Media Will Eat Itself

SAN FRANCISCO–In these days of round-the-clock coverage, it’s no wonder media members frequently find themselves interviewing each other. That’s even the case here at the Futures Game, where the media horde is nowhere near the size of what’s coming in the next couple of days but is nonetheless sizable. BA’s own Jim Callis was down on the field waiting to talk to prospects when he found himself being interviewed by

I had the honor of being interviewed by three local members of the Boys & Girls Clubs, who are here conducting video interviews for the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Youth Net Website as well as the kids’ section of Antwan Stanberry, Olushade Unger and Sayisha Warr each won honors as youths of the year at their respective clubs, with Stanberry winning overall honors for the entire area. With that honor, Stanberry will get to throw out the first pitch at the All-Star Game on Tuesday. (Boys & Girls Clubs of America is one of MLB’s official charities.)
“I’m kind of nervous about it, but I’ve been training for a few weeks to make sure I make a good throw,” Stanberry said.

The kids had already interviewed several players, including Cameron Maybin, and said they were getting more comfortable in their first media experience. They were being led by Kevin Simms, the writer and editor of the Youth Net site for the Boys & Girls Club, who said this is the third year Boys & Girls Club members were working the All-Star Game. The kids do their own interviews, run all the equipment, produce and edit the video and post it.

“It really is content for kids, by kids,” Simms said.

They are far from the only start-up media members here. From the first game in 1999, when it was Baseball America, Peter Gammons and a few members of the Boston media wandering the field, the Futures Game has won a loyal media following, and anyone who wants to talk to prospects knows to come here.