Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed RHP Mike Schultz
Released RHP Daryl Arreola
Released RHP Eduardo Baeza
Released RHP Emmanuel Duran
Released RHP Scott Souther
Released LHP Matthew Krohe
Released LHP Angel Rocha
Released C Michael DeCarlo
Released 1B Will Crouch
Released SS Ricardo Cruz
Released OF Alex Frazier
Released OF Edwin Roman
Released OF Jon Weber

Atlanta Braves
Signed RHP Manny Acosta
Signed RHP Phil Stockman
Released RHP Asher Demme
Released RHP Tony Pierce
Released RHP Nick Tisone
Released RHP Josh Ward
Released RHP David Watkins
Released LHP Matthew Coenen
Placed RHP David Williams on voluntarily retired list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed RHP Rob Bell
Signed RHP Jon Leicester
Signed C J.R. House
Signed SS Eider Torres
Signed OF Jason Dubois
Released LHP Ryan Ariail
Released LHP Russell Petrick
Released C Juan Gutierrez
Released 1B Vito Chiaravalloti
Released OF Roger Cedeno
Released OF Corey Shafer
Traded OF Cory Keylor to Red Sox for C Alberto Castillo
Returned Rule 5 selection C Adam Donachie

Boston Red Sox
Signed LHP Craig Breslow
Released RHP Ryan Baerlocher
Released RHP Gary Galvez
Released RHP Edgar Guaramato
Released RHP Chris Jaile
Released RHP William Mann
Released LHP Jeff Farrell
Released LHP Rob Henkel
Released LHP Justin Sturge
Released C Dennis Anderson
Released 3B Matt Mercurio
Released SS Dustin Kelly
Released SS Dominic Ramos
Released OF Alex Ochoa
Released OF Tike Redman
Released OF Jamal Strong
Released OF Matt Van Der Bosch
Released OF Jeff Vincent
Traded C Alberto Castillo to Orioles for OF Cory Keylor
Traded 1B Jeremy West to White Sox for future considerations
Placed C Mitchel Stachowsky on voluntarily retired list

Chicago Cubs
Released RHP Jason Anderson
Released RHP Chadd Blasko
Released RHP Bobby Brownlie
Released RHP Matt Harrington
Released RHP Jonathan Hunton
Released RHP Roberto Sotolongo
Released C Peter Farina
Released C Corey Myers
Released 1B Jesse Hoorelbeke
Released 2B Lisandro Rosario
Released SS Ryan Lilly
Released OF Wilson Inoa

Chicago White Sox
Signed LHP Paulino Reynoso
Signed 1B Casey Rogowski
Released RHP Tyler Adamczyk
Released RHP Alvin Garcia
Released RHP Domingo Gomez
Released RHP Michael Moat
Released RHP Ramon Sanchez
Released RHP Gaury Torres
Released RHP Justin Wechsler
Released LHP Sheldon Catchot
Released LHP Fraser Dizard
Released 1B Josh Hansen
Released 1B Eduardo Perez
Released 1B Fernando Valenzuela Jr.
Released 2B Matt Enuco
Released 2B Eric Mesa
Released 3B Juan Camacho
Released 3B Corey Smith
Released SS Leonardo Acosta
Released SS Cory Haggerty
Released OF Brendan O’Donnell
Acquired 1B Jeremy West from Red Sox for future considerations
Acquired 2B Robby Hudson from Mariners for cash considerations
Placed RHP Matt Hansen on voluntarily retired list

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Brad Salmon
Signed LHP Phil Dumatrait
Signed LHP Brian Shackelford
Signed OF Bubba Crosby
Released RHP Brett Andrade
Released RHP Gregory Dicso
Released RHP Richard Fairchild
Released RHP Eric Junge
Released RHP Dane Mason
Released RHP James Paduch
Released RHP Damian Ursin
Released RHP Chris White
Released RHP Paul Wilson
Released RHP Andy Yount
Released LHP Brandon Alford
Released LHP Brian O’Connor
Released LHP Ryan Williams
Released 1B Ryan Brown
Released 2B Juan Martinez
Released 3B Angel Colon
Released SS Janel Arias
Released OF Evandy De Leon

Cleveland Indians
Released RHP Matt Davis
Released RHP Daniel Miltenberger
Released RHP Jason Schutt
Released RHP Albert Vargas
Released LHP Thomas Cowley
Released LHP Charles Knippschild
Released LHP Derrick Loop
Released LHP Brandt Sanders
Released LHP Michael Storey
Released C Omar Casillas
Released C Brent Lacy
Released 2B Brett Kinning
Released 2B Micah Schilling
Released SS Jose Chavez
Released SS Keoni De Renne
Released SS Matt Fornasiere
Released SS Charles Hargis
Released OF Alfred Ard
Released OF Trevor Mortensen
Released OF Brent Thomas
Traded RHP Bear Bay to Rangers for future considerations

