Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed OF Cyle Hankerd (3)
Signed C John Hester (13)
Signed RHP Reid Mahon
Signed RHP Brett Reynolds (17)
Signed LHP Eddie Romero (9)
Signed RHP Scott Souther
Signed OF Joey Side (6)
Signed RHP Daryl Arreola
Signed C Justin Brashear (44)
Signed RHP Matt Brewer
Signed RHP Brooks Brown (1S)
Signed OF Connor Janes (27)
Signed SS Shea McFeely (28)
Released OF Luis Lajara

Atlanta Braves
Signed LHP Jeff Locke (2)
Signed 1B Josh Morris (12)
Signed OF Robert Darula
Signed LHP Lee Hyde (4)
Signed RHP Jason Shiell
Signed RHP Clint Sodowsky
Signed C John Alexander
Released RHP David Coggin
Placed OF William Esquivel on suspended list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed RHP Pedro Beato (1S)
Signed LHP Nathan Nery (18)
Signed LHP Zach Britton (3)
Signed RHP Ryan Ouellette (13)
Released 3B Rene Aqueron
Placed RHP Calvin Maduro on voluntarily retired list
Placed C Juan Puente on restricted list

Boston Red Sox
Signed LHP Frank Brooks
Signed OF Rafael Cabreja (8)
Signed RHP Jordan Craft (13)
Signed LHP Jeff Farrell
Signed LHP Kris Johnson (1S)
Signed RHP Ryne Lawson (30)
Signed RHP William Mann
Signed RHP Justin Masterson (2)
Signed OF Jason Place (1)
Signed C Jon Still (4)
Signed RHP Caleb Clay (1S)
Signed SS Kristopher Negron (7)
Signed LHP David Timm
Signed LHP Russell Tucker
Released RHP Jorge Natera
Released C James Buckley
Released RHP Matt Ginter
Placed C Jesus Garcia on voluntarily retired list
Placed SS Dominic Ramos on suspended list
Placed RHP Carlos Morla on restricted list

Chicago Cubs
Signed RHP Donny Walters (30)
Signed RHP Jeff Samardzija (5)
Signed RHP Greibal Cuevas–Novas
Signed RHP Kitt Kopach (12)
Signed SS Ryan Lilly
Signed 3B Blake Parker (16)
Signed LHP Taylor Parker (21)
Signed OF Cliff Andersen (9)
Signed RHP Eli Diaz (40)
Signed OF Tyler Colvin (1)
Signed SS Ryne Malone (49)
Signed RHP Cedric Bennett
Signed RHP Jonathan Hollenbeck
Signed C Cory Vanderhook
Released LHP Jose Martinez
Traded LHP Mark Watson to Athletics for player to be named
Placed RHP Cristian Gonzalez on restricted list

Chicago White Sox
Signed C Kylee Hash (17)
Signed 2B Eric Mesa
Signed RHP Matt Skrmetta
Signed LHP Colt Smith
Signed RHP Kyle McCulloch (1)
Signed C Matthew Inouye (21)
Signed LHP Andrew Lorraine
Signed RHP Justin Stires
Signed RHP Patrick Feehan
Signed RHP John Wesley
Released OF Darren Blakely
Released 3B Manuel Rodriguez
Released RHP John Hurd
Released LHP Chad Bentz
Released OF Anthony Cody
Released 2B John Wolff
Placed C Kris Welker on suspended list

Cincinnati Reds
Signed LHP Lee Tabor (30)
Signed SS Chris Valaika (3)
Signed RHP Josh Ravin (5)
Signed RHP Josh Roenicke (10)
Signed OF Danny Dorn (32)
Signed 2B Justin Turner (7)
Signed LHP Jamie Arneson (16)
Signed LHP Matt Clark
Released RHP Frank Bludau
Released RHP Andy Boutwell
Released IF Josh Coffey
Released OF Justin Davis
Released LHP David Griffin
Released OF Travis Kaats
Released 3B Matt Levering
Released C Bryan Prince
Released LHP Leonard Rice
Released RHP Phillip Robbins
Placed 1B Ben Mummy on voluntarily retired list
Placed LHP Philippe Valiquette on suspended list

Cleveland Indians
Signed 2B Jared Sandberg
Signed LHP Brandt Sanders
Signed RHP Kevin Libeg
Signed 1B Collin Martin
Signed RHP William Hering
Released RHP Brett Cleveland
Released C Ryan Spilman
Traded 1B Eduardo Perez to Mariners for SS Asdrubal Cabrera
Placed C Ryan Spilman on voluntarily retired list

Colorado Rockies
Signed RHP Chase Dardar
Signed 1B Logan Wiens
Signed C Brian Aguailar
Signed RHP Craig Baker (4)
Signed LHP Tommy Baumgardner (28)
Signed RHP Greg Reynolds (1)
Placed IF Jonathan Herrera on suspended list
Loaned C Miguel Ojeda to Mexico City of the Mexican League

Detroit Tigers
Signed IF Mike Trapani
Signed 1B Ryan Strieby (4)
Signed RHP Mike Nannini
Signed OF Dustan Mohr
Signed LHP Jacob Ramos
Released RHP Panagiotis Sikaras

