Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed 1B Brad Miller (18)
Signed 2B Sean Smith (21)
Signed 3B Andrew Fie (12)
Signed C Tito Cruz (34)
Signed LHP Clay Zavada (30)
Signed OF Andrew Beshenich (24)
Signed OF Danny Perales (22)
Signed OF Derrick Walker (23)
Signed OF Tyler Jones (19)
Signed RHP Tony Barnette (10)
Signed RHP Chad Beck (14)
Signed RHP Chase Christianson (8)
Signed RHP Daniel Fournier (11)
Signed RHP Daniel Stange
Signed RHP Hector Ambriz (5)
Signed RHP Bryant Thompson (4)
Signed RHP Shane Byrne (25)
Signed SS Blake Sharpe (16)
Signed SS Jason Watson
Signed SS Matthew Oxedine (15)
Released 3B Mayobanex Santana
Released OF Jayson Santiago
Traded 2B Adam Haley to Tigers for RHP Jake Baxter
Placed RHP Koley Kolberg on restricted list

Placed RHP Matt Henrie on voluntarily retired list

Atlanta Braves
Signed 3B Adam Coe (7)
Signed RHP Dustin Evans (2)
Signed OF Cody Johnson (1)
Signed RHP Joseph Johnson (13)
Signed RHP Kristopher Medlen (10)
Signed RHP Cory Rasmus (1S)
Signed C Brian Ward
Signed RHP Casey Beck (8)
Signed RHP Steven Figueroa (6)
Signed SS Chase Fontaine (2)
Signed RHP Mike Mehlich (11)
Signed LHP Chad Rodgers (3)
Signed SS Paul Bennett
Signed LHP Steve Evarts (1S)
Released LHP Ken Mullen
Released RHP Francisco Castro
Released RHP Carlos Villalona
Released SS David Kelton
Placed RHP Paul Bacot on restricted list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed OF Joe Nowicki
Signed SS Todd Davison (19)
Signed C Zach Dillon (20)
Signed SS Bobby Henson (5)
Signed RHP Zach Jevne (27)
Signed C Justin Johnson (16)
Signed RHP Aubrey Miller (23)
Signed C Michael Pierce (28)
Signed RHP Josh Faiola (24)
Signed OF Luis Lopez (21)
Signed 1B Anthony Martinez (11)
Signed SS Jedidiah Stephen (8)
Signed RHP Josh Tamba (7)
Signed LHP Brett Bordes (9)
Released OF Gilberto Martinez
Released C Joe Michalski
Released C Mike Russell

Boston Red Sox
Signed RHP Travis Beazley (38)
Signed 2B Mike Chambers (32)
Signed 3B Zach Daeges (6)
Signed 3B Jorge Jimenez (15)
Signed SS Ryan Khoury (12)
Signed RHP Josh Papelbon (48)
Signed OF Paul Smyth (23)
Signed OF Jeff Vincent (43)
Signed 1B Aaron Bates (3)
Signed LHP Dustin Richardson (5)
Released OF Ian Cronkhite
Released 3B Rodney Nye
Released RHP James Albury
Released LHP James Baxter
Released IF Richard Santana
Released RHP James Serrano
Traded RHP David Riske to White Sox for LHP Javier Lopez
Placed C Ricardo Sanchez on voluntarily retired list
OF Dustan Mohr elected for free agency

Chicago Cubs
Signed 3B Cody Gilbert
Signed 2B Steven Clevenger (7)
Signed OF Matthew Camp (13)
Signed C Matt Canepa (15)
Signed RHP Michael Cooper (26)
Signed SS Josh Lansford (6)
Signed RHP Andrew McCormick (47)
Signed RHP Billy Muldowney (8)
Signed RHP Rocky Roquet
Signed OF Elliot Shea (45)
Signed SS Cesar Valentin (32)
Signed C Adam Hackstedt
Signed SS Matt Matulia (24)
Signed LHP Jeremy Papelbon (19)
Signed RHP Chuckie Platt (23)
Signed OF Nathan Price
Signed RHP Jacob Renshaw (10)
Released RHP Anderson Tavares
Released SS Eduard Serrano
Released IF Kevin Collins
Released SS Daniel Gonzalez
Released LHP Aaron Krawiec
Released OF Jesse Schmidt