Colorado Rockies
Signed RHP Jorge De Paula
Signed C Alvin Colina
Signed 2B James Haley
Released RHP Tim Bausher
Released RHP Humberto Cardenas
Released RHP Chase Dardar
Released RHP Jeffrey Gilmore
Released RHP Danny Graves
Released RHP Jason Hanna
Released RHP Jon Huizinga
Released RHP Tim Lavigne
Released RHP Enmanuel Ulloa
Released LHP Chad Bailey
Released LHP Chad Bentz
Released LHP Matt Ford
Released LHP Pedro Perez
Released LHP Jacob Postlewait
Released C Bryan Opdyke
Released C Luke Sargent
Released C Steven Suarez
Released C Kyle Wilson
Released 3B Donald Hahn
Released SS Eric Riggs
Released OF Steven Boggs
Released OF Cedrick Brooks
Traded 3B Russ Johnson to Pirates for future considerations
Placed RHP Scott Beerer on restricted list
Placed OF John Restrepo on voluntarily retired list
Loaned C Geronimo Gil to Mexican League

Detroit Tigers
Signed RHP Craig Dingman
Signed RHP Aquilino Lopez
Released RHP Dana Arrowood
Released RHP Eric Beattie
Released RHP Nathan Bumstead
Released RHP Jesse Caraballo
Released RHP Loren Fraser
Released RHP Jeffrey Hahn
Released RHP Josh Kauten
Released RHP Chris Krawczyk
Released RHP Tim Robertson
Released RHP Alec Shepherd
Released LHP Kendall Bergdall
Released LHP Johnny Davis
Released LHP Felix Heredia
Released LHP Tony Peralta
Released LHP Thomas Thornton
Released C Gabriel Johnson
Released C Daniel Sandoval
Released 1B Kelly Hunt
Released 2B Gilberto Mejia
Released 2B Michael Trapani
Released OF Joe Jiannetti
Released OF Garth McKinney
Released OF Brandon Watson

Florida Marlins
Released RHP Zachary Bird
Released RHP David Humen
Released RHP Mike Koplove
Released RHP Felix Rodriguez
Released LHP Arturo Barradas
Released LHP Adam Brandenburg
Released LHP Anthony Ferrari
Released LHP Kevan Kelley
Released LHP Alexis Sosa
Released LHP Yanery Vasquez
Released C Greg Brown
Released C David Hernandez
Released C Tanner Rogers
Released 1B Juan Figueroa
Released 2B Joe Dillon
Released 2B Gary Roche
Released 2B Andrew Saylor
Released 3B Nathan Messner
Released 3B Edgar Varela
Released SS Jose Ronda
Released SS Paul Witt
Released OF Juan Agustin
Released OF Richard Correll
Released OF Matt Kutler
Released OF Alexis Sanchez
Placed SS Brian Cleveland on voluntarily retired list

Houston Astros
Signed RHP Miguel Asencio
Signed RHP Rick White
Signed LHP Steven Kent
Released RHP Carlos Mirabal
Released RHP Garrett Murdy
Released RHP Howard Pence
Released RHP Travis Phelps
Released RHP Brandon Stricklen
Released RHP Aaron Williams
Released LHP Christian Campos
Released LHP Jacob Hurry
Released LHP Steven Kent
Released LHP Cory Lapinski
Released LHP Kelly Wunsch
Released C Brian Peterson
Released OF Ervin Alcantara
Released OF Aaron Bulkley
Released OF Matt Cunningham
Released OF Mario Garza
Released OF Richard Hidalgo
Released OF Nathan Warrick
Placed RHP Ben Weber on voluntarily retired list

