Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed RHP Osbek Castillo (33)
Signed RHP Dallas Buck (3)
Released LHP Aric LeClair

Atlanta Braves
Signed LHP Kevin Gunderson (5)
Traded C Max Ramirez to Indians for RHP Bob Wickman
Placed RHP Gonzalo Lopez on restricted list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed RHP Jason Berken (6)
Signed 3B Bill Rowell (1)
Signed RHP Brent Allar (14)
Signed SS Blake Davis (4)
Signed SS Ryan Adams (2)
Signed OF Brandon Tripp (12)
Released 1B Carl Smith
Released LHP Trevor Caughey
Acquired 1B Vito Chiaravalloti from Blue Jays for future considerations
Placed OF Angel Avila on restricted list

Boston Red Sox
Signed RHP Brian Steinocher (21)
Signed RHP Bryce Cox (3)
Released OF Jason Twomley
Released RHP Victor Ramos
Released 1B Logan Sorensen

Chicago White Sox
Signed RHP Alvin Garcia
Released OF Christian Acosta

Chicago Cubs
Signed OF Drew Rundle (14)
Signed RHP Chris Huseby (11)
Released OF Randy Brown
Released OF Ryan Episcopo
Placed RHP Jose Mejia on restricted list
Placed RHP Faider Montero on restricted list

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Phillip Robbins
Signed RHP Eric Schaler (31)
Signed LHP Ryan Williams
Signed RHP Derrik Lutz (19)
Signed C Eddy Rodriguez (20)
Released 2B Darryl Lawhorn
Released RHP Jason Vecchio
Released RHP Wes Smiley
Released LHP Mike Venafro

Cleveland Indians
Signed RHP Austin Creps (6)
Signed LHP Ryan Morris (4)
Signed SS Josh Rodriguez (2)
Signed LHP John Wallace
Signed RHP Steven Wright (2)
Signed LHP Andrew Woods
Signed RHP Kyle Harper (17)
Signed RHP Chris Archer (5)
Released RHP Wyatt Allen
Released RHP Ben Howard
Traded RHP Bob Wickman to Braves for C Max Ramirez
Placed RHP Dustin Roddy on voluntarily retired list
Placed LHP John Wallace on voluntarily retired list

Colorado Rockies
Signed 1B Jeff Kindel (14)
Signed C Nathan Anderson
Signed C Luis Apodaca
Signed OF Jay Cox (22)
Signed C Agustin Sanchez
Released RHP Pedro Chivilli
Released RHP Ryan Fox

Detroit Tigers
Signed C Adrian Casanova (40)
Signed RHP Lauren Gagnier (10)
Released LHP Hector Mercado
Released C Brian Peterson
Placed RHP Alejandro Mendez on suspended list

Florida Marlins
Signed RHP Zach Bird
Signed RHP David Lee
Signed SS Geoff McCallum
Signed 2B Anthony Schrager
Signed 3B Edgar Varela
Released 3B Scott Seabol
Released LHP Joelmy Campusano
Placed RHP Gabriel Benitez on suspended list

Houston Astros
Signed RHP Sergio Perez (2)
Signed RHP Griffin Bailey
Signed SS Andrew Smith
Released 1B Scott Robinson
Released LHP Blake Allen
Traded RHP Mitch Talbot and SS Ben Zobrist to Devil Rays for OF Aubrey Huff

Kansas City Royals
Signed RHP Chris Chavez
Released RHP Brian Boehringer
Released RHP David Elder
Placed RHP James Moore on restricted list
Placed C John Lowen on suspended list
Placed RHP Jonathan Griffin on voluntarily retired list
Rule 5 selection RHP Chris Booker returned by Nationals

Los Angeles Angels
Signed LHP Chris Armstrong (14)
Signed SS Wilberto Ortiz (33)
Signed OF Darren Blakely
Signed RHP Dustin Miller
Traded RHP Jeff Weaver to Cardinals for OF Terry Evans
Placed RHP Jacob Dixon on suspended list

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed C Jason Anthony
Signed RHP Michael Gardner
Signed OF Tommy Giles (8)
Signed OF Lyndon Poole
Released C Chris Westervelt
Released OF Ryan Carter
Released OF Jonathan Weber
Traded OF Justin Ruggiano to Devil Rays to complete trade for LHP Mark Hendrickson and C Toby Hall
Placed LHP Derek Thompson on suspended list
Placed SS Dominique Laurin on voluntarily retired list

