Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Released RHP Scott Souther
Released LHP Matthew Krohe
Released C Michael DeCarlo
Released C Jake Elder
Released OF Alex Frazier
Released OF Jon Weber
Placed 2B Sean Smith on voluntarily retired list

Atlanta Braves
Signed RHP Bart Miadich
Signed LHP Mark Redman
Placed C Steven Pyzik on voluntarily retired list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed OF Matt Cepicky
Released RHP Jose Acevedo

Boston Red Sox
Signed LHP Rob Henkel
Returned Rule 5 selection RHP Nick Debarr

Chicago Cubs
Signed SS Bobby Hill
Released RHP Eli Diaz
Released RHP Alfredo Francisco
Released LHP Nate Bland
Released C Kevin Ciarrachi
Released 1B Jason Hart
Released 1B Luther Murphy
Released SS Derek Wathan
Released OF Tony Miller
Released OF Nathan Price

Chicago White Sox
Signed LHP Shaun Babula
Released OF Jaisen Randolph
Placed RHP Justin Stires on voluntarily retired list

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Dustin Hermanson
Signed LHP Tzu-Kai Chiu
Released RHP Kerry Ligtenberg
Released RHP Brian Meadows

Cleveland Indians
Placed SS Jose Ortega on voluntarily retired list

Colorado Rockies
Signed RHP Mike DeJean
Signed RHP Tim Lavigne
Signed LHP Henry Guzman
Signed LHP Orlando Rodriguez
Signed C Luis Apodaca
Signed C Geronimo Gil
Signed SS Tim Olson
Signed OF Steve Finley
Signed OF Lino Garcia
Released 2B Adam Morrissey

Detroit Tigers
Signed RHP Gabriel Benitez
Signed OF Andres Torres
Released RHP Kevin Beirne

Florida Marlins
Signed RHP Travis Bowyer
Signed LHP Anthony Ferrari
Placed OF Jeffrey Van Houten on voluntarily retired list

Houston Astros
Returned Rule 5 selection RHP Lincoln Holdzkom

Kansas City Royals
Signed 3B Michael Thompson
Released RHP Tyler Cummings
Released RHP James Harkcom
Released RHP Michael Hauff
Released RHP Mike Tonis
Released LHP Miguel Morales
Released C Pedro Saldana
Released 3B Brenan Herrera
Released SS Gilbert Gil
Released SS Eduardo Nunez

Los Angeles Angels
Released RHP Larry Buckley
Released RHP Travis Schlichting
Released LHP Mike Pete
Released LHP Micah Posey
Released 3B Doug Reinhardt
Released OF Darrell Sales
Placed LHP Ray Aguilar on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed 3B Fernando Tatis
Signed OF Luke Allen
Released SS Damian Jackson

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed RHP Devin Rogers
Signed RHP E.J. Shanks

Minnesota Twins
Signed RHP Liam Hendriks
Signed 1B Tim Atherton
Released 1B Daniel Matienzo

New York Mets
Signed RHP Ramiro Mendoza
Signed RHP Jose Paniagua
Signed RHP Jose Santiago
Signed RHP Aaron Sele
Signed C Sandy Alomar
Signed 2B Jason Alfaro
Signed OF Wil Cordero
Released RHP Scott Hyde

New York Yankees
Released RHP Francisco Butto
Released 1B Karl Amonite

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed RHP Justin Miller
Signed RHP Jason Wylie
Signed LHP Cory Willey
Signed C Jeff Winchester
Released RHP William Kirk
Released RHP Matt Olson
Released 1B Bryan Hansen
Released 2B Dennis Diaz
Released SS Samuel Orr
Released OF Gary Harris
Returned Rule 5 selection RHP Alfredo Simon

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed RHP Yoslan Herrera
Signed RHP Serguey Linares
Signed 3B Chris Truby
Released RHP Yoann Torrealba
Released C John Castellano
Placed C Mike McCuistion on restricted list
Placed SS Justin Harris on voluntarily retired list

St. Louis Cardinals
Placed RHP Lance Marcum on voluntarily retired list

San Diego Padres
Signed RHP Nels Brannan

San Francisco Giants
Released RHP Oscar Montero
Released C Andres Pagan
Released OF Quincy Foster

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Nelson Figueroa
Signed LHP Brad Thomas
Released RHP Everett Collis
Released RHP Willson Fenton
Released RHP Jesse Foppert
Released RHP Justin Jordan
Released RHP Cory Koliscak
Released LHP Matt Perisho
Released SS Matt Vogel

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Jeremy Hall
Released RHP Celso Rondon

Texas Rangers
Signed LHP Keith Ramsey
Signed C Jared Abruzzo
Signed OF Sammy Sosa
Released RHP Juan Garcia
Released RHP Derrick Jones
Released RHP Joey McLaughlin
Released LHP Buck Cody
Released LHP Forrest Rice
Released C Jared Abruzzo

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed RHP Victor Zambrano
Signed OF Matt Stairs

Washington Nationals
Released RHP Cory Anderson
Released LHP Luis Martinez
Released LHP Gabriel Sosa
Released 1B Jorge Toca
Released 2B Tony Womack
Released 3B Jose Macias
Released OF Wayne Lydon