Kansas City Royals
Signed RHP Santiago Garrido
Signed RHP David Humen
Signed OF Miguel Mariano
Released RHP Barry Armitage
Released RHP Tyler Cummings
Released RHP James Harkcom
Released RHP Michael Hauff
Released RHP Patrick Hicklen
Released RHP Jake McLintock
Released RHP Doug Schambough
Released RHP Chace Vacek
Released RHP Martin Vargas
Released RHP Brandon Weeden
Released RHP Mark Woodyard
Released LHP Jacob Eckley
Released LHP Gary Franklin
Released LHP Eliezer Garcia
Released LHP John Gragg
Released LHP Miguel Morales
Released LHP Adam Rowe
Released LHP Ed Yarnall
Released C Chris Curry
Released C Brandon Lance
Released C John Lowen
Released 1B Russell Brown
Released 2B Carlos Avila
Released 3B Brenan Herrera
Released SS Gilbert Gil
Released SS Alex Gonzalez
Released SS Eduardo Nunez
Released SS Omar Pena
Released OF Noah Hall
Traded C Max St. Pierre to Brewers for RHP Ben Hendrickson
Placed RHP Brian Halford on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Max McGill on voluntarily retired list
Placed 1B Adam Keim on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Angels
Released RHP Larry Buckley
Released RHP Eduardo Chile
Released RHP Josh Cowles
Released RHP Frederic Deloizaga-Carney
Released RHP Chris Howell
Released RHP Matthew Reilly
Released RHP Travis Schlichting
Released RHP Edward Sempey
Released RHP Bob Zimmermann
Released LHP Mike Pete
Released LHP Micah Posey
Released C Richard Bambino
Released C Harold Edwards
Released 3B Doug Reinhardt
Released OF Darrell Sales
Placed RHP Andrew Hill on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed RHP William Juarez
Signed LHP Matt Riley
Signed SS Juan Gonzalez
Released RHP Gabriel Alvarez
Released RHP Albenis Castillo
Released RHP Jeremy Hill
Released RHP Agustin Montero
Released RHP Dario Veras
Released LHP David Preziosi
Released C Carlos Medero-Stullz
Released 1B Cole Bruce
Released OF Nick Alvarez
Placed RHP Wayne Renfrow on voluntarily retired list
Placed LHP Justin Simmons on voluntarily retired list
Placed C Nick Conte on voluntarily retired list
Outrighted RHP Mauricio Tequida to Mexican League

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed RHP Ben Hendrickson
Signed RHP Marino Salas
Signed 3B Sanduan Dubose
Signed 3B Jose Macias
Released RHP Jose Beltre
Released RHP David Bradley
Released RHP Chris Demaria
Released RHP Brandon Harmsen
Released RHP Mark James
Released RHP William Marion
Released RHP Mike Meyers
Released RHP John Novinsky
Released RHP Steve Palazzolo
Released RHP Dane Renkert
Released RHP Gerrit Simpson
Released RHP Matt Yeatman
Released LHP Benito Baez
Released LHP Brian Logan
Released LHP Brandon Parillo
Released LHP Kyle Pawelczyk
Released C Craig Kuzmic
Released C Kyle Phillips
Released C Brad Willcutt
Released 1B Michael Huggins
Released 1B Grant Richardson
Released 1B William Rowe
Released 3B Fredy de la Cruz
Released 3B Anthony Festa
Released SS Hector Bernal
Released OF Kennard Bibbs
Released OF Travis Ezi
Released OF Hasan Rasheed
Released OF Nathan Yoho
Traded RHP Ben Hendrickson to Royals for C Max St. Pierre

Minnesota Twins
Released RHP Patrick Bryant
Released RHP Luis Carreras
Released RHP Jose Cordero
Released RHP Colby Miller
Released RHP Justin Olson
Released RHP Chris Schutt
Released RHP Jon Staatz
Released RHP Brad Voyles
Released LHP Ryan Callahan
Released LHP Randy Choate
Released LHP Domingo Reyes
Released C Brad King
Released 2B Thomas Cowgill
Released SS J.R. Taylor
Released OF Justin Arneson
Released OF Courtney Billingslea
Released OF Josh Land
Released OF Tarrence Patterson
Released OF Scott Whitrock

New York Mets
Signed 3B Fernando Tatis
Signed OF Ricky Ledee
Signed OF Miguel Negron
Released RHP Dustin Cameron
Released RHP Travis Hope
Released RHP William Jostock
Released RHP Jeffrey Landing
Released RHP Jose Paniagua
Released RHP Victor Ramos
Released RHP Andy Sides
Released RHP Chuck Smith
Released RHP James Wladyka
Released LHP Mike Bynum
Released LHP Eric Domangue
Released LHP Robert Lee
Released C Andy Wilson
Released 1B Ben Saylor
Released 2B Ivan Naccarata
Released 3B Tim Grogan
Released 3B Kevin Rios
Released SS Raul Nieves
Released SS Jonathan Schemmel
Released OF Greg Cain
Released OF Ruben Sierra
Released OF Alhaji Turay
Placed 2B Anthony Manuel on voluntarily retired list
Placed OF Will Bashelor on voluntarily retired list

