Mexico Missing Roberson

This is not the same Hermosillo team that won the Mexican Pacific League title by sweeping its way through Mazatlan . . . this team managed just one run on nine hits in its first 18 innings, and now finds itself 0-2 in the Series.

The final on Saturday was 9-0, as the Dominicans rolled through Mexico, pounding out 14 hits and led by Tony Batista (2 HR, 4 RBIs) and Luis Polonia (3-for-5 with an RBI triple).

But one of the things that’s absolutely killed Mexico over its first two games is the lack of speed in the outfield. The ball plays especially fast on the cushy turf here at Roberto Clemente Walker Stadium, and frankly, Karim Garcia playing center field isn’t going to get it done.

Hermosillo had Phillies center fielder Chris Roberson throughout the season and the playoffs, but Roberson isn’t here . . . “He decided to go home and prepare for spring training,” Mexico manager Lorenzo Bundy said. “It was his decision.”

Read between the lines on that one, but obviously Bundy isn’t the happiest of people in San Juan after such dismal play in his club’s first two games. And the loss of Roberson–a plus defender with above-average speed, not to mention the club’s leadoff hitter and tone-setter–stings more with every ball hit into the gaps.