Low Class A Leaderboards

The fourth and final installment of our look at the classification leaders, with stats through games of July 5. Triple-A, Double-A and high Class A leaderboards also are available.


Pettit, Chris, Cedar Rapids (MWL), .346
* Lefave, Andrew, West Virginia (SAL), .342
* Scram, Deik, West Michigan (MWL), .342
* Buckman, Brandon, Quad Cities (MWL), .341
* Brantley, Michael, West Virginia (SAL), .335
Ford, Darren, West Virginia (SAL), .335
* Skelton, James, West Michigan (MWL), .335
Mayora, Daniel, Asheville (SAL), .332
Raynor, John, Greensboro (SAL), .329
* Green, Taylor, West Virginia (SAL), .328
* Parra, Gerardo, South Bend (MWL), .328

Two of the four West Virginia batters in the top 10 are products of the 2005 draft. Brantley was a seventh-rounder from Fort Pierce Central High in Port St. Lucie, Fla., while Taylor Green was a 25th-round draft-and-follow from Cypress (Calif.) JC. Promoted to high Class A in June, the dynamic Ford was a draft-and-follow himself from the 2004 draft (18th round). Lefave signed as a nondrafted free agent from Edmonds (Wash.) CC in July 2006.

* Lefave, Andrew, West Virginia (SAL), .438
# Malec, Chris, Charleston (SAL), .430
Pettit, Chris, Cedar Rapids (MWL), .429
Raynor, John, Greensboro (SAL), .424
* Scram, Deik, West Michigan (MWL), .424
* Coghlan, Chris, Greensboro (SAL), .420
* Brantley, Michael, West Virginia (SAL), .413
Side, Joey, South Bend (MWL), .413
Holmberg, Kenny, West Virginia (SAL), .410
Donald, Jason, Lakewood (SAL), .409

The 23-year-od Raynor, a 2006 ninth-round pick from UNC Wilmington, and his 22-year-old teammate Coghlan, a supplemental first-rounder from Mississippi, have simply been too much for the low Class A South Atlantic League.

* Buckman, Brandon, Quad Cities (MWL), .590
Maxwell, Justin, Hagerstown (SAL), .579
Pettit, Chris, Cedar Rapids (MWL), .579
Royster, Ryan, Columbus (SAL), .560
* Davis, Leonard, Hagerstown (SAL), .549
Carter, Chris, Kannapolis (SAL), .546
Marrero, Chris, Hagerstown (SAL), .545
Whitney, Matt, Lake County (SAL), .542
* Coghlan, Chris, Greensboro (SAL), .537
Mayora, Daniel, Asheville (SAL), .534

Pettit’s monster year in the Midwest League was rewarded with a callup to high Class A in June. The Angels took him in the 19th round of the 2006 draft from Loyola Marymount. Buckman, who is also a 19th-round pick out of college (Nebraska), was called to High A after crushing MWL pitching.

Carter, Chris, Kannapolis (SAL), 18
Goedert, Jared, Lake County (SAL), 16
Whitney, Matt, Lake County (SAL), 16
* Morrison, Logan, Greensboro (SAL), 15
Royster, Ryan, Columbus (SAL), 15
Still, Jonathan, Greenville (SAL), 15
Thompson, Michael, Burlington (MWL), 15
* Buckman, Brandon, Quad Cities (MWL), 14
Marrero, Chris, Hagerstown (SAL), 14
Maxwell, Justin, Hagerstown (SAL), 14
* Whittleman, John, Clinton (MWL), 14

Nationals organization-mates Marrero and Maxwell both got the call to high Class A Potomac at the same time. A ninth-round pick from Kansas State in 2006, Goedert’s home run pace slowed at low Class A Kinston and then he got hurt.

* Anderson, Lars, Greenville (SAL), 29
Pill, Brett, Augusta (SAL), 28
Suarez, Cesar, Columbus (SAL), 28
Mayora, Daniel, Asheville (SAL), 27
* Coghlan, Chris, Greensboro (SAL), 26
* Allen, Brandon, Kannapolis (SAL), 25
Shelby, John, Kannapolis (SAL), 25
Pettit, Chris, Cedar Rapids (MWL), 24
Tracy, Chad, Clinton (MWL), 24
Gomez, Hector, Asheville (SAL), 23
McBride, Matt, Lake County (SAL), 23
McDougall, Spike, Greensboro (SAL), 23
* Whittleman, John, Clinton (MWL), 23

An impressive showing for the 19-year-old Anderson, drafted just last year in the 18th round from a California high school. The Red Sox went far over slot ($825,000) to snag the power-hitting first baseman.

Jennings, Desmond, Columbus (SAL), 37
Raynor, John, Greensboro (SAL), 36
* Berry, Quintin, Lakewood (SAL), 32
Ford, Darren, West Virginia (SAL), 31
Hernandez, Gorkys, West Michigan (MWL), 31
Brewer, Brent, West Virginia (SAL), 30
* Camp, Matt, Peoria (MWL), 30
Parraz, Jordan, Lexington (SAL), 27
Bocock, Brian, Augusta (SAL), 26
Gilbert, Archie, Kannapolis (SAL), 26
Pellot, Hector, Savannah (SAL), 26

The athletic Jennings, a 10th-round pick in 2006 from Itawamba (Miss.) CC, has a chance develop into a five-tool talent. He’s hitting an impressive .317/.399/.476 to go with all those thefts.

