Minor League Transactions

This week’s installment considers all transactions reported between Sept. 28-Oct. 5. Last week’s transactions available here.

Arizona Diamondbacks
RHP Emiliano Fruto, RHP Leo Rosales, RHP Max Scherzer, OF Carlos Gonzalez, OF Alex Romero
Reinstated from disabled list: RHP Leo Rosales
Granted free agency: LHP Randy Choate

Baltimore Orioles
RHP Cory Doyne, RHP James Johnson, RHP Hayden Penn, SS Eider Torres, OF Jeff Fiorentino, OF Val Majewski, OF Adam Stern
Outrighted off 40-man roster: RHP Rob Bell, C J.R. House, C Gustavo Molina
Granted free agency: C Alberto Castillo

Chicago Cubs
Placed on restricted list:
2B Nelson Pierre
Recalled: RHP Juan Mateo, RHP Billy Petrick, RHP Jeff Samardzija, LHP Neal Cotts, C Jake Fox, 2B Eric Patterson
Reinstated from inactive list: 2B Nelson Pierre

Chicago White Sox
OF Joe Hunter
Recalled: RHP David Aardsma, RHP Dewon Day, RHP Charlie Haeger, RHP Nick Masset, RHP Oneli Perez, LHP Paulino Reynoso, LHP Andy Sisco, LHP Carlos Vasquez, OF Brian Anderson, OF Ryan Sweeney
Outrighted off 40-man roster: LHP Paulino Reynoso, OF Luis Terrero
Reinstated from inactive list: OF Joe Hunter
Granted free agency: OF Luis Terrero
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Dewon Day, RHP Jack Egbert, RHP Fernando Hernandez, 2B Chris Getz, OF Ryan Sweeney

Cincinnati Reds
LHP Alexander Smit, OF Chris Dickerson
Granted free agency: RHP Ricky Stone, OF Dewayne Wise

Cleveland Indians
Granted free agency:
LHP John Koronka, LHP Jason Stanford

Colorado Rockies
2B Jayson Nix, SS Jonathan Herrera
Granted free agency: RHP Bob Keppel, OF Alexis Gomez
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Ching-Lung Lo, 2B Corey Wimberly
Assigned to Hawaii Winter Baseball: C Michael McKenry, OF Cole Garner

Florida Marlins
Granted free agency:
RHP Nate Field, LHP Erasmo Ramirez

Houston Astros
Granted free agency:
RHP Travis Driskill
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Jim Barthmaier, RHP Brad James, RHP Chad Reineke, LHP Josh Muecke, C J.R. Towles, SS Tommy Manzella, OF Josh Flores
Assigned to Hawaii Winter Baseball: RHP Bud Norris, RHP Sean Walker, C Lou Santangelo, SS Chris Johnson

Kansas City Royals
Granted free agency:
RHP Jason Shiell, 2B Fernando Cortez

Los Angeles Angels
Granted free agency:
RHP Greg Jones

Los Angeles Dodgers
LHP Tim Hamulack
Reinstated from disabled list: RHP Jose Diaz, RHP James Gilbert, RHP Matt Gomez de Segura, RHP Avery Morris, RHP Danny Muegge, RHP Tommy Perez, RHP Eduardo Quintana, LHP Scott Elbert, LHP Tim Hamulack, LHP Brent Leach, LHP Gary Paris, LHP David Pfeiffer, SS Ivan DeJesus

Milwaukee Brewers
Outrighted off 40-man roster:
RHP Chris Spurling, OF Mel Stocker
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: 2B Steve Sollmann

Minnesota Twins
Outrighted off 40-man roster:
3B Tommy Watkins, OF Lew Ford, OF Josh Rabe

The Twins have said they would like to re-sign Watkins to a minor league deal. Ford has not been able to replicate his 2004 rookie season, when in 569 at-bats he hit .299/.381/.446 with 15 homers and stole 20 bases in 22 attempts. In 872 at-bats since then, he has batted just .250 with 14 home runs.

New York Mets
Assigned to Arizona Fall League:
RHP Eddie Kunz, RHP Carlos Muniz, LHP Adam Bostick, LHP Eddie Camacho, C Mike Nickeas, 1B Mike Carp, OF Caleb Stewart
Assigned to Hawaii Winter Baseball: RHP Jose de la Torre, 1B Nick Evans, 2B Emmanuel Garcia, 2B Hector Pellot, 3B Dan Murphy
Granted free agency: RHP Jon Adkins, RHP Lino Urdaneta, OF Ricky Ledee

New York Yankees
RHP T.J. Beam, 1B Juan Miranda
Reinstated from disabled list: RHP Francisco Castillo, RHP Francisco Gil, RHP Kelvin Perez, LHP Angel Reyes, OF Andres Dionicio
Granted free agency: RHP Colter Bean

Oakland Athletics
RHP Josh Alliston, RHP Brad Sullivan, 1B Don Sutton, 2B Lloyd Turner, SS Angel Corporan, SS Samuel Hernandez, OF Javier James, OF Carlos Morales
Granted free agency: RHP Jermaine Van Buren
Assigned to Hawaii Winter Baseball: RHP Jared Lansford, SS Justin Sellers, OF Jermaine Mitchell

Sullivan, a 2003 first-round pick, has never been healthy as a pro and never performed for the A’s, with a 6.16 career ERA in just 235 innings.

Philadelphia Phillies
LHP Matt Smith

Pittsburgh Pirates
Reinstated from inactive list:
RHP Danny Kolb
Granted free agency: RHP Marty McLeary, C Humberto Cota, SS Don Kelly
Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Pat Bresnehan, RHP Jesse Chavez, RHP Chris Hernandez, LHP Dave Davidson, OF Jason Delaney, OF Andrew McCutchen, OF Nyjer Morgan
Assigned to Hawaii Winter Baseball: RHP Blair Johnson, LHP Charles Benoit, 3B Jamie Romak, OF Brad Corley

St. Louis Cardinals
Reinstated from disabled list:
OF Melvin Puello
Granted free agency: LHP Randy Keisler

San Diego Padres
Granted free agency:
RHP Scott Cassidy, OF Hiram Bocachica

San Francisco Giants
RHP Kelyn Acosta, RHP Osiris Matos, RHP Billy Sadler, 1B Travis Ishikawa

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Granted free agency:
RHP Tim Corcoran, RHP Jae Seo

Texas Rangers
Reinstated from disabled list:
RHP John Bannister, RHP Kendy Batista, RHP Carlos Hernandez, RHP Brett Zamzow, LHP Broc Coffman, LHP Miguel de los Santos, LHP Mike Kirkman, LHP Scott Rice, 2B Micah Furtado, SS Chad Ogden, OF Ronnie Anderson, OF Grant Gerrard
Reinstated from inactive list: RHP Luis Indriago, 3B Jose Rodriguez, OF Larry Grayson, OF Miguel Velazquez

Toronto Blue Jays
Granted free agency:
RHP Matt Roney, 3B Howie Clark

Washington Nationals
Granted free agency:
2B Bernie Castro, OF Mike Restovich