Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Released LHP Neal Musser
Placed RHP Kyle Bono on voluntarily retired list

Atlanta Braves
Signed RHP Jaye Chapman
Signed LHP Derick Himpsl
Signed SS Cole Miles
Released OF Carlos Duran
Released OF Ardley Jansen
Released RHP Rodny Jimenez
Released SS Wilson James
Released 3B Scott Schade
Released LHP Wes Letson
Released LHP Glen Richards
Released OF Carlos Picornell
Traded RHP Brad Baker to Red Sox to complete trade for RHP Edwin Nunez
Placed RHP Carlos Almanzar on restricted list

Baltimore Orioles
Signed OF Carlos Duran
Signed LHP Carlos Jan
Released OF Esix Snead
Acquired OF Todd Donovan from Indians for a player to be named

Boston Red Sox
Signed C Luis Exposito
Released LHP Jose Ortiz
Released C Jonathan Devries
Acquired RHP Brad Baker from Braves to complete trade for RHP Edwin Nunez

Chicago Cubs
Signed CF Jeremy Williams
Signed RHP Cristian Gonzalez
Signed 2B Andrew Lane
Signed C Jon Sprowl
Released RHP Dave Cash
Released OF Matt Padgett
Released LHP Raul Valdez

Chicago White Sox
Signed RHP Alex Farfan
Signed 3B Damian Rolls
Released CF Evan Tartaglia
Released 2B Blake Whealy

Cincinnati Reds
Signed CF Marland Williams
Signed RHP James Abbott
Signed RHP Jeff Bruksch
Released 1B Jason Vavao
Released RHP Julio Villalon
Released LHP Jung Bong
Released C Dan Flaherty
Released RF James Langham
Released OF Brian Buchanan
Released SS Ray Honey
Released RHP Jeremy Schmidt
Released 3B Aaron Holbert
Released RHP Erik Lohse
Released RHP Mike Nannini
Traded RHP Jon George to Rockies for future considerations
Placed RHP Edward Valdez on suspended list

Cleveland Indians
Signed RHP Scott Sumner
Signed SS Ramon Vazquez
Released LHP Felix Heredia
Traded RHP Steve Karsay to Athletics for cash
Traded OF Todd Donovan to Orioles for player to be named

Colorado Rockies
Released OF Robert Hosgood
Acquired RHP Jon George from Reds for future considerations

Detroit Tigers
Released RHP Matt Mantei
Placed C Schuyler Williamson on voluntarily retired list

Florida Marlins
Signed LHP Clarence Blank
Signed RHP John Mangieri
Signed RHP George Wilkerson
Released 3B Michael Tucker
Released RHP Earl Carlyle
Placed OF B.J. Garbe on voluntarily retired list
Placed IF Edgar Gonzalez on suspended list

Houston Astros
Released RHP Anthony Dewitt
Released 1B Cole Graham
Released RHP Jon Skaggs
Traded RHP Justin Huisman to Mariners for future considerations

Kansas City Royals
Released LHP Ryan Snare
Released CF Ransel Melgarejo
Placed 2B Carlos Febles on restricted list

Los Angeles Angels
Signed RHP Jeremy Haynes

Los Angeles Dodgers
Signed RHP Giovanni Carrara
Signed SS Eric Riggs
Released SS Brian Sprout
Released LHP Orlando Rodriguez

Milwaukee Brewers
Signed RHP Travis Phelps
Signed LHP William Braddock
Signed SS Milko Jaramillo
Released RHP Tommy Hawk
Released LHP Edwin Walker
Traded SS Enrique Cruz to Rangers for LHP Brian Shouse
Acquired RHP Matt Smith from Cardinals for player to be named
Placed LHP Justin Thompson on restricted list

Minnesota Twins
Released OF Simon Fletcher
Released RF Larry Jones
Released CF Ricky Prady
Placed OF Eli Tintor on suspended list

New York Mets
Signed RHP Mayque Quintero
Signed LHP Jeriome Robertson
Released OF Cory Aldridge
Placed CF Bryant Suggs on voluntarily retired list

New York Yankees
Signed RF Todd Self
Signed RF Robert Stratton
Signed OF Terrence Long
Signed OF Richard Hidalgo
Signed OF Jason Conti
Released LHP Saydel Beltran
Released OF Joel Perez
Placed C Irwil Rojas on suspended list

Oakland Athletics
Signed RHP John Birtwell
Signed LHP Anthony Rawson
Signed LHP Heath Castle
Signed RHP Joel Posey
Signed RHP Randall Rapp
Signed OF Carlos Gutierrez
Released C Shawn Callahan
Released OF Matt Watson
Released RHP Steve Karsay
Released SS Ezekiel Parraz
Released RHP Joe Scott
Acquired RHP Steve Karsay from Indians for cash
Placed LHP Matt Lynch on voluntarily retired list
Placed CF Steve Stanley on voluntarily retired list

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed 1B Brandon Gemoll
Released SS Terry Jones
Released RHP Jose Mejias
Released 3B Zack Norman
Released RHP Matt Parris
Released 2B Mike Dzurilla
Placed RHP Aaron Rawl on voluntarily retired list

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed C David Parrish
Signed RF Justin Byler
Signed RHP Blaine Neal
Released OF Jason Conti
Placed 1B Steve Hofius on voluntarily retired list
Placed C Brandon Reddinger on voluntarily retired list
Placed CF Chris Duffy on restricted list
Placed RHP Nerio Rodriguez on restricted list

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed CF Richard Giannotti
Signed 1B Josh Pressley
Signed RHP Will Cunnane
Signed LHP Matt Perisho
Released RHP Chris Clem
Released C Brady Toops
Released OF Prentice Redman
Traded RHP Matt Smith to Brewers for player to be named

San Diego Padres
Signed OF William Susdorf
Signed RHP Jim Brower
Signed RHP Robert Garramone
Signed LHP Justin Mattison
Signed RHP Mark Roberts
Signed OF Stephen Smitherman
Released 1B Fernando Valenzuela
Released RHP Kenny Baugh
Released OF Eric Valent
Traded OF Freddy Guzman and RHP Cesar Rojas to Rangers for RHP John Hudgins and 1B Vince Sinisi
Placed LHP Arnold Hughey on voluntarily retired list
Loaned LHP Javier Lopez to Mexican League

San Francisco Giants
Signed CF James Simmons

Seattle Mariners
Signed RHP Mike Nannini
Acquired RHP Justin Huisman from Astros for future considerations
Placed RHP Chris Buglovsky on restricted list

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Wilton Noel
Released SS Ryan Bethel
Released RHP Alejandro Limas
Released LHP Dan Sullivan

Texas Rangers
Signed RHP Jeremy Ward
Signed SS David Berg
Released RHP Jose Silva
Released 2B Craig Ringe
Released 1B Erubiel Durazo
Released RHP Emilio Adames
Released RHP Jayson Durocher
Traded LHP Brian Shouse to Brewers for SS Enrique Cruz
Traded RHP John Hudgins and 1B Vince Sinisi to Padres for OF Freddy Guzman and RHP Cesar Rojas

Toronto Blue Jays
Signed OF John Defendis
Signed C Jeff Urgelles

Washington Nationals
Signed RHP Nelson Figueroa
Released LHP Hector Cerezo
Released RHP Bartolo Francisco
Released RHP Gustavo Mata
Released LHP Eddy Rodriguez
Placed 2B Greg Thissen on restricted list