Brewer, Brent, West Virginia (SAL), 108
Fields, Matt, Columbus (SAL), 100
Place, Jason, Greenville (SAL), 95
Henry Jr., Carl, Lakewood (SAL), 93
* Pena, Roman, Lake County (SAL), 91
Mena, Steve, South Bend (MWL), 89
Pettway, Brian, Lansing (MWL), 89
* Chapman, Stephen, West Virginia (SAL), 88
Phillips, P.J., Cedar Rapids (MWL), 88
# Francisco, Juan, Dayton (MWL), 87
Stubbs, Drew, Dayton (MWL), 87

Brewer (second round), Place (first) and Stubbs (first)’"a trio of high draft picks from 2006’"were struggling to make contact in Low A.


Pucetas, Kevin, Augusta (SAL), 1.43
Manship, Jeff, Beloit (MWL), 1.51
* Cody, Chris, West Michigan (MWL), 1.77
Watson, Sean, Dayton (MWL), 1.88
* Snyder, Ben, Augusta (SAL), 2.01
Heath, Deunte, Rome (SAL), 2.03
* Kershaw, Clayton, Great Lakes (MWL), 2.12
Moore, Jeff, Delmarva (SAL), 2.13
Cowart, Adam, Augusta (SAL), 2.17
Bergesen, Brad, Delmarva (SAL), 2.19

To give you an idea how tough Augusta’s pitching has been this year, Henry Sosa, the team’s best arm until he was promoted in June, did not qualify for the top 10 (he just missed making the inning cutoff) but three other GreenJackets did. The Giants drafted Pucetas in the 17th round from Limestone (S.C.) College in 2006; Snyder was a fourth-rounder from Ball State in the same draft, while Cowart was drafted in the 35th round from Kansas State.

Cowart, Adam, Augusta (SAL), 10
Duff, Grant, Charleston (SAL), 10
* Dunn, Michael, Charleston (SAL), 10
Gonzalez, Rafael, Dayton (MWL), 10
* Snyder, Ben, Augusta (SAL), 10
* Weiser, Keith, Asheville (SAL), 10
* Ballard, Michael, Clinton (MWL), 9
Pucetas, Kevin, Augusta (SAL), 9
Schoeninger, Tim, Cedar Rapids (MWL), 9
* Tanner, Clayton, Augusta (SAL), 9
* Taylor, Graham, Greensboro (SAL), 9

Dunn, 22, is a converted outfielder who has been pitching for little more than a year.

* Taylor, Graham, Greensboro (SAL), 111 2/3
* Weiser, Keith, Asheville (SAL), 105 1/3
Barnette, Anthony, South Bend (MWL), 103 2/3
Cowart, Adam, Augusta (SAL), 103 2/3
Ferrer, Simon, Asheville (SAL), 103 1/3
Moore, Jeff, Delmarva (SAL), 97
Beazley, Travis, Greenville (SAL), 96 2/3
Rollins, Heath, Columbus (SAL), 96 1/3
Valdez, Cesar, South Bend (MWL), 96 1/3
Burnett, Alex, Beloit (MWL), 96

Like collegians Coghlan and Raynor, Taylor, a 10th-round pick from Miami (Ohio) in 2006, has had no trouble with the Sally League.

* Kershaw, Clayton, Great Lakes (MWL), 12.14
Hanson, Tommy, Rome (SAL), 10.85
De Los Santos, Fautino, Kannapolis (SAL), 10.70
Watson, Sean, Dayton (MWL), 10.67
* Below, Duane, West Michigan (MWL), 9.82
Ginley, Kyle, Lansing (MWL), 9.60
* Anderson, Brett, South Bend (MWL), 9.41
* Starner, Nathan, Lansing (MWL), 9.39
* Webb, Travis, Dayton (MWL), 9.39
Graham, Andrew, Asheville (SAL), 9.15

Though he’s gone just 1-5, 5.76, Ginley, a 17th-round pick from St. Petersburg (Fla.) JC in 2006, has posted a strong 75-23 strikeouts-to-walks ratio for the Lugnuts. The trouble begins when batters put the ball in play, as he’s given up 85 hits in 70 1/3 innings.

* Perez, Wilfredo, Delmarva (SAL), 13.62
Rojas, Jose, Dayton (MWL), 12.89
Robertson, David, Charleston (SAL), 12.83
Astacio, Olivo, Hickory (SAL), 12.29
Aguilar, Omar, West Virginia (SAL), 12.00
* Sencion, Carlos, Rome (SAL), 11.64
Concepcion, Alex, Lakewood (SAL), 11.53
* Rodriguez, Noe, Kannapolis (SAL), 11.27
Fien, Casey, West Michigan (MWL), 11.25
Chambliss, Tyler, Burlington (MWL), 11.19

After four seasons in the DSL, the 22-year-old, 6-foot-6 lefty Sencion went 0-4, 2.56 with 60 strikeouts in 53 innings for Rookie-level Danville in 2006. His stellar strikeout rate in relief this season suggests he’s one to watch.