Florida Marlins
Signed 1B Daniel Batz
Signed 1B Todd Sears
Signed RHP Hector Correa (4)
Signed C David Hatcher (5)
Signed OF Tom Hickman (2)
Signed C Torre Langley (3)
Signed RHP Don Czyz (7)
Signed SS Dan Garcia (8)
Signed SS Justin Jacobs (6)
Signed LHP Charles Oneal
Signed RHP Alejandro Sanabia (32)
Signed OF Dominick Ambrosini
Released OF Jared Gaston
Released OF James Shanks
Placed RHP Julian Gaillard on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Jose Garcia on suspended list
Placed RHP Ryan Tucker on suspended list
Placed SS Jose Ronda on restricted list

Houston Astros
Signed LHP Antony Bello (21)
Signed OF Drew Holder (16)
Signed SS Tim Torres (23)
Signed LHP Tom Vessella (11)
Signed RHP Casey Hudspeth (5)
Signed SS Chris Johnson (4)
Signed OF Nick Moresi (3)
Signed C Max Sapp (1)
Signed LHP Kevin Fox (15)
Signed 2B Greg Buchanan (9)
Signed LHP John Nelson
Signed 1B Walter Young
Released 1B John Fagan
Released RHP Joe Valentine
Released C Eric Cavers
Released SS Daniel Klassen
Released RHP David Lee

Kansas City Royals
Signed C Todd Balduf
Signed OF Derrick Robinson (4)
Signed RHP Tyler Chambliss (11)
Signed SS Jason Taylor (2)
Signed RHP Blake Wood (3)
Signed 2B Kurt Mertins
Signed RHP Josh Cribb (8)
Signed RHP Jason Godin (5)
Signed RHP Tyler Cummings
Signed RHP Mike Hauff
Released OF Antonio Sabatini
Released RHP Derrick DePriest
Traded LHP J.P. Howell to Devil Rays for 2B Fernando Cortez and OF Joey Gathright
Placed OF Mike Galloway on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Angels
Signed LHP Robert Fish (6)
Signed LHP Leonardo Calderon (10)
Signed OF Nathan Haynes
Released OF James Gates
Placed SS Brian Specht on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed LHP Clayton Kershaw (1)
Signed LHP Garrett White (6)
Signed OF Jason Schwab
Signed OF Travis Vetters
Signed LHP David Preziosi
Released RHP Giovanni Carrara
Placed RHP William Juarez on restricted list

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed LHP Brian Logan
Signed OF Anthony Wycklendt
Signed OF Zachary McAngus
Signed 1B William Rowe
Released LHP Jason Kershner
Released RHP Jerome Gamble
Released OF Adam Mannon
Released OF Carlos Valderrama
Released LHP Russel Rohlicek
Released RHP Matt Smith
Placed LHP Justin Thompson on voluntarily retired list
Placed LHP Derek Miller on suspended list

Minnesota Twins
Signed 3B Rene Tosoni
Signed OF Joe Benson (2)
Signed RHP Luis Carreras
Signed 2B Michael Cowgill (40)
Signed OF Kevin Harrington (12)
Signed 3B Garrett Olson (4)
Signed RHP Joan Ortiz (41)
Signed SS Eric Santiago (21)
Signed SS Steve Singleton (11)
Signed 1B Chris Parmelee (1)
Signed RHP Jon Staatz
Signed 2B Brian Dinkelman (8)
Signed RHP Daniel Leatherman
Signed 1B Whit Robbins (4)
Released RHP Nathan Crawford
Placed SS Nathanael Stevens on military list

New York Mets
Signed C John Cherry
Signed C Jason Jacobs (20)
Signed C Stephen Malvagna
Signed RHP Josh Stinson (37)
Signed LHP Thomas Warren
Signed C Aaron Garcia
Signed RHP Scott Schafer (6)
Signed RHP Ricky Sparks (30)
Signed OF William Vogl
Signed OF Mark Wright
Signed RHP Edgar Ramirez
Signed SS Jonathan Santos
Signed RHP Jonathan Koller (48)
Released RHP Jason Scobie
Released RHP Mayque Quintero
Released OF Mike Sharpe
Released OF Julio Ramirez
Acquired LHP Rich Rundles from Cardinals for future considerations

New York Yankees
Signed 2B Russell Raley (21)
Signed LHP Robert Swindle
Released 1B Erubiel Durazo
Placed RHP Guillermo Villalona on suspended list

Oakland Athletics
Signed RHP Scott Moore (23)
Signed RHP Andrew Bailey (6)
Signed LHP Derrick Gordon (26)
Signed SS Matt Sulentic (3)
Signed RHP Jason Fernandez (11)
Signed RHP Josh Morgan (30)
Signed RHP David O’™Hagan
Signed RHP Kevin Olsen
Signed SS Christian Vitters (10)
Released C Raul Casanova
Released RHP Jason Karnuth
Acquired LHP Mark Watson from Cubs for player to be named