Chicago White Sox
Signed RHP Tyson Corley (13)
Signed OF Lee Cruz (10)
Signed LHP Justin Edwards (3)
Signed OF Stephen Gartrell (31)
Signed C Michael Grace (14)
Signed OF Joseph Hunter (25)
Signed RHP Matt Long (2)
Signed C Tyler Reves (4)
Signed RHP Michael Rocco (24)
Signed RHP Andrew Urena (11)
Signed RHP David Wasylak (26)
Signed RHP Justin Cassel (7)
Signed 2B Matthew Enuco (36)
Signed OF Kent Gerst (8)
Signed SS Scott Madsen
Signed OF Andy Mead (40)
Signed OF Brendon O’Donnell (50)
Signed 2B John Shelby (5)
Signed LHP Tim Bittner
Signed LHP Valerio De Los Santos
Signed SS Tim Lawrence
Signed RHP Brian Omogrosso (6)
Signed RHP Steven Spurgeon
Signed RHP Kanekoa Texeira (22)
Released 3B Robert Sasser
Traded LHP Javier Lopez to Red Sox for RHP David Riske

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Anthony Gressick
Signed C Tyler Hauschild (28)
Signed OF Keltavious Jones (27)
Signed RHP Justin Newman
Signed 1B David Scott
Signed RHP Jordan Smith (6)
Signed RHP Nicholas Wandless (36)
Signed RHP Sean Watson (2)
Signed LHP Travis Webb (8)
Signed 1B Ryan Brown
Signed OF Michael McKennon (25)
Signed RHP Brandon Rice (11)
Signed OF Drew Stubbs (1)
Signed RHP Andrew Yount
Signed LHP Brandon Alford
Signed RHP Jeremy Burchett (9)
Signed 1B William Caudill
Signed LHP Daniel Donaldson
Signed C Anthony Esquer (24)
Signed RHP Kevin Gunter (13)
Signed OF Chris Heisey (17)
Signed 3B Jason Louwsma (29)
Signed RHP Dane Mason
Signed RHP Adam Pointer (22)
Signed OF Justin Reed (4)
Signed 3B Rafael Sanchez (15)
Signed RHP Christopher White (21)
Signed 3B Jason Winkler
Released RHP Wayne Lundgren
Released OF Jordan Belcher
Released C Ben Blumenthal
Released OF Alexis Sanchez
Traced RHP Jeff Stevens to Indians to complete deal for 2B Brandon Phillips
Traded OF Brandon Roberts to Twins for SS Juan Castro

Cleveland Indians
Signed 1B Felipe Garcia
Acquired RHP Jeff Stevens from Reds to complete deal for 2B Brandon Phillips

Colorado Rockies
Signed SS Josh Wilson
Signed RHP David Arnold (10)
Signed 1B Josh Banda (35)
Signed OF David Christensen (2)
Signed OF Kevin Clark (6)
Signed OF Victor Ferrante (15)
Signed 2B Luis Gonzalez
Signed RHP Andrew Graham (21)
Signed RHP Will Harris (9)
Signed RHP Brandon Hynick (8)
Signed OF Anthony Jackson (16)
Signed RHP Sean Jarrett (20)
Signed C Michael McKenry (7)
Signed C Austin Rauch (12)
Signed SS Matt Repec (27)
Signed SS Helder Velazquez (5)
Signed LHP Devin Collis (26)
Signed RHP Michael Gibbs (17)
Signed SS Derek Kinzler
Signed SS Spence Nagy (13)
Signed RHP Drew Shetrone (33)
Signed LHP Keith Weiser (3)
Released C Luis Apodaca
Released SS Henry Reynolds
Released LHP Mike Wiley
Released SS Bodhi Hart
Released IF Sandy Almonte
Released SS Erik Dean
Traded OF Eli Marrero to Mets for 2B Kazuo Matsui
Placed RHP Sun-Woo Kim on restricted list
Placed RHP Byron Binda on voluntarily retired list

