Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed RHP Jonathan Castellanos
Released LHP Kellen Raab
Released LHP Ryan Schreppel
Released OF Travis Tully
Released SS Jason Watson

Atlanta Braves
Signed 2B Willie Harris
Signed RHP Jonathan Johnson
Signed RHP David Watkins
Released RHP Eudy Portes

Baltimore Orioles
Signed OF Jason Fransz

Boston Red Sox
Released OF Moises Santa

Chicago Cubs
Released C Casey Kopitzke

Chicago White Sox
Signed C Gustavo Molina
Signed LHP Tim Bittner
Signed OF Sean Smith
Signed RHP John Wesley

Cincinnati Reds
Signed OF Carson Kainer (14)
Acquired SS Gabriel Suarez from Rockies for future considerations

Cleveland Indians
Released 1B Collin Martin
Released LHP Chris Cooper
Released LHP Michael Hernandez
Released LHP Zachary Johnson
Released LHP Andy Woods
Released RHP Dan Eisentrager
Released RHP Brady Halverson
Released RHP Hart Hering
Released RHP Mark Jecmen
Released RHP Kevin Libeg

Colorado Rockies
Traded SS Gabriel Suarez to Reds for future considerations

Florida Marlins
Signed 2B Robert Moore
Signed LHP Chris George

Houston Astros
Released RHP Marco Solis

Kansas City Royals
Signed LHP Ed Yarnall
Signed OF Onil Joseph
Signed RHP Leo Estrella
Signed RHP Martin Vargas
Signed RHP Matthew Wright

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed OF Wilkin Ruan

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed RHP Pedro Lambertus
Signed RHP Vince Perkins
Signed RHP Chris Spurling
Signed SS Yohannis Perez

Minnesota Twins
Signed LHP Nikolay Lobanov
Signed OF Wang-Wei Lin
Signed RHP Rodney Gessmann
Released 2B Michael Lysaught
Released OF Jilmer Arratia
Released RHP Jannio Gutierrez
Released RHP Brandon McConnell
Released RHP Francisco Nunez
Released RHP Walter Patton

New York Mets
Signed 2B Tyler Johnstone
Signed LHP Willie Collazo
Signed LHP Ryan Cullen
Signed OF Carlos Guzman
Signed RHP Emary Frederick
Signed RHP Lino Urdaneta

New York Yankees
Signed LHP Ben Kozlowski
Signed RHP Gerardo Casadiego
Signed RHP Scott Patterson
Signed SS Angel Chavez

Oakland Athletics
Released RHP Danielin Acevedo

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed 1B John Urick
Signed 3B Joey Hammond
Signed 3B Brennan King
Signed LHP Brian Mazone
Signed OF Jim Rushford
Signed OF Pedro Swann
Signed OF Evan Tartaglia

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed 3B Tripper Johnson
Signed OF Michael Ryan
Signed RHP Kip Bouknight
Signed RHP Allan Simpson
Signed SS Brandon Chaves
Released 2B Issael Gonzalez
Released 3B Alexander Peralta

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed SS Rico Washington
Released RHP Tyler Adamczyk
Released RHP Ashley Hooks

San Diego Padres
Signed C Charles Lisk
Signed LHP Mike Johnston

Seattle Mariners
Signed 3B Brant Ust
Signed RHP Cibney Bello
Signed RHP Renee Cortez
Signed RHP Jared Eichelberger
Signed RHP Jesse Foppert
Signed SS Rey Ordonez
Signed SS Carlos Triunfel
Released 1B Bryan Sabatella
Released 2B Juan Guzman
Released OF Robert Gary

San Francisco Giants
Signed LHP Ryan Meaux
Signed OF Quincy Foster
Signed RHP Carlos Hines
Signed SS Tomas Delarosa

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed C Shawn Williams
Signed OF Cesar Guillen
Signed RHP Alexis Hernandez
Signed RHP Kevin Lopez
Signed RHP Jose Monegro
Signed SS Nelson Echavarria
Released C Kevin Cash

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed 1B Josh Kreuzer
Signed 2B Juan Peralta
Signed SS Raul Tablado
Released LHP Matt Foster

Washington Nationals
Signed OF Ender Chavez
Signed RHP Daniel Foli
Signed RHP Juan Ovalles
Signed SS Marcos Cabral
Signed SS Melvin Dorta
Released 1B Victor Hamisevicz
Released 2B Nicholas Schnabel
Released 3B Scott Schade
Released C Anthony Ambrosini
Released C Melvin Mancebo
Released C Robert Rodriguez
Released C Ivanosky Wong
Released LHP Jonathan Price
Released LHP Jason Stevenson
Released OF Charles Haynes
Released RHP Ancil Baldwin
Released RHP August Hlebovy
Released RHP Anthony Johnson
Released RHP Oscar Lira
Released RHP Manuel Mercedes
Released RHP George Preston
Released RHP Brett Reid
Released RHP David Thorne
Released SS Wesley Carroll
Released SS Jose Docen
Released SS Scott Hodges