New York Yankees
Signed 1B Juan Miranda
Released RHP Keaton Everitt
Released RHP Justin Keadle
Released RHP Brady Salter
Released LHP Abel Gomez
Released LHP Bryan Rueger
Released LHP Robert Swindle
Released C Joseph Burke
Released C Kevin Nelson
Released C Todd Pratt
Released C Brock Ungricht
Released 1B Karl Amonite
Released 2B Jeffrey Beachum
Released OF Nicholas Diyorio
Released OF Estee Harris
Released OF Jonathan Poterson
Acquired 2B Juan Francia from Phillies for future considerations
Placed C Irwil Rojas on restricted list

Oakland Athletics
Signed RHP Colby Lewis
Signed OF Hiram Bocachica
Released RHP Jose Corchado
Released RHP Steve Obenchain
Released RHP Anthony Rea
Released LHP Justin Crowder
Released LHP Ryan Ford
Released LHP Tim Rall
Released LHP Derek Thompson
Released LHP Samuel Walton
Released SS Wilber Perez
Released OF Ricky Ledee
Released OF Andre Piper-Jordan
Returned Rule 5 selection OF Ryan Goleski

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed RHP Jonathan Forest
Signed OF Ron Calloway
Signed OF Gustavo Garcia
Released RHP John Brownell
Released RHP Maximino Delacruz
Released RHP Cory Dueitt
Released RHP Lenin Gazo
Released RHP Thomas Gornati
Released RHP Talley Haines
Released RHP Nicholas Hall
Released RHP Mark Kelly
Released RHP William Kirk
Released RHP Wilfrido Laureano
Released RHP Matt Olson
Released RHP Matt Sweeney
Released LHP Zachary Cline
Released C Jeff Winchester
Released 1B Bryan Hansen
Released 1B Robert Moron
Released 1B Randall Simon
Released 2B Dennis Diaz
Released 2B Cooper Osteen
Released 3B Trey Johnston
Released SS Andrew Beattie
Released SS Mike Deveaux
Released SS Cody Montgomery
Released SS Tim Moss
Released SS Samuel Orr
Released OF William Capps
Released OF Jacob Dempsey
Released OF Gustavo Garcia
Released OF Edward Harris
Released OF Curt Miaso
Released OF Evan Tartaglia
Traded 2B Juan Francia to Yankees for future considerations
Returned Rule 5 selection RHP Alfredo Simon
Returned Rule 5 selection RHP Jim Ed Warden

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed RHP Alay Soler
Signed LHP Josh Shortslef
Signed 3B Luis Ordaz
Released RHP Mark Alvarez
Released RHP Chad Blackwell
Released RHP Derek Drage
Released RHP Matt Guillory
Released RHP Ian Heisel
Released RHP Ryan Herbort
Released RHP Jason Herman
Released RHP Ramon Linares
Released RHP Brandon Puffer
Released RHP Eric Ridener
Released RHP John Riedling
Released LHP Greg Martin
Released 3B John Santiago
Released SS Eddy Garabito
Released SS Javier Guzman
Released SS Jose Hernandez
Released OF Luis Matos
Released OF Kent Wulf
Acquired 3B Russ Johnson from Rockies for future considerations

St. Louis Cardinals
Released RHP Jason Adams
Released RHP Justin Garza
Released RHP Matt Hirsh
Released RHP Mark Michael
Released RHP Alex Montano
Released RHP Jordan Pals
Released RHP David Phillips
Released RHP Michael Repole
Released LHP Matt Michael
Released LHP Matt Sauceda
Released 1B Carl Smith
Released 3B Matt Dryer
Released SS Kevin Estrada
Released SS Jose Salazar
Released OF Chad Gabriel
Released OF Miguel Negron
Released OF Malcolm Owens
Released OF Matt Wilkerson

San Diego Padres
Signed RHP Wilton Lopez
Signed LHP John Gragg
Released RHP James Baker
Released RHP Jarrett Gardner
Released RHP Eduardo Pena
Released RHP Nathan Staggs
Released RHP Ryan Trytten
Released RHP Matthew Varner
Released LHP Erick Burke
Released LHP Matt Farrington
Released LHP Jan Granado
Released LHP Justin Mattison
Released LHP Bryan Rueger
Released LHP John Thomas
Released SS Jorge Rodriguez
Released OF Adam Bourassa
Released OF Garner Wetzel
Loaned RHP Reynaldo Morales to Mexican League
Loaned RHP Martin Sotelo to Mexican League
Loaned LHP Juan Robles to Mexican League
Loaned OF Yancarlo Angulo to Mexican League
Loaned OF Efren Espinoza to Mexican League

