Minor League Transactions

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See also: 2006 Major League Rule 5 Draft
See also: 2006 Minor League Rule 5 Draft

Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed C Mark Johnson
Signed C Nicolas Valdez
Signed SS Octavio Ojeda
Released RHP John Allender
Released RHP Matt Brewer
Released RHP Ross Stout

Atlanta Braves
Signed RHP David Bennett
Signed RHP Buddy Carlyle
Signed C Carlos Mendez
Signed OF Doug Clark
Released RHP Marcus Covington
Released RHP Jeff Katz
Released RHP Rudy Quinonez
Released RHP Pedro Rayo
Released RHP Ralph Roberts
Released RHP Glenn Tucker
Released LHP Devin Anderson
Released LHP Donavon Hendricks
Released LHP Jesse Warren
Released C John Alexander
Released 1B Jorge Casso
Released 1B Manny Rodriguez
Released 2B Ovandy Suero
Released SS Tony de la Cruz
Released SS Michael Marbry
Released SS Deivis Rivadeneira
Released SS Jose Santos
Released OF Trevion Griffin
Released OF Rubinet Koko
Rule 5 loss: RHP Sean White (Pirates, Major League; traded to Mariners for cash)

Baltimore Orioles
Signed RHP Rob Bell
Signed RHP Casey Cahill
Signed RHP Jon Leicester
Signed RHP Felix Romero
Signed RHP Hyuk Son
Signed LHP Oscar Alvarez
Signed LHP Ryan Ariail
Signed C Sandy Madera
Signed OF Carlos Duran
Signed OF Luis Montanez
Traded RHP Kevin Hart to Cubs to complete deal for 2B Freddie Bynum
Rule 5 losses: RHP Kendy Batista (Rangers, Triple-A); 1B Josh Phelps (Yankees, Major League); and OF Lorenzo Scott (Marlins, Triple-A)

Boston Red Sox
Signed RHP John Barnes
Signed RHP Mike Burns
Signed C Alberto Castillo
Signed 1B Jeff Bailey
Signed 1B Luis Jimenez
Signed 2B Bobby Scales
Signed 3B Joe McEwing
Released C Mat Kent

Chicago Cubs
Signed LHP Ryan O’Malley
Signed C Koyie Hill
Signed 3B Mike Kinkade
Released RHP Ryan Bicondoa
Released RHP Stephen Bronder
Released RHP Jose Caridad
Released RHP Roger Evenson
Released RHP Kyle Holden
Released RHP Robert Ransom
Released LHP Isaac Pavlik
Released LHP Jesus Yepez
Acquired RHP Kevin Hart from Orioles to complete deal for 2B Freddie Bynum
Rule 5 losses: RHP Lincoln Holdzkom (Astros, Major League); RHP Andy Shipman (Athletics, Triple-A); LHP Edward Campusano (Brewers, Major League; traded to Tigers for cash); 2B Richard Lewis (Royals, Triple-A); and SS Jason Smith (Blue Jays, Major League)

Chicago White Sox
Signed RHP Ryan Bukvich
Signed SS C.J. Lang
Signed OF Sean Smith
Traded RHP Freddy Garcia to Phillies for LHP Gio Gonzalez and RHP Gavin Floyd
Rule 5 losses: RHP Paul Moviel (Devil Rays, Double-A); and LHP Jay Marshall (Athletics, Major League)

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Eric Junge
Signed RHP Tom Shearn
Signed RHP George Wilkerson
Signed C Dan Conway
Signed C Miguel Perez
Signed SS Enrique Cruz
Signed SS Aaron Herr
Signed SS Anderson Machado
Released RHP Rainer Feliz
Released RHP Luis Moya
Released LHP Arian Cruz
Released C Javier Rumbos
Released SS Yoni Lasso
Released OF Philip Gentry
Released OF Maikol Mesa
OF Brandon Watson elected for free agency

Cleveland Indians
Signed RHP Jeff Harris
Signed C Mike Rose
Placed OF Michael Conroy on voluntarily retired list
Rule 5 losses: RHP Jim Ed Warden (Phillies, Major League); OF Ryan Goleski (Devil Rays, Major League; traded to Athletics for cash)

Colorado Rockies
Signed RHP Jon Huizinga
Signed C Edwin Bellorin
Signed C Tomas Duenas
Signed C Bryan Opdyke
Signed C Alex Trezza
Traded C Salomon Manriquez to Rangers for cash considerations

Detroit Tigers
Rule 5 loss: RHP Cristhian Martinez (Marlins, Triple-A)

Florida Marlins
Signed RHP Roy Corcoran
Signed RHP Nate Field
Signed RHP Lee Gardner
Signed RHP Michael Hyle
Signed RHP Mike Koplove
Signed RHP Eddy Rodriguez
Signed RHP Jesus Silva
Signed LHP Wes Letson
Signed C Paul Hoover
Signed C Nick Trzesniak
Signed 1B John Gall
Signed 2B Zach Sorensen
Rule 5 loss: RHP Kevin Cave (Pirates, Double-A)

Houston Astros
Signed RHP Josh Miller
Signed 2B Jesus Garcia
Signed SS Cody Ransom

Kansas City Royals
Signed RHP Roberto Giron
Signed RHP Mark Jecmen
Signed RHP Sugar Ray Marimon
Signed RHP Jason Shiell
Signed C Doug Clark
Signed SS Eduardo Nunez
Placed C Pedro Saldana on restricted list
Rule 5 loss: C Adam Donachie (Phillies, Major League; traded with cash to Orioles for RHP Alfredo Simon)

