Mariachi Band Plays On

SANTIAGO, D.R.–And on, and on, and on . . .

Licey closer Carlos Marmol started the ninth inning against Mexico. Even though he had to wait forever between his last warmup pitch and his first offering to a live hitter.

The Mariachi band in center field kept playing while everyone, Marmol, the umpires, etc., were ready to go . . . for a full two minutes.

Licey led 4-1 against arguably the toguhest closer in the tournament. After having to stand around in the stretch with his right foot on the rubber unsure of when he would actually get the sign from the home plate umpire to begin, Marmol blew up in the frame.

Mexico rallied for three runs against the Cubs righthander . . . and now Licey is batting in the bottom of the ninth.