for RHP Bubbie Buzachero. Signed 1B Andy Tracy and RHPs Hugo Castellanos and Martin Vargas. Placed C Clayton McCullogh on voluntarily retired list.

Colorado Rockies

Signed RHP Nate Field. Released IF Armando Polanco and RHPs Manuel Pichardo and Rafael Sanchez. Signed RHP Humberto Cardenas.Released RHP Steve Edsall. Acquired RHP Ian Ferguson from Royals.

Detroit Tigers

Signed OF James Essian, RHPs Tony Fiore and Matt Mantei and 3B Brian Rios. Signed LHPs Alex Herrera and Hector Mercado and OF Reggie Taylor.

Florida Marlins

Signed 3B Scott Seabol, RHPs Kerry Ligtenberg and Matt Herges and C Paul Hoover. Released SS Ryan Schade. Signed RHP Eddie Gaillard.

Houston Astros

Signed RHPs Pete Bauer, David Borkowski and Josh Miller, IF Tom Eckelman,OF Derek Nicholson and 3B Kevin Orie.

Kansas City Royals

Signed 3B Luis Castillo,OF Ransel Melgarejo and LHP Nick Touchstone.Placed OF Leon Stephens on voluntarily retired list. Released RHPs Steve Chamberlain, Mitchell Goins, Bruce McCleland and Travis Trammell and LHP Matt Pena. Signed LHP Ryan Snare,RHP Ryan Rafferty, OF John Allen and 1B Randy Ruiz. Traded RHP Ian Ferguson to Rockies. Placed OF Nick Cerulo on voluntarily retired list.

Los Angeles Angels

Signed LHP Nate Bland and OF Curtis Pride. Signed SS Ivan Reyes.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Signed 3B Chris Truby,C Brad Cresse and RHPs Aaron Sele, T.J. Nall and Justin Reid. Traded LHP Chuck Tiffany and RHP Edwin Jackson to Devil Rays for RHPs Danys Baez and Lance Carter.

Milwaukee Brewers

Signed LHP Clayton Andrews and Wilfredo Rodriguez,RHPs Santo Manzanillo, Wilton Chavez and Jared Fernandez and C Mark Johnson. Traded RHP Brian Wolfe to Blue Jays for 3B Corey Koskie. Signed RHPs Wily Peralta, Guillermo Salinas and Corey Thurman,Cs Chris Curry and Jean Boscan and OFs Carlos Valderrama and Colin Porter.

Minnesota Twins

Signed LHPs Darrell May and Matt Ford, OFs Andres Torres and Jason Grove and RHP Michael Smith. Signed LHP Gabe White.

New York Mets

Signed RHP Rob McIntyre, LHPs Ryan Cullen, Darren Oliver, Matt Perisho and Mike Venafro, C Bobby Estalella and OF Cory Aldridge. Released 3B Dirimo Chavez. Signed 2B Bret Boone and RHPs Jeremy Hill, Will Vazquez and Felix Villegas.

New York Yankees

Signed C Jason Brown. Signed 3B Damian Rolls, C Mark Davis and LHPs Jeremy Harts and Al Leiter.

Oakland Athletics

Signed RHP Mac Suzuki. Signed OF Hiram Bocachica.

Philadelphia Phillies

Signed LHP Robert Cochran, RHPs Matt Parris and Nick Mattioni, 2B Bobby Scales and C Dusty Wathan. Signed 2B Carlos Leon, SS Jesus Merchan and 3B Antoin Gray.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Signed 3B Mike Edwards, OFs Simon Pond and Nick Theodorou and RHP Chris Rojas. Signed RHPs Mark Alvarez and Giovanni Carrara.

St. Louis Cardinals

Signed RHP John Reidling. Signed RHP Billy Simon, LHP Troy Cate, 1Bs Jesse Hoorelbeke and Brian Daubach, 2B Jaime Landin and 3B Rico Washington.

San Diego Padres

Signed OFs Nick Crosta and Jeremy Cleveland, Cs Todd Greene and Matt Stocco, SS David Matranga andRHPs Jason Andrew and Andy Ashby. Released RHP Phillip Polanco. Signed RHPs Jon Adkins and Jonathon Koch and OF Patrick O’Sullivan. Released C Todd Greene.

San Francisco Giants

Signed RHP Pedro Liriano, OF Jason Knoedler and LHP Mivhael Tejera. Released OFs Charlie Babineaux and Dan Trumble, 3B Michael Cervenak, LHPs Ryan Callahan, Juan Farrach and Travis NeSmith, RHPs Benny Cepeda, Daniel Portorreal, Rickey Putman, Rafael Rigueiro, Brian Stirm and J.B. Thurmond, 1Bs Jason Columbus and Brad Vericker, Cs D.J. Dixon and Max Felix and 2B Lisandro Disla. Signed RHPs Matt Kinney, Adam Ortiz-Jusino and Jamey Wright and SS Tim Bowers. Released RHP Tom Gornati.

St. Louis Cardinals

Signed 1B Juan Diaz and RHP Franklin Perez. Released RHP Steward Chacin and LHP Bo Dickerson. Signed RHP Billy Simon, LHP Troy Cate, 1Bs Jesse Hoorelbeke and Brian Daubach, 2B Jaime Landin and 3B Rico Washington.

Seattle Mariners

Signed RHPs Kevin Appier and Dave Burba,Cs Will Plaza and Tony Sanguinetti and 1B Todd Sears. Signed C Tom Gergorio, LHPs Lindsay Gulin and Adam Pettyjohn, RHP Jeff Harris and SS Cody Ransom.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Signed RHPs Bart Miadich, Jose Rodriguez and Bladimir Florentino, 3B Luis Ordaz and 1B Kevin Witt. Placed RHP Rob Findlay on voluntarily retired list. Traded RHPs Danys Baez and Lance Carter to Dodgers for LHP Chuck Tiffany and RHP Edwin Jackson. Signed OFs Darnell McDonald, Michael Coleman, RHPs Jack Cressend and Rodrigo Rosaro, 3B Greg Norton and C Michael Rose.

Texas Rangers

Signed RHP Joselo Diaz. Signed RHPs Keisuke Ueno and Jose Silva and SS Tim Olson. Released RHP Jarrad Burcie andd SS Luis F. Rodriguez.

Toronto Blue Jays

Traded 3B Corey Koskie to Brewers for RHP Brian Wolfe. Traded RHP Bubbie Buzachero to Indians for LHP Brian Tallet. Signed C Jason Phillips, RHP Brian Tollberg,LHP Clarence Blank and OF Wayne Lydon.

Washington Nationals

Signed LHPs Oscar Alvarez, Mike Bacsik, Micah Bowie and Jim Crowell, RHPs Andrew Good, Kyle Denney, Juan Ovalles and Steve Watkins, OF George Lombard and C Mike Difelice Released RHPs John Ogiltree, Nehomar Ochoa and Francisco Sandoval and LHP Jose Urena. Signed OFs Ruben Mateo and Christian Guerrero, SS Rayner Batista, RHP Justin Echols and C Miguel Bernard. Released SS Javier Rodriguez and RHP Tom Mitchell.