Minor League Transactions

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Signed 3B Mayobanex Santana
Released OF Travis Gulick
Placed LHP Angel Rocha on restricted list

Atlanta Braves
Signed RHP Ricardo Rodriguez
Signed LHP Wayne Franklin
Released RHP Wes Obermueller
Released LHP Damian Moss

Baltimore Orioles
Signed C Raul Chavez
Signed LHP Franklyn Gracesqui
Released RHP Orber Moreno

Chicago Cubs
Released 3B Anthony Granato
Released OF John Defendis

Chicago White Sox
Signed 2B Randy Blood
Signed RHP Nate Cornejo
Signed 3B Corey Smith
Signed 2B Blake Whealy
Released of 2B Randy Blood

Cincinnati Reds
Signed OF Gary Varner
Signed LHP Mike Venafro
Released LHP Vince Davis
Released LHP Terrance Sparks
Released C John Castellano
Released OF Jacob Cruz
Released 2B Frank Menechino
Released 3B Mark Schramek
Released C Jeff Urgelles
Traded OF Timo Perez to Cardinals for cash

Cleveland Indians
Released SS Luis Cotto
Placed RHP Jeff Pry on voluntarily retired list
Placed C David Reifenberger on voluntarily retired list
Colorado Rockies
Signed LHP Steve Colyer
Traded SS Derek Wathan to Rangers for future considerations
Placed 2B Sandy Almonte on suspended list

Detroit Tigers
Signed OF Tike Redman
Houston Astros
Signed OF Derek Nicholson
Released of RHP Ben Diggins
Released 3B Kevin Orie
Acquired RHP Chris Baker from Rangers for future considerations

Kansas City Royals
Signed RHP Stephen Andrade
Signed LHP Alexander Morell
Signed LHP Frank Brooks
Released LHP Adam Kalkhof
Placed LHP Stephen Nicholas on restricted list

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Placed RHP Karl Gelinas on restricted list

Los Angeles Dodgers
Placed OF Colie Dyson on voluntarily retired list

Milwaukee Brewers
Released OF Daniel Boyd
Released RHP Glenn Breshears
Released SS Scott Candelaria
Released RHP Josue Matos
Released RHP Brian Montalbo
Released C James Stanfield
Released RHP Dan Stout
Released OF Terry Trofholz
Released RHP Glenn Woolard
Minnesota Twins
Signed LHP Jon-Michael Cline
Released RHP Ryan Glynn
Released OF Jason Grove

New York Mets
Signed 1B Tagg Bozied
Released RHP Daniel Foli
Released RHP Luz Portobanco
Placed RHP Jorge Reyes on restricted list

New York Yankees
Signed RHP Jesus Colome
Signed 1B Carlos Pena
Signed LHP Tommy Phelps
Signed 1B Randy Ruiz
Released LHP Frank Brooks
Released of RHP Josh Smith
Released C William McDonald

Oakland Athletics
Signed C Raul Casanova
Released RHP Jess Lacasse

Philadelphia Phillies
Signed SS Angel Chavez
Signed C John Castellano

Pittsburgh Pirates
Signed LHP Michael Johnston
Signed OF Stan Conti
Placed OF Jody Gerut on restricted list
Placed RHP Darren Newlin on voluntarily retired list

St. Louis Cardinals
Signed 3B Ryan Barthelemy
Signed C Chris Lewis
Signed RHP Brian Stitt
Released of C Andrew Costanzo
Released 1B Juan Diaz
Released C Spencer Wyman
Acquired OF Timo Perez from Reds for cash
Placed 3B Jacob Mullinax on voluntarily retired list
Placed OF Yonathan Sivira on restricted list
Placed UTL Kevin Richmond on voluntarily retired list

San Diego Padres
Signed RHP Joseph Cassel
Released SS Ricky Gutierrez
Released LHP Kyle Pawelczyk
Released C Ben Risinger
Placed RHP Matt Varner on restricted list

San Francisco Giants
Placed 1B Chad Santos on suspended list
Seattle Mariners
Released C Corky Miller
Placed 2B John Heckman on voluntarily retired list
Placed C William Plaza on voluntarily retired list

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Signed RHP Tim Corcoran
Signed RHP Chad Harville
Signed 2B Justin Butler
Signed RHP Brian Stokes
Released RHP Justin Miller

Texas Rangers
Signed C Charles Creswell
Acquired SS Derek Wathan from Rockies for future considerations
Traded RHP Chris Baker to Astros for future considerations
Toronto Biue Jays
Released RHP James Baldwin
Placed 1B Josh Celigoy on restricted list
Placed RHP Eddy Rodriguez on restricted list

Washington Nationals
Signed RHP Friedel Pinkston
Placed LHP Jason Stevenson on voluntarily retired list