San Francisco Giants
Signed RHP Matt Kinney
Placed RHP Juan Serrato on voluntarily retired list
Placed 2B Evan Bush on voluntarily retired list
Placed 2B Chris Todd on voluntarily retired list
Loaned RHP David Cortes to Mexican League

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Cha Seung Baek
Released RHP Everett Collis
Released RHP Willson Fenton
Released RHP Nelson Figueroa
Released RHP Jesse Foppert
Released RHP Justin Jordan
Released RHP Ari Kafka
Released RHP Cory Koliscak
Released RHP Haley Winter
Released LHP Jaime Cerda
Released C Paul Keck
Released 1B Curtis Ledbetter
Released SS Marcos Villezcas
Released SS Matt Vogel
Released OF Jason Grove
Released OF Stanley Posluszny
Released OF Tony Torcato
Traded 2B Robby Hudson to White Sox for cash considerations
Traded SS Matt Rogelstad to Nationals for future considerations

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Victor Mateo
Signed RHP Jon Skaggs
Signed LHP Jeff Ridgway
Released RHP Jason Cayton
Released RHP William Evers
Released RHP Chris Flinn
Released RHP Joseph Muro
Released RHP Matt Rico
Released RHP Jon Skaggs
Released LHP Troy Martin
Released LHP Chad Pendarvis
Released LHP Antonio Perez
Released C Thomas Lagreid
Released 3B Mark Schleicher
Released OF David Kennedy
Placed RHP Josh Kranawetter on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Alex Trafton on voluntarily retired list

Texas Rangers
Signed RHP Armando Galarraga
Signed LHP John Koronka
Released RHP Shane Funk
Released RHP Juan Garcia
Released RHP Brandon James
Released RHP Derrick Jones
Released RHP Joey McLaughlin
Released RHP Jose Vargas
Released RHP Austin Weilep
Released RHP Shannon Wirth
Released LHP Buck Cody
Released LHP Forrest Rice
Released C Jared Abruzzo
Released C Ben Crabtree
Released 2B Jared Sandberg
Released 3B Matt Jaimes
Released SS Johnny Washington
Released OF Brian Nelson
Acquired RHP Bear Bay from Indians for future considerations

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed RHP Ryan Houston
Signed RHP Jean Machi
Signed RHP Dustin McGowan
Signed RHP Ismael Ramirez
Signed RHP Matt Roney
Signed RHP Tracy Thorpe
Signed 3B Rob Cosby
Signed 3B John Hattig
Signed SS Ray Olmedo
Released RHP Dennis Bigley
Released RHP Hector Delgadillo
Released RHP Randy Dicken
Released RHP Casey McKenzie
Released RHP Josh Sowers
Released RHP Pete Walker
Released C Joshua Lex
Released 2B Trevor Lawhorn
Released 3B Eric Arnold
Released 3B Scott Dragicevich
Released OF Zach Kalter
Released OF Christian Snavely
Placed RHP Danny Hill on voluntarily retired list
Placed 1B David Hicks on voluntarily retired list

Washington Nationals
Signed RHP Pedro Astacio
Signed RHP Chris Booker
Signed RHP Joel Hanrahan
Signed RHP Franklin Nunez
Signed RHP Tim Redding
Signed RHP Jason Simontacchi
Signed RHP Edward Valdez
Signed LHP Billy Traber
Signed 1B Travis Lee
Signed 1B Dmitri Young
Signed 2B Bernie Castro
Signed 3B Tony Blanco
Signed SS Juan Melo
Signed OF Sheldon Fulse
Signed OF Cristian Guerrero
Signed OF Robin Jennings
Signed OF Joe Napoli
Signed OF Michael Restovich
Signed OF Reggie Taylor
Released RHP Chris Barlow
Released RHP Warmar Gomez
Released RHP Colby Lewis
Released RHP Franklin Nunez
Released RHP Juan Ovalles
Released RHP Jose Sanchez
Released RHP Jeffrey Taylor
Released RHP Chris Thompson
Released LHP Jonathan Felfoldi
Released LHP Luis Martinez
Released LHP Brett Nyquist
Released LHP William White
Released 1B Travis Lee
Released 1B Jorge Toca
Released 1B Carlos Torres
Released 2B Joe Thurston
Released 3B Jose Macias
Released OF Ender Chavez
Released OF Deryck Johnson
Released OF Wayne Lydon
Released OF Reggie Taylor
Acquired SS Matt Rogelstad from Mariners for future considerations
Placed RHP Kole Strayhorn on voluntarily retired list