Detroit Tigers
Signed OF Jose Tejada
Signed RHP Dana Arrowood (38)
Signed LHP Duane Below (19)
Signed 3B Michael Bertram (39)
Signed OF Brennan Boesch (3)
Signed 3B Ronald Bourquin (2)
Signed C Joe Bowen
Signed 1B Chris Carlson (29)
Signed RHP Angel Castro (13)
Signed LHP Chris Cody (8)
Signed LHP Jonathan Connolly
Signed RHP Rudy Darrow (32)
Signed RHP Casey Fien (20)
Signed RHP Jeff Gerbe (16)
Signed LHP Paul Hammond (35)
Signed RHP Brett Jensen (14)
Signed RHP Chris Krawczyk (22)
Signed C Jeff Kunkel
Signed C Jordan Newton (6)
Signed 1B Hayden Parrott (11)
Signed LHP Zach Piccola (9)
Signed OF Deik Scram (18)
Signed RHP Alec Shepherd (47)
Signed 2B Scott Sizemore (5)
Signed OF Mike Sullivan (31)
Signed LHP Thomas Thornton (21)
Signed OF Joe Tucker (24)
Signed RHP Derek Witt (28)
Released RHP Tony Fiore
Released LHP Alexander Herrera
Released RHP Rhiner Cruz
Released C Cole Miller
Released RHP Jermy Rodriguez
Released OF Wilkin Rodriguez
Released RHP Lavon Lewis
Traded RHP Jake Baxter to Diamondbacks for 2B Adam Haley
Placed 2B Agustin Guzman on restricted list
Placed RHP Gibbs Wilson on restricted list

Florida Marlins
Signed 3B Jacob Blackwood (16)
Signed RHP Joel Fountain (25)
Signed RHP Franklyn German
Signed RHP Jeremy Hall (27)
Signed LHP Kevan Kelley (22)
Signed RHP Ross Liersemann (18)
Signed RHP Corey Madden (21)
Signed SS Guillermo Martinez (15)
Signed SS Osvaldo Martinez (11)
Signed OF Brandon McDougall (39)
Signed RHP J.B. Miadich
Signed SS Jose Munoz
Signed 2B Andrew Saylor (13)
Signed RHP Jay Buente (14)
Signed OF Scott Cousins (3)
Signed RHP Jordan Davis (19)
Signed LHP Rylan Hanks (23)
Signed LHP Andy Jackson (26)
Signed OF Hunter Mense (17)
Signed OF John Raynor (9)
Signed RHP Brett Sinkbeil (1)
Signed RHP Brad Stone (12)
Signed LHP Graham Taylor (10)
Signed RHP Tony Suarez (40)
Released RHP Scott Lindeen
Released OF Josh Jones
Released LHP James Anderson

Houston Astros
Signed OF Andrew Darnell
Signed RHP Reid Kelly
Signed C German Melendez
Signed LHP William Owens
Signed RHP Colt Adams (18)
Signed C Brandon Caipen (28)
Signed 3B Cirilo Cruz (27)
Signed RHP Kyle Deyoung (31)
Signed RHP Adam Hale (32)
Signed RHP Bryan Hallberg (12)
Signed RHP Bud Norris (6)
Signed LHP David Qualben (7)
Signed OF Orlando Rosales (19)
Signed LHP Christopher Salamida (13)
Signed RHP Justin Stiver (17)
Signed C Eric Taylor (30)
Signed C Justin Tellam (14)
Signed 1B Jimmy Van Ostrand (8)
Signed RHP Chad Wagler (22)

Kansas City Royals
Signed LHP Donovan Osborne
Signed RHP Daniel Best (14)
Signed OF Brett Bigler (7)
Signed OF Jarrod Dyson (50)
Signed RHP Brian Halford
Signed RHP Aaron Hartsock (23)
Signed RHP Romas Hicks (22)
Signed C Brandon Lance (31)
Signed 3B Marc Maddox (9)
Signed C Matt Morizio (17)
Signed SS Eduardo Nunez
Signed LHP Everett Teaford (12)
Signed OF Nicholas Van Stratten (10)
Signed LHP Burke Baldwin (21)
Signed OF Nick Francis (15)
Signed RHP Harold Mozingo (6)
Signed SS Tyrone Wilsona (16)
Signed OF Anthony Dickson
Signed SS Gilbert Gil
Released LHP Frank Brooks
Acquired RHP Brandon Duckworth from Pirates for cash considerations
Placed RHP James Moore on suspended list
Placed RHP Brian Halford on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Julio Rosario on voluntarily retired list
RHP Stephen Andrade elected for free agency

