Median Age For Every Full Season Minor League

So how old is the average minor leaguer? You often see us refer to a player as young for his league or old for the circuit. But to be more precise, here is a look at the median age of every full season minor league. We used median instead of average to better reflect what is the true midpoint of the league's players, as a few 35 year-olds could start to skew an average age.

The rosters were as of the first week of the season. And the median age of a league logically can be expected to skew older than the average significant prospect in a league as role players and other less-heralded prospects are more likely to be repeating a league or otherwise pushed slowly up the ladder.

Low Class A
League Median DOB Median Age
Midwest 11/28/89 22
South Atlantic 01/06/90 22
High Class A
League Median DOB Median Age
Carolina 11/01/88 23
California 10/03/88 23
Florida State 12/20/88 23
League Median DOB Median Age
Eastern 12/20/86 24
Texas 10/20/87 24
Southern 11/03/87 24
League Median DOB Median Age
International 01/04/85 26
Pacific Coast 07/03/85 26