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed OF Ken Milner (14)
Signed OF D’™Arby Myers (4)
Signed RHP Michael Dubee (18)
Signed 3B Herman Demmink (28)
Signed RHP Kevin Salmon
Released OF Enmanuel Osorio

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed RHP Francisco Ortiz (18)
Signed OF Alex Presley (8)
Signed RHP Brad Lincoln (1)
Signed SS Victor Alvarez (33)
Signed IF Juan Tejeda
Released OF Chaz Lytle
Released 1B Bradley Rea
Placed LHP Brady Borner on voluntarily retired list
Placed OF Damian Walcott on restricted list
Placed RHP Bladimil Hernandez on restricted list

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed RHP Kristofer Bakey
Signed C Garrett Bussiere (26)
Signed OF Jon Edwards (14)
Signed LHP Brad Furnish (2)
Signed LHP Ryan Hodinka
Signed RHP Lance Marcum
Signed RHP Casey Mulligan (22)
Signed SS Tommy Pham (16)
Signed OF Jim Rapoport (35)
Signed LHP Matt Sauceda
Signed 2B Jesse Schoendienst
Signed 3B Jared Schweitzer (30)
Signed LHP Brian Schroeder (33)
Signed OF Keith Naylor
Signed SS Jose Salazar
Signed OF Shane Robinson (5)
Signed SS Bodhi Hart
Signed OF Jon Jay (2)
Signed RHP Chris Perez (1S)
Released 1B Josh Pressley
Released OF Simon Williams
Traded LHP Rich Rundles to Mets for future considerations
Placed 1B Mark Rodgers on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Tim Gross on restricted list

San Diego Padres
Signed OF Sam Carter
Signed RHP Jeremy Hunt (28)
Signed LHP Matt Farrington
Signed OF Cedric Hunter (3)
Signed 2B Brian Lauderdale
Signed RHP Andy Underwood (5)
Signed RHP Richard Rodriguez
Signed LHP Nate Culp (4)
Signed OF Chad Huffman (2)
Signed LHP Wade Leblanc (2)
Released RHP Patrick Clayton
Released OF Santiago Guerrero

San Francisco Giants
Signed 3B Allen Balmer
Signed RHP Kevin Foeman
Signed SS Ryan Rohlinger (6)
Signed LHP Ben Snyder (4)
Signed 3B Mike Cervenak
Signed OF Bobby Felmy (22)
Signed LHP Clayton Tanner (3)
Signed LHP Jared Cranston (34)
Signed RHP Tim Lincecum (1)
Placed 3B Aaron Sisk on suspended list

Seattle Mariners
Signed SS Marcos Villezcas (23)
Signed RHP Nathan Adcock (5)
Signed SS Chris Minaker (10)
Signed RHP Ricky Orta (4)
Signed RHP Chris Tillman (2)
Signed RHP Drew Fiorenza (15)
Released OF Edward Harris
Released LHP Adam Pettyjohn
Released RHP Jonathan Wright
Traded SS Asdrubal Cabrera to Indians for 1B Eduardo Perez
Placed OF David Hall on voluntarily retired list
Placed OF Jermaine Brock on restricted list

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Heath Rollins (11)
Signed RHP Travis Barnett (14)
Signed IF Seth Dhaenens
Signed 1B Eligio Sonoqui (9)
Signed RHP Scott Welch
Signed OF Jason Romano
Signed LHP Mark Suchowiecki
Signed RHP Chris Andujar
Signed C Tomas Francisco
Signed SS Omar Luna
Signed LHP Raymon Silfa
Signed RHP Luis Espana
Signed LHP Robinson Reyes
Traded 2B Fernando Cortez and OF Joey Gathright to Royals for LHP J.P. Howell
Placed SS James Scholzen on restricted list
Placed RHP Ricardo Montilla on restricted list
Loaned OF Ruben Contreras to the Dodgers

Texas Rangers
Signed LHP Forrest Rice
Signed C Chad Tracy (3)
Signed LHP Glenn Swanson
Signed LHP Danny Ray Herrera (45)
Signed RHP Craig Crow (11)
Signed LHP Daniel Hoben (29)
Released OF Will Smith
Released 3B Marshall McDougall from roster
Traded SS Tim Olson to Blue Jays for RHP Joey McLaughlin
Placed SS Cody Himes on restricted list
Placed RHP Erik Thompson on restricted list

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed OF Travis Snider (1)
Signed 2B Scott Campbell (10)
Signed C Brian Jeroloman (6)
Released OF Maikel Jova
Released C Jeff Urgelles
Released RHP Ben Weber
Released 1B Chris Looze
Traded RHP Joey McLaughlin to Rangers for SS Tim Olson

Washington Nationals
Signed RHP Adam Carr (18)
Signed C Sean Rooney (8)
Signed RHP Alberto Tavarez (20)
Signed RHP Colton Willems (1)
Signed SS Stephen Englund (2)
Signed 3B Chris Marrero (1)
Released RHP Billy Sylvester
Released OF Lorvin Louisa
Released RHP Friedel Pinkston
Placed RHP Anthony Johnson on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Manuel Mercedes on voluntarily retired list
Placed SS Scott Hodges on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Brad Clark on suspended list