Los Angeles Angels
Signed RHP Jacob Dixon
Signed RHP Darren O’Day
Signed 1B Seth Loman
Signed LHP Doug Brandt (43)
Signed 2B Tadd Brewer (17)
Signed LHP Barret Browning (28)
Signed RHP Eduardo Chile (38)
Signed C Hank Conger (1)
Signed RHP Aaron Cook (35)
Signed SS Alex Fonseca (36)
Signed 1B Gordon Gronkowski (49)
Signed RHP Ken Herndon (5)
Signed C Scott Knazek (15)
Signed SS Chris Lewis (32)
Signed RHP David Pellegrine (11)
Signed OF Chris Pettit (19)
Signed RHP Matt Reilly (27)
Signed RHP Tim Schoeninger (23)
Signed 3B Matt Sweeney (8)
Signed OF Clay Fuller (4)
Signed LHP Blake Holler (13)
Signed RHP Mark Sauls
Signed RHP Edward Sempey
Released 3B Ivan Blanco
Released OF Grant Harper
Released RHP Joe Rowe

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed OF Adam Greenberg
Signed OF Matthew Berezay (21)
Signed LHP Paul Coleman (12)
Signed SS Justin Fuller (11)
Signed 3B Bridger Hunt (9)
Signed OF Chris Jensen (22)
Signed RHP Joe Jones (18)
Signed C Esteban Lopez (25)
Signed C John Martin (24)
Signed SS Preston Mattingly (1S)
Signed C Conor McGeehan
Signed RHP Bryan Morris (1)
Signed RHP Kyle Smit (5)
Signed OF Jaime Ortiz (7)
Signed 2B Mike Rivera (17)
Released OF Ryan Russ
Released 1B Jeremy Todd
Loaned RHP Francisco Felix to Saltillo of the Mexican League

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed SS Brent Brewer (2)
Signed OF Zach Clem (11)
Signed C Jesse D’Amico (21)
Signed OF Chris Errecart (5)
Signed RHP Shawn Ferguson
Signed OF Mike Goetz (25)
Signed RHP Shane Hill (8)
Signed OF Charles Iacono
Signed RHP Jeremy Jeffress (1)
Signed RHP Johnathan King (22)
Signed RHP Michael McClendon (10)
Signed 2B Eric Newton (33)
Signed C David Neyens
Signed RHP Stuart Sutherland (34)
Signed C Jordan Swaydan (30)
Signed C Greg Whiteside (15)
Signed RHP Evan Anundsen (4)
Signed C Andrew Bouchie (7)
Signed C Mike Hopf
Signed LHP Brae Wright (6)
Signed SS Hector Bernal (14)
Signed OF Chuckie Caufield (39)
Signed SS Ryan Metcalf
Signed RHP Christopher Toneguzzi (13)
Signed RHP Travis Wendte (24)
Released C Ruben Angoma
Released OF Jhonathan Blanc
Released 2B Oscar Emeterio
Released 3B Jose Jimenez
Released RHP Jesus Chourio
Released 3B Sean Holub
Released IF Herman Jimenez

Minnesota Twins
Signed LHP Chris Anderson (18)
Signed RHP David Bromberg
Signed C Gilbert Buenrostro (20)
Signed C Jeff Christy (6)
Signed OF Mark Dolenc (15)
Signed LHP Sean Land (9)
Signed RHP Curtis Leavitt
Signed LHP Tyler Robertson (3)
Signed RHP Robert Delaney
Signed 2B Brian Dinkelman (8)
Traded SS Juan Castro to Reds for OF Brandon Roberts

New York Mets
Signed OF Rashad Eldridge
Signed OF William Bashelor (28)
Signed RHP Jose de la Torre
Signed C Teddy Dziuba (33)
Signed 2B Nick Giarraputo (12)
Signed RHP Tim Haines (27)
Signed RHP Stephen Holmes (5)
Signed OF Dustin Martin (26)
Signed OF Daniel Stegall (7)
Signed RHP Timothy Stronach (22)
Signed RHP John Holdzkom (4)
Signed RHP J.J. Leaper (38)
Signed 2B James Newman (35)
Signed 2B Ritchie Price (18)
Signed C Bradley Roper-Hubbert (32)
Signed RHP Joe Smith (3)
Signed RHP Steven Cheney (25)
Signed SS Jake Eigsti (29)
Signed OF Donald Green (39)
Signed 3B Jeremy Hambrice (31)
Signed RHP Nathan Hedrick (8)
Signed RHP Kyle Johnson (46)
Signed RHP Jeremy Mizell
Signed 3B Daniel Murphy (13)
Signed LHP Todd Privett (14)
Signed C Stephen Puhl (17)
Signed 1B Valentin Ramos (24)
Signed RHP Tobi Stoner (16)
Signed 2B J.R. Voyles (34)
Signed RHP Nick Waechter (23)
Released 1B Juan Tejeda
Traded 2B Kazuo Matsui to Rockies for OF Eli Marrero
Placed 3B Alejandro Zuaznabar on voluntarily retired list

