Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Released RHP Ryan Coffin

Atlanta Braves
Signed 1B Cole Flowers
Signed OF Jose Cabrera
Signed RHP Thomas Hanson
Signed RHP Jonathan Johnson
Released RHP Bryan Digby
Released RHP Matt Lorenzo
Placed RHP Matt Timms on voluntarily retired list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed LHP Matt Hayes
Signed RHP Zack Clark
Signed LHP Stephen Thall
Signed RHP Bryan Lee
Signed 1B Chris Vinyard
Signed RHP Tim Kester
Signed SS Tim Bowers
Released OF Josh McCurdy
Released RHP Jeff Montani
Released C Thomas Arko
Released RHP Derek Forbes
Released 1B Alejandro Freire
Traded SS Gabriel Suarez to Rockies for SS K.J. Hendricks
Placed LHP Ryan Schwabe on voluntarily retired list

Boston Red Sox
Signed C Levi Tapia
Signed RHP Ryan Colvin
Signed OF Matt Sheely
Signed RHP Chad Rhoades

Chicago Cubs
Signed RHP Matt Maradeo
Signed LHP Tim Gudex
Signed C Blake Lalli
Signed 2B Tony Womack
Released LHP Carlos Morla
Released OF Adam Greenberg

Chicago White Sox
Signed OF Cory Aldridge
Signed OF Tony Torcato
Signed SS Bobby Smith
Signed 3B Juan Camacho
Signed 1B Fernando Valenzuela Jr.
Released 3B Tim Hummel
Released 3B Damian Rolls

Cincinnati Reds
Signed RHP Joe Mays
Signed RHP Jarred Leach
Signed C Jacob Long
Signed LHP Robert Nickols
Signed LHP Jan Granado
Released LHP Darrell May
Released 1B Eric Crozier
Traded LHP Dave Williams to Mets for RHP Robert Manuel
Traded RHP Kyle Edens to Angels for RHP Esteban Yan
Traded LHP Ben Kozlowski to Dodgers to complete trade for OF Cody Ross

Cleveland Indians
Signed IF Jason Alfaro
Released RHP Andrew Ghelfi
Traded 3B Jose Flores to Giants for future considerations

Colorado Rockies
Signed SS Tommy Whiteman
Traded OF Anthony Miller to Blue Jays for OF Jorge Sandes
Traded SS Juan Melo to Giants for future considerations
Traded SS K.J. Hendricks to Orioles for SS Gabriel Suarez

Detroit Tigers
Released RHP David Cooper

Florida Marlins
Signed 2B Adam Howard
Signed 2B Dustin Kaats
Signed 1B Logan Morrison
Signed OF Josh Short
Signed LHP Wes Letson
Released SS Norberto Batista
Released C Charles Lisk
Traded SS Juan Gonzalez to Rangers for RHP Marc Lamacchia
Placed RHP Julian Gaillard on suspended list
Placed RHP Ryan Baker on voluntarily retired list
Placed RHP Mike McNutt on voluntarily retired list

Houston Astros
Signed RHP Roger Clemens
Released RHP Matt Hirsh
Released 2B Jared Sandberg
Released RHP Andrew Himes
Released RHP Eric Sheridan
Released LHP Scott Sarver
Placed C J.R. Towles on suspended list

Kansas City Royals
Signed OF James Tomlin
Signed RHP Bryan Casey
Signed RHP Chace Vacek
Signed RHP Daniel Gutierrez
Signed LHP Lenny Hardy
Signed RHP Brian Boehringer
Released RHP C.J. Woodrow
Released SS Josh Colafemina
Released LHP Kelvin Garay
Released OF Felix Peguero
Released RHP Justin Sherman
Released RHP Adam Bernero
Released OF Byron Barber
Released LHP Bobby Beeson
Released RHP Ricardo De Jesus
Released LHP Juan Hernandez
Released SS Pedro Lopez
Released 1B Willie Matos
Released LHP Alexander Morell
Released RHP Elvis Perez
Placed RHP Brian Bass on suspended list
Placed 2B Carlos Febles on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Angels
Signed RHP Jared Incinelli
Signed C Corey Myers
Signed RHP Jeff Heaverlo
Released LHP Mike Young
Released LHP Tim Bittner
Traded RHP Esteban Yan to Reds for RHP Kyle Edens
Placed RHP Bill Layman on voluntarily retired list

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed 3B Brian Mathews
Released SS Brandon Carter
Released 3B Chris Truby
Acquired LHP Ben Kozlowski from Reds to complete trade for OF Cody Ross