Los Angeles Angels
Signed RHP Jared Bonnell
Signed RHP Matt Hensley
Signed RHP Chris Saenz
Rule 5 loss: C Ryan Budde (Phillies, Major League)

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed RHP Spike Lundberg
Signed RHP Travis Smith
Signed RHP Dario Veras
Signed C Ken Huckaby
Signed C Octavio Martinez
Signed C Angel Martinez
Released RHP Nathan Hochgesang
Released RHP Edgar Lizarraga
Released LHP Juan Flores
Released LHP Kale Garrison
Released OF Jesus Mora

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed SS Ozzie Chavez
Signed OF Ron Davenport
Placed RHP Stuart Sutherland on restricted list
Rule 5 loss: RHP Josh Alliston (Athletics, Triple-A)

Minnesota Twins
Signed RHP Jeremy Cummings
Signed LHP Carmen Cali
Signed LHP Jesus Carnevales
Released OF Richard Sojo
Rule 5 losses: RHP Kevin Cameron (Padres, Major League); RHP Levale Speigner (Nationals, Major League); LHP Justin Jones (Nationals, Triple-A); and OF Erold Andrus (Devil Rays, Triple-A)

New York Mets
Signed RHP Clint Nageotte
Signed LHP Raul Valdes
Rule 5 losses: RHP Moises Robles (Pirates, Triple-A); and C Jesus Flores (Nationals, Major League)

New York Yankees
Signed 1B Karl Amonite
Released RHP Tyler Addison
Released RHP Anderson Amador
Released RHP James Conroy
Released RHP Jesus Mendez
Released RHP Erik Morrison
Released RHP David Seccombe
Released LHP Domingo Cabrera
Released LHP Edgar Omana
Released 2B Anthony Roth
Released OF Angel Fermin
Released OF Ben Himes
Rule 5 loss: OF Victor Hall (Phillies, Triple-A)

Oakland Athletics
Signed RHP Kevin Olsen
Signed SS J.J. Furmaniak
Signed OF Vince Faison
Released SS Wes Long
Released OF Cameron Coughlan
Rule 5 loss: RHP Jared Burton (Reds, Major League)

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed RHP Ryan Cameron
Signed RHP John Ennis
Signed LHP Jim Crowell
Signed C Jason Hill
Signed 1B Juan Tejeda
Signed SS Andrew Beattie
Signed SS Peter Shier
Traded RHP Gavin Floyd and LHP Gio Gonzalez for RHP Freddy Garcia

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed RHP John Wasdin
Signed C John Castellano
Signed C Omar Falcon
Signed C Carlos Maldonado
Signed SS Don Kelly
Signed OF Chris Aguila
Signed OF Brett Roneberg
Rule 5 losses: C Omar Falcon (Cardinals, Triple-A); and 1B Michael Carlin (Brewers, Triple-A)

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed C Danilo Sanchez
Signed OF Ryan Ludwick

San Diego Padres
Signed SS Manny Alexander
Released RHP Riki Paewai
Released RHP Vern Sterry
Released C Matt Hagen
Released 1B John Smith
Released OF Dustin Delucchi
Released OF Kennard Jones
Released OF Tim Turner
Rule 5 loss: RHP Joakim Soria (Royals, Major League)

San Francisco Giants
Signed 2B William Bergolla
Signed 3B Justin Leone
Signed 3B Scott McClain
Signed SS Luis Figueroa
Signed SS Ivan Ochoa
Placed OF Paul Walter on restricted list
Placed LHP John Grogan on voluntarily retired list
Rule 5 losses: RHP Jesse Floyd (Twins, Triple-A); C Brian Munhall (Rangers, Triple-A); 3B Brian Buscher (Twins, Triple-A); and SS Johany Abreu (Rangers, Triple-A)

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Justin Lehr
Signed LHP Jaime Cerda
Signed C Jamie Burke
Signed SS Gookie Dawkins
Signed OF Tony Torcato

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Stephen Andrade
Signed 1B Hee Seop Choi
Signed SS Jorge Velandia
Released RHP Max Allen
Released RHP Brett Nagy
Released C Coltyn Simmons
Released OF Chris Gustafson
Rule 5 losses: RHP Nick Debarr (Red Sox, Major League); RHP Nick Moran (Reds, Double-A); and OF Josh Hamilton (Cubs, Major League; traded to Reds for cash)

Texas Rangers
Signed RHP Franklyn German
Signed SS Dave Matranga
Signed SS Ramon Vazquez
Released OF Joe Kemp
Acquired C Salomon Manriquez from Rockies for cash considerations
Rule 5 loss: RHP Alfredo Simon (Orioles, Major League; traded to Phillies for C Adam Donachie and cash)

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed RHP Julio Pinto
Signed RHP Brian Wolfe
Signed SS Manny Mayorson
Released OF Heliezer Aguilar
Released OF Tony Miller
Rule 5 loss: LHP Francisco Mateo (Reds, Triple-A)

Washington Nationals
Signed LHP Mike Bacsik
Signed LHP Chris Michalak
Signed LHP Arnie Munoz
Signed C Danny Ardoin
Signed C Juan Brito
Signed C Salomon Manriquez
Rule 5 losses: RHP James Henderson (Cubs, Triple-A); LHP Ricardo Morales (Mets, Triple-A); C Salomon Manriquez (Rockies, Triple-A); 2B Brandon Powell (Padres, Triple-A); SS Jose Contreras (Cardinals, Triple-A); SS Josh Labandeira (Marlins, Triple-A); SS Alejandro Machado (Twins, Major League); and SS Trey Webb (Giants, Triple-A)