Meatloaf, The Promotion

Buck Rogers has certainly announced his presence with authority in his first year as general manager with Huntsville.

The veteran GM known for whacky and wild promotions during stints with Florida State League affiliates Brevard County and Fort Myers has lived up to the hype in his first Double-A appearance. In the first month of the season Rogers already promised to allow a fan to shave his head, fought cold weather with free tickets, gave away $1 million pesos ($92,000) in free tickets and offered a job to Roger Clemens.

What’s next for Buck? Meatloaf Night. No, it’s not some retro music appreciation for that one-hit wonder (yes, there is only one). Rogers is hoping to do the unthinkable: use one of America’s least-favorite dinners as a hook to bring fans to the ballpark.

If anyone can do it—Buck convinced fans in Fort Myers to get tattoos of the team logo in exchange for a lifetime supply of tickets—Rogers can.

The Stars have scheduled a pregame meatloaf cook-off at the Joe Davis Stadium on May 24. "Pastries have become passe. Chili is cliche," Stars director of promotions Matt Price said. "We want to do something even the Doughboy hasn’t seen before."

Here are the details from the team release: Men and women with can’t miss family meatloaf recipes are invited to contact the Stars office and register for a position to participate in the cookoff. The meatloaf should be cooked prior to arrival at the ballpark. Once the gates are opened, fans will be allowed to taste the various loaves and vote for their favorite. The person with the winning meatloaf recipe will take home a Stars prize pack that will include a pair of 2009 Stars season tickets and of course a blue ribbon.