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed C Ulrich Snijders
Signed LHP Mike Ramlow
Signed UTL Taylor Green
Signed SS Brad Miller
Signed RHP Riley Kjeldgaard
Signed 1B Graham Koonce
Signed RHP Charles Lehr
Released LHP Julio Guzman
Released OF Steven Sapp
Released LHP Andy Pratt
Released 1B Greg Sain
Placed RHP Kevin Roberts on suspended list

Minnesota Twins
Traded 1B Jason Hart to Rangers for player to be named

New York Mets
Signed C Mike Difelice
Signed RHP Nick Abel
Signed RHP Nick Carr
Signed OF Jacob Cruz
Traded RHP Robert Manuel to Reds for LHP Dave Williams
Placed OF Greg Gonzalez on restricted list
Placed RHP Jake Harrington on restricted list
Placed C Aaron Hathaway on restricted list
Placed C Lyndsey Simmons on restricted list
Placed OF Jon Slack on restricted list
Placed OF Josh Wyrick on restricted list

New York Yankees
Signed RHP Brady Salter
Signed 1B Erubiel Durazo
Released 3B Jeff Moronko
Released OF Richard Hidalgo
Acquired 2B Nick Green from Devil Rays for cash

Oakland Athletics
Signed OF Shane Keough
Released C Pedro Maldonado
Released OF Jose Garcia
Released RHP Adam Johnson
Placed OF Jeff Bieker on voluntarily retired list

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed LHP Chris Key
Signed OF Terrance Warren (8)
Signed OF Mike Spidale
Signed 1B Gary Burnham
Signed OF Matt Padgett
Signed RHP Adam Bernero
Released RHP Steve Langone
Released RHP Chris Honsa
Released OF Steven Alexander
Released OF Sean Gamble

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed 3B Chris Truby
Signed RHP Franklin Perez
Signed RHP Matt Lorenzo
Released IF Jason Alfaro

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed RHP Armando Carrasco
Signed RHP Blake King
Signed C Mike Rose
Signed RHP Travis Smith
Signed RHP Orber Moreno
Released RHP Franklin Perez
Released 2B Desi Relaford
Released RHP Brad Voyles
Released RHP Will Cunnane
Acquired SS Derek Wathan from Rangers for player to be named

San Diego Padres
Released RHP David Jolliff
Released LHP Chad Decker
Released LHP Andy Santana
Released OF Dustin Delucchi
Released OF Steve Baker
Released OF Scott Parsons
Placed 3B Chad Steiner on restricted list
Placed OF William Susdorf on restricted list

San Francisco Giants
Signed C Tyler La Torre
Signed RHP Ryan McGrath
Signed RHP David Newton
Released LHP Domingo Reyes
Released RHP Matt Minor
Acquired 3B Jose Flores from Indians for future considerations
Acquired SS Juan Melo from Rockies for future considerations
Placed OF Abraham Nunez on restricted list
Placed C Yamid Haad on restricted list
Placed RHP Mike Musgrave on suspended list
Placed OF Nate Schierholtz on suspended list
Placed 1B Eric Von Schell on suspended list

Seattle Mariners
Signed LHP William Brown
Signed 1B Joe White
Signed C Travis Scott
Released RHP Mike Moorhead
Released RHP Jeff Gilmore
Released RHP Kevin Appier
Placed RHP Juan Done on suspended list

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed OF Jackson Brennan
Signed OF William Stewart
Signed LHP Carlos Duenas
Released IF Kristofor Dufner
Released C Mike Rose
Released RHP J.B. Miadich
Traded 2B Nick Green to Yankees for cash

Texas Rangers
Signed LHP Patrick Ford
Signed C Kevin Gossage
Signed RHP Larry Jensen
Signed RHP Mike Bumstead
Signed 1B Chris Kemp
Signed RHP Luke Massetti
Signed 3B Steven Marquardt
Released OF Rashad Eldridge
Traded RHP Marc Lamacchia to Marlins for SS Juan Gonzalez
Traded SS Derek Wathan to Cardinals for player to be named
Acquired 1B Jason Hart from Twins for player to be named
Placed C Dustin Smith on voluntarily retired list

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed 3B Edgardo Alfonzo
Signed RHP Mike Barbara
Traded OF Jorge Sandes to Rockies for OF Anthony Miller

Washington Nationals
Signed LHP Demetri White
Signed LHP Yunior Novoa
Signed OF Prentice Redman
Signed RHP Billy Sylvester
Signed 3B Scott Schade
Signed OF Tim Raines Jr.
Released OF Doug Vroman
Placed 2B Greg Thissen on restricted list