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed C Carlos Lee
Signed RHP Joe Valentine
Signed OF Andrew Lefave
Signed LHP Kyle Pawelczyk
Signed SS Ryan Barba
Signed OF Cole Gillespie (3)
Released RHP Brett Evert
Released RHP Robert Wooley
Placed RHP Wilfrido Laureano on suspended list
Placed RHP Joe Winkelsas on voluntarily retired list

Minnesota Twins
Signed LHP Adam Revelette
Signed SS Donaldo Mendez
Signed 3B Daniel Valencia (19)
Signed RHP Thomas Wright (23)
Signed 1B Erubiel Durazo
Released LHP John Thomas

New York Mets
Signed SS Joaquin Rodriguez
Signed 1B Ben Saylor
Signed LHP James Baxter
Signed 3B Edgardo Alfonzo
Placed RHP Greg Ramirez on restricted list
Placed RHP Tim Haines on restricted list
Placed RHP Jorge Figueroa on suspended list
Placed OF Raul Reyes on suspended list

New York Yankees
Signed RHP Jonathan Hovis
Signed 2B Chris Kunda (19)
Signed RHP Dellin Betances (8)
Signed RHP Brian Bruney
Signed RHP Edwar Ramirez
Signed OF Colin Curtis (4)
Released LHP Dustin Bergman
Released LHP Toni Lara
Released 1B Greg Sain
Released OF Christian Prieto

Oakland Athletics
Signed 2B D’™Angelo Jimenez
Signed LHP Sam Walton
Signed RHP Trevor Cahill (2)
Signed RHP Kenneth Durost
Released RHP David O’™Hagan

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed RHP John Stephens
Signed RHP Kyle Drabek (1)
Signed OF Edward Harris
Signed OF Pedro Swann
Released RHP Jacob Barrack
Released C Aaron Cheesman
Released OF Shawn Garrett
RHP Adam Bernero elected free agency

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed RHP Matt Ginter
Signed C Nick Stillwagon
Released OF Joe Hicks
Released OF John Peabody
Released RHP Tony Pluta
Released RHP Matt Bishop

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed RHP Eddie Degerman (4)
Signed IF Kevin Collins
Signed RHP Marco Gonzalez
Signed OF Shawn Garrett
Released LHP Daniel Stevens
Released OF Charles Carter
Released 3B Adam Morris
Released 2B Jesse Schoendienst
Released 1B John Gall
Released OF Wes Swackhamer
Released RHP Rhett Parrott
Traded OF Terry Evans to Angels for RHP Jeff Weaver

San Diego Padres
Signed RHP Jarrett Gardner
Signed OF Dustin Delucchi
Signed RHP Stephen Faris (12)
Signed LHP Matt Handley
Released OF Joe Gomes
Released C Jason Hill
Released RHP Aquilino Lopez
Acquired LHP Jim Bullard from Blue Jays for future considerations
Placed 2B Nick Kliebert on restricted list

San Francisco Giants
Signed 1B Brett Pill (7)
Signed OF Tyler Graham (19)
Signed LHP Ryan Paul (10)
Signed LHP Dusty Bergman
Signed OF Quincy Foster
Released LHP Michael Tejera

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Steve Richard (8)
Signed C Paul Keck
Signed RHP Aaron Cotter
Released RHP Justin Ockerman
Released RHP Jeff Harris
Placed RHP Randall Frye on voluntarily retired list

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Tyree Hayes (8)
Signed 3B Rodney Nye
Signed IF Scott Gummo
Released OF Jason Romano
Traded OF Aubrey Huff to Astros for RHP Mitch Talbot and SS Ben Zobrist
Acquired OF Justin Ruggiano from Dodgers to complete trade for RHP Jae Seo and C Dioner Navarro
Loaned LHP Raymon Silfa to Dodgers

Texas Rangers
Released 1B Matt Hawke
Released RHP Shane Bazzell
Released OF Jayce Tingler
Placed LHP William Rodriguez on restricted list
Placed RHP Cesar Rojas on restricted list
Placed SS David Berg on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Travis Thompson on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Michael Padgett on voluntarily retired list

Toronto Blue Jays
Released RHP Matt Duff
Traded 1B Vito Chiaravalloti to Orioles for future considerations
Traded LHP Jim Bullard to Padres for future considerations
Placed RHP John Tritz on suspended list
Placed RHP Gabriel Alfaro on suspended list

Washington Nationals
Placed C Wiki Gonzalez on suspended list