Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed RHP D.J. Carrasco
Signed SS Ronald Merrill
Signed OF Dee Brown
Signed OF Jon Weber
Traded RHPs Steven Jackson, Ross Ohlendorf and Luis Vizcaino and SS Alberto Gonzalez to Yankees for LHP Randy Johnson

Atlanta Braves
Signed RHP Trey Hodges
Signed RHP Joe Winkelsas
Traded 1B Adam LaRoche and OF Jamie Romak to Pirates for LHP Mike Gonzalez and SS Brent Lillibridge

Baltimore Orioles
Signed OF Jason Dubois
Released RHP Juan Escorcha
Traded RHP Rodrigo Lopez to Rockies for RHPs Jason Burch and Jim Miller

Boston Red Sox
Signed RHP Adam Bernero
Signed C Dennis Anderson
Signed SS Ed Rogers
Signed SS Scott Youngbauer
Signed OF Jamal Strong

Chicago Cubs
Signed RHP Cory Bailey
Signed RHP Adam Harben
Signed LHP Edgar Omana
Signed LHP Les Walrond
Signed C Kevin Ciarrachi
Signed C Mike Mahoney
Signed C Corey Myers
Signed 1B Jason Hart
Signed SS Derek Wathan
Signed OF Tony Miller

Chicago White Sox
Signed RHP Joe Gannon
Signed RHP Eduardo Sierra
Signed 2B Jason Bourgeois
Signed 3B Juan Camacho
Signed SS Victor Mercedes
Signed OF Kenny Kelly
Traded C Chris Stewart to Rangers for RHP John Lujan

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Mike Flannery
Signed LHP Mike Bumatay
Signed LHP Luke Lockwood
Released RHP William Caudill
Released RHP Chris Gruler
Released C Rey Gonzalez
Released 1B Bobby Mosby
Released 3B Jason Winkler
Released OF Brandon Roberts
Released OF Alvaro Ruiz
Traded RHP Russell Haltiwanger to Royals for 2B Jeff Keppinger

Cleveland Indians
Released RHP Paul Shuey

Colorado Rockies
Signed RHP Dave Veres
Signed LHP Eric Dubose
Signed C Agustin Sanchez
Traded RHPs Jason Burch and Jim Miller to Orioles for RHP Rodrigo Lopez

Florida Marlins
Signed RHP Kenny Baugh
Signed RHP Jimmy Serrano
Signed OF Chris Ashby
Signed OF Chad Hermansen
Signed OF Angel Molina
Released RHP Esequier Pie
Released RHP Freddy Smolarski
Released LHP Parrish Castor
Released C Ryan Blake
Released C Christopher Haupt
Released SS Nathan Padgett
Released OF Carlos Muniz
Released OF Luis Ramos

Houston Astros
Signed RHP Travis Driskill
Signed RHP Travis Phelps
Signed LHP Jacob Coash
Signed LHP Stephen Randolph
Signed LHP Kevin Walker
Signed C Nelson Gord
Signed C Eric Munson

Kansas City Royals
Signed RHP Angel Garcia
Signed RHP Jonathan Rodriguez
Signed OF Santos Cabrera
Signed OF Reymond Lake
Signed OF Jorge Padilla
Traded 2B Jeff Keppinger to Reds for RHP Russell Haltiwanger
Placed SS Brett Groves on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Angels
Signed RHP Alex Serrano
Signed LHP Ray Aguilar
Signed LHP Jacobo Meque
Signed LHP Matt White
Signed SS Damian Jackson
Signed OF Mitchell Jones
Released C Martin Maldonado

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed LHP Benito Baez
Signed OF Tydus Meadows
Released RHP Ronny Malave
Released RHP Joe Valentine

Minnesota Twins
Signed RHP Sidney Ponson
Signed LHP Brian Forystek
Signed C Bradford King
Released 1B Josh Dean

New York Mets
Signed RHP Jorge Vasquez
Signed C Mike Difelice
Signed OF Chip Ambres
Signed OF Victor Mendez
Released RHP Michael Battista
Released RHP Jusef Frias
Released RHP Jose Gonzalez
Released RHP Tim Haines
Released LHP Dan Arizmendi
Released LHP James Baxter
Released LHP Dustin Childress
Released C John Cherry
Released C Joan Martinez
Released 2B Todd Lietz
Released SS Armand Gaerlan
Released OF Courtney Billingslea
Released OF Jose Mateo
Placed RHP Vince Cordova on restricted list

New York Yankees
Traded LHP Randy Johnson to Diamondbacks for RHPs Steven Jackson, Ross Ohlendorf and Luis Vizcaino and SS Alberto Gonzalez
Placed 2B Mark Carroll on restricted list

Oakland Athletics
Released LHP David Beck

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed RHP Thomas Gornati
Signed RHP Talley Haines
Signed RHP Charles Weatherby
Signed C Dusty Wathan
Signed 2B Carlos Leon
Released RHP Adam Shafer

Pittsburg Pirates
Signed RHP Kevin Gryboski
Signed C Einar Diaz
Signed OF Alex Fernandez
Signed OF Aron Weston
Traded LHP Mike Gonzalez and SS Brent Lillibridge to Braves for 1B Adam LaRoche and OF Jamie Romak

St. Louis Cardinals
Released SS Rayner Laya
Released OF Keith Naylor

San Diego Padres
Signed RHP Michael DeMark
Signed RHP Aaron Rakers
Signed C Robert Jacobson
Signed OF Howie Clark

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Aaron Small
Signed LHP Matt Perisho
Signed OF Jason Grove

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Wilmer Almonte
Signed 1B Chris Richard
Signed 2B Brent Butler
Signed SS Brett Grandstrand
Signed OF Jason Grabowski
Signed OF Dustan Mohr

Texas Rangers
Signed 2B Matt Kata
Released LHP Patrick Ford
Released C Alberto Martinez
Released 2B Joey Hooft
Released OF Joe Napoli
Traded RHP John Lujan to White Sox for C Chris Stewart

Toronto Blue Jays
Released LHP Jordan Timm

Washington Nationals
Signed RHP Winston Abreu
Signed RHP Jesus Colome
Signed RHP Felix Diaz
Signed RHP Anastacio Martinez
Signed LHP Luis Martinez
Signed 1B Jorge Toca
Signed 2B D’Angelo Jimenez
Signed 2B Joe Thurston
Signed 3B Brandon Larson
Signed 3B Jose Macias
Signed 3B Jarrett Reininger
Signed OF Darnell McDonald
Released RHP Manuel Alvarez
Released RHP Antonio Evangelista
Released RHP Rudy Garza
Released RHP Ricky Shefka
Released RHP Rhys Taylor
Released LHP David Maust
Released OF Francisco Vizcaino