Minor League Transactions


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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed RHP Jeff Bajenaru
Released OF Trey Hendricks

Atlanta Braves
Signed C Iker Franco
Signed C Corky Miller
Signed LHP Steve Colyer
Signed RHP Carl Hernandez
Signed RHP Tony Pierce

Baltimore Orioles
Signed 1B Josh Phelps
Signed 1B Brandon Sing
Signed 3B Mike Cervenak
Signed C J.R. House
Signed OF Ruddy Yan
Signed RHP Mike Doyne
Signed RHP Steve Green
Signed RHP Tim Kester
Released C Matt Houston
Released C Juan Puente
Released LHP Zach Dixon
Released OF Angel Avila
Released RHP James Tiller

Boston Red Sox
Signed RHP Chris Jaile

Chicago Cubs
Signed LHP Nate Bland
Signed LHP Geoff Jones
Signed LHP Isaac Pavlik
Signed RHP Jason Anderson
Signed RHP Matt Harrington
Signed RHP Ben Howard
Signed RHP John Webb
Signed SS Jason Smith
Traded LHP Carlos Vasquez and RHP David Aardsma to White Sox for LHP Neal Cotts

Chicago White Sox
Signed IF Jeremy Frost
Signed LHP Joe Torres
Signed OF Archie Gilbert
Signed OF Tom Paterson
Signed OF Ernie Young
Signed RHP Justin Wechsler
Released 2B Dennis Guest
Released 2B Jose Rodriguez
Released LHP Raleigh Evans
Released LHP Colt Smith
Released OF Marcos Causey
Released OF Santo Garcia
Released RHP Pat Feehan
Released RHP Rafael Flores
Released RHP Tim Sabo
Released SS Franklin Batista
Released SS Tim Lawrence
Traded LHP Neal Cotts to Cubs for LHP Carlos Vasquez and RHP David Aardsma

Cincinnati Reds
Signed C Ryan Jorgensen
Signed OF DeWayne Wise

Cleveland Indians
Released 3B John Clark
Released 3B Cody Merrell
Released C Enrique Vasquez
Released RHP Angel Claudio
Released RHP Wilander Cruz
Released RHP Alexis de la Rosa
Released RHP Felix Heredia
Released RHP Osiris Perez
Released RHP Julio Pinto
Released RHP Jesus Soto
Released SS Felix Fermin

Colorado Rockies
Signed RHP Bob Keppel
Signed RHP Zach McClellan

Detroit Tigers
Signed 2B Gilberto Mejia
Signed C Steve Torrealba
Signed LHP Tim Byrdak
Signed LHP Vic Darensbourg
Released SS Angel Reyes
Placed 2B Scott Tousa on restricted list

Florida Marlins
Signed 1B Todd Sears
Signed SS John Raburn
Signed SS Jason Wood

Houston Astros
Signed RHP Cardoza Tucker

Kansas City Royals
Signed 1B Graham Koonce
Signed LHP Wayne Franklin
Signed OF Adam Greenberg
Signed RHP Arthur Santos
Placed RHP Alonzo Atencio on restricted list

Los Angeles Angels
Released OF Dwaine Bacon

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed RHP Adam Thomas

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed 1B Mike Huggins
Signed 3B Edgar Trejo
Signed C Jonathan Requena
Signed RHP David Bradley
Signed RHP Corey Thurman
Released 2B David Parker
Released RHP Chris Jean

Minnesota Twins
Signed OF Matt Allegra

New York Mets
Signed IF Jose Cruz

New York Yankees
Signed SS Carlos Mendoza

Oakland Athletics
Signed LHP Erasmo Ramirez
Signed RHP Kevin Deaton

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed 1B Gary Burnham
Signed LHP Allen Davis
Signed OF Ryan Fleming
Signed OF Branden Florence
Signed RHP Tim McClaskey

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed OF Jonel Pacheco
Signed RHP Ronald Belisario
Signed RHP Yoann Torrealba

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed 1B Tagg Bozied
Signed C Ryan Christianson

San Diego Padres
Signed 1B Royce Huffman
Signed 1B Brian Myrow
Signed LHP Frank Brooks
Signed LHP Adrian Burnside
Signed OF Adam Shabala
Signed RHP Stephen Watkins

San Francisco Giants
Signed C Josh Emmerick
Signed RHP Scott Atchison
Signed RHP Brian Bowles
Signed RHP Daniel Giese
Signed RHP Yosandy Ibanez

Seattle Mariners
Released LHP Lance Beus

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed OF Jeremy Owens
Signed RHP Tony Peguero
Released 3B Scott Gummo
Released LHP Ben Rulon
Released RHP Matt Larson

Texas Rangers
Signed LHP Matt Merricks

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed 1B Kevin Barker
Signed OF Jeff Duncan
Signed OF Chad Mottola
Signed RHP Jason Scobie
Released SS Greg Lopez

Washington Nationals
Signed 2B Daniel Dement
Signed LHP Bill White
Signed OF Wayne Lydon
Signed RHP Chris Booker
Signed RHP Josh Hall
Signed RHP Colby Lewis
Signed RHP Jim Magrane
Signed RHP Thomas Nall
Signed RHP Jermaine Van Buren
Signed SS Alejandro Machado
Signed SS Marco Yepez
Released 3B Richard Caputo
Released RHP Robert Caputo
Released RHP Josh Palm
Released SS Brandon Conway