New York Yankees
Signed 1B Greg Sain
Signed RHP Tyler Addison
Signed OF Brian Aragon (22)
Signed C Brian Baisley (24)
Signed IF Jeff Beachum
Signed OF Nick Diyorio (38)
Signed RHP Casey Erickson (10)
Signed OF Seth Fortenberry (11)
Signed SS Mitch Hilligoss (6)
Signed RHP Justin Keadle
Signed RHP George Kontos (5)
Signed C James Lasala (44)
Signed RHP Brady Martinez
Signed RHP Tim Norton (7)
Signed 3B Tim O’Brien (37)
Signed OF Chase Odenreider (49)
Signed RHP Paul David Patterson (16)
Signed RHP Nick Peterson (12)
Signed C Kevin Russo (20)
Signed RHP Luke Trubee (33)
Signed C Brock Ungricht (30)
Signed RHP Zach McAllister (3)
Signed RHP Daniel McCutchen (13)
Signed RHP Gabriel Medina (15)
Signed RHP Scott Patterson
Signed 3B Kevin Smith (39)
Signed LHP Brandon Thomson (23)
Released OF Todd Self
Released OF Jason Conti
Released OF Robert Stratton

Oakland Athletics
Signed LHP Branden Dewing (16)
Signed RHP Eric Sheridan
Signed C Matt Singleton
Signed RHP Kyle Christensen (15)
Signed OF Larry Cobb (27)
Signed OF Lorenzo Macias (28)
Signed RHP Matt Manship (29)
Signed RHP Josh McLaughlin (20)
Signed LHP Seth Epstein
Signed RHP Earl Oakes (24)
Signed RHP Shane Presutti (12)
Signed SS Michael Affronti (17)
Signed RHP Patrick Currin (22)
Signed 1B Greg Dowling (19)
Signed OF Toddric Johnson (14)
Signed LHP Ben Jukich (13)
Signed RHP Chad Lee (4)
Signed OF Jermaine Mitchell (5)
Signed OF Angel Sierra (8)
Signed C Jacob Smith (21)

Philadelphia Philllies
Signed OF Quintin Berry (5)
Signed LHP Daniel Brauer (6)
Signed RHP Drew Carpenter (2)
Signed OF Jacob Dempsey (21)
Signed RHP Jarrod Freeman (11)
Signed C Mike Fuentes (29)
Signed RHP Garet Hill (24)
Signed OF Jay Miller (17)
Signed SS Cody Montgomery (16)    
Signed SS Zachary Penprase (13)
Signed C Matt Reed
Signed C Alan Robbins (32)
Signed RHP Robert Roth (19)
Signed OF Brian Capps (30)
Signed SS Jason Donald (3)
Signed RHP Nick Hall
Signed OF Darin McDonald (12)
Signed RHP Ben Pfinsgraff (22)
Signed 1B Charlie Yarbrough (7)
Signed SS Adrian Cardenas (1S)
Signed RHP John Brownell (27)
Signed C Shawn McGill (23)
Signed RHP Will Savage (26)
Signed RHP Sam Walls (10)
Signed OF Domonic Brown (20)
Signed RHP Andrew Cruse (9)
Signed SS Mike Deveaux (33)
Released OF Thomas Paterson

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed RHP Michael Crotta (17)
Signed OF Tom Hagan (39)
Signed 3B Jared Keel (31)
Signed RHP Steve MacFarland (9)
Signed 2B Jim Negrych (6)
Signed 1B Kent Sakamoto (12)
Signed C Kris Watts (16)
Signed C Matt Clarkson (20)
Signed OF Miles Durham (22)
Signed RHP Brian McCullen (38)
Signed RHP Adam Simon (25)
Signed OF Gregory Smith (14)
Signed OF Damian Walcott (37)
Signed OF James Barksdale (15)
Signed RHP Jorge Charry (32)
Signed RHP Scott Massey (24)
Signed OF Austin McClune (7)
Signed RHP Brandon Williams (29)
Signed 2B Shelby Ford (3)
Signed LHP Charles Benoit (10)
Signed RHP Patrick Bresnehan (5)
Signed LHP Mike Felix (2)
Signed RHP Jared Hughes (4)
Released RHP Alex Hart
Released RHP Emmanuel Ramirez
Released RHP Matt Acors
Released LHP Jared Brown
Traded RHP Brandon Duckworth to Royals for cash considerations

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed 1B Brandon Buckman (19)
Signed 2B Isa Garcia (34)
Signed LHP Matt Michael (39)
Signed 3B Jared Schweitzer (30)
Signed OF Jason Conti
Signed RHP Lucas Gregerson (28)
Signed OF Travis Mitchell (13)
Signed RHP Matt North (9)
Signed RHP Logan Collier (37)
Signed SS Allen Craig (8)
Signed RHP Gary Daley (3)
Signed OF Luke Gorsett (7)
Signed 1B Mark Hamilton (2S)
Signed RHP Kyle Mura (42)
Signed LHP Tyler Norrick (6)
Signed OF Mark Shorey (31)
Signed OF Nathan Southard (17)
Signed C Scott Thomas (38)
Signed RHP P.J. Walters (11)
Signed OF Amaury Cazana Marti (18)
Signed RHP Adam Ottavino (1)
Signed C David Carpenter (12)
Signed C Christian Reyes (27)
Released OF Richard Giannotti
Released RHP Ryan Campbell
Released LHP Jackson Paz
Released C Chris Lewis
Released C Chris Torres

San Diego Padres
Signed RHP Aaron Breit
Signed OF Luke Cannon (21)
Signed OF Craig Cooper (7)
Signed SS A.J. Davidiuk (29)
Signed LHP Brooks Dunn (23)
Signed RHP Matt Huff (27)
Signed 2B Tom King (8)
Signed 2B Nick Kliebert (25)
Signed RHP Andrew Miller
Signed 2B Ray Stokes (16)
Signed RHP Nick Tucci (24)
Signed OF Garner Wetzel (18)
Signed RHP Stephen Andrade
Signed LHP Kyler Burke (1S)
Signed OF Michael Campbell (20)
Signed OF Michael Epping (13)
Signed 3B David Freese (9)
Signed C Brian Hernandez (19)
Signed RHP Jon Kirby (31)
Signed C Kody Valverde (10)
Signed RHP Tyler Mead (17)
Signed RHP Matt Buschmann (15)
Signed 3B Matt Antonelli (1)
Signed 1B Justin Pickett (22)

San Francisco Giants
Signed C Adam Witter
Signed RHP Gib Hobson (11)
Signed OF Michael McBryde (5)
Signed OF Thomas Neal
Signed RHP Ryan Paul (10)
Signed RHP Kevin Pucetas (17)
Signed OF Sean Van Elderen (27)
Signed 2B Brad Boyer (13)
Signed LHP Steven Calicutt (21)
Signed RHP Adam Cowart (35)
Signed C Robert Davis (50)
Signed C Matt Klimas (8)
Signed OF Lance Salsgiver (37)
Signed RHP Eric Stolp (14)
Signed OF Matt Weston (12)
Placed 3B Brian Buscher on suspended list
Placed RHP Oscar Montero on suspended list
Placed 2B Anthony Labarbera on voluntarily retired list

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Austin Dirkx (16)
Signed RHP Joseph Kantakevich (13)
Signed 1B Johan Limonta (20)
Signed SS Alex Meneses (35)
Signed RHP Kam Mickolio (18)
Signed LHP Greg Nesbitt (29)
Signed RHP Kyle Parker (24)
Signed OF Stan Posluszny (34)
Signed LHP Tony Butler (3)
Signed RHP Rocky Collis (28)
Signed RHP Jared Eichelberger
Signed RHP Doug Fister (7)
Signed C Adam Moore (6)
Signed OF Marquis Pettis
Signed RHP Justin Souza (9)
Signed RHP Haley Winter (40)
Signed RHP Bryan Ball (27)
Signed LHP Saydel Beltran
Signed OF Gavin Dickey (12)
Signed RHP Robert Harmon (33)
Signed RHP Brandon Morrow (1)
Signed RHP Aaron Solomon (11)
Signed SS Matt Vogel (30)
Released RHP Mike Nannini
Released 1B Todd Sears
Placed RHP Aaron Thorne on restricted list
Placed SS Jose Morban on suspended list

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed SS Shawn O’Malley (5)
Signed C Ian Paxton
Signed RHP Ryan Reid (7)
Signed C Nevin Ashley (6)
Signed RHP Josh Butler (2)
Signed OF Desmond Jennings (10)
Signed RHP Jason Ragan
Signed 2B Joey Callender (21)
Signed 3B Evan Longoria (1)
Signed SS Jimmy Mayer (30)
Signed LHP Ryan Owen (16)
Signed RHP Alex Trafton
Signed RHP Erik Walker (20)
Released OF Carnell Parker
Released 1B Logan Wiens
Released LHP Yorkin Ferreras
Released C Ernie Woodruff
Placed OF Elijah Dukes on suspended list

Texas Rangers
Signed RHP Jeremiah Haar
Signed OF Cody Podraza (16)
Signed RHP Adam Schaecher (31)
Signed 3B Nick Cadena (30)
Signed 1B Chris Davis (5)
Signed OF Craig Gentry (10)
Signed OF Grant Gerrard (7)
Signed 3B Matt Jaimes (12)
Signed C Thomas Berkery
Signed SS Jay Heafner (23)
Signed RHP Mike Wagner (18)
Signed RHP Austin Weilep (34)
Signed LHP Mike Ballard (14)
Signed LHP Patrick Donovan (50)
Signed C Hunter Harrigan
Signed RHP Derrick Jones
Signed RHP Jake Brigham (6)
Signed RHP John Slusarz (36)
Signed OF Josh Bradbury (8)
Signed RHP Brennan Garr (9)
Signed SS Cody Himes (15)
Signed RHP Jon Hollis (38)
Signed RHP Ivan Izquierdo
Signed LHP Kasey Kiker (1)
Signed LHP Jared Locke
Signed OF Brian Nelson (35)
Signed OF Tim Rodriguez
Signed RHP Shannon Wirth (32)
Released RHP Tanner McElroy

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed SS Raul Barron (30)
Signed RHP Zach Dials (28)
Signed C Matt Lane (11)
Signed RHP Brandon Magee (4)
Signed OF Jonathan Baksh (7)
Signed LHP Brian Bull
Signed OF Adam Calderone (23)
Signed SS Jonathan Diaz (12)
Signed C Roger Ebarb (41)
Signed OF Chris Emanuele (26)
Signed SS Luis Fernandez (25)
Signed OF Baron Frost (50)
Signed OF Mikal Garbarino (13)
Signed RHP Jeff Gilmore
Signed 1B Luke Hopkins (5)
Signed C Matt Liuzza (19)
Signed SS Greg Lopez (33)
Signed LHP Ronald Lowe (21)
Signed RHP Pat McGuigan (27)
Signed RHP Nate Melek (43)
Signed LHP Dan O’Brien (8)
Signed RHP Seth Overbey (15)
Signed RHP Adam Rogers (31)
Signed OF Shawn Scobee (14)
Signed RHP Ted Serro (40)
Signed LHP Nathan Starner
Signed LHP Alan Stidfole
Signed 3B Kelly Sweppenhiser (44)
Signed LHP Drew Taylor
Signed RHP John Tritz (32)
Signed LHP Kyle Walter (18)
Signed OF Ben Zeskind (37)
Signed LHP John Zinnicker (35)
Released OF John Defendis
Released RHP Jayson Rodriguez
Released C Tim Whittaker
Released C Chris Martinez
Placed RHP Jason Arnold on voluntarily retired list

Washington Nationals
Signed 1B Brett McMillan (14)
Signed RHP Zech Zinicola (6)
Signed RHP Erik Arnesen (17)
Signed LHP Zach Baldwin (31)
Signed 1B Robert Jacobsen (22)
Signed RHP Desmond Jones (11)
Signed RHP Cole Kimball (12)
Signed C Brett Logan (26)
Signed C Patrick Nichols (16)
Signed LHP Dan Pfau (27)
Signed RHP Cory Anderson (43)
Signed 3B Richard Caputo (24)
Signed OF Christopher French (21)
Signed SS Jeremy Goldschmeding (36)
Signed LHP Cory Van Allen (5)
Signed LHP Joseph Welsh (32)
Signed RHP Josh Wilkie
Signed LHP Ryan Buchter