Logan Morrison Prospects Chat

    Brady (Miami): Hi, Logan! Which teammate of yours do you see having the best career with the Marlins?

Logan Morrison: Thats hard to tell! You never can
predict what might happen to a single player with injuries and what
not. If I had to choose, I would say bryan petersen. He comes to the
field everyday with the intention of getting better, through his work
ethic and aproach to the game!

    marcos (miami,fl): what are your thoughts on
    helping the Marlins secure a wild-card or possibly even knocking off
    the champs and taking over the division this year?

Logan Morrison: Well, I like our chances to win the
division this year. It’s going to come down to who can stay healthy.
Our line up is second to none. We have one of the best, if not best,
starting pitcher in the game. If I get the opportunity to help the team
win, I just want to be able to continue to work hard and earn the
respect of my teammates.

    andy (new jersey): Hey Logan, you are def one
    of my top prospects to follow and i think you will be a great player in
    the next couple of years. Do you think you can win a starting spot out
    of spring? and what player do you compare yourself to or was your idol
    growing up?

Logan Morrison: If I get the opportunity to win a
starting job, I really like my chances. My main goal in spring is to
work hard and focus on the process. I want to be a better all around
player and not focus so much on where I end up. I know I will have
other chances if I don’t win a starting job this spring. George Brett
was my favorite player growing up. I like the way he played the game
and the intensity he brought to the field every day.

    Dan (PA): What are some of your career goals?

Logan Morrison: I don’t want to put limits on my
goals, so I, like many other players, want to be the best player that
has ever played. My goal is not just to make it to the big leagues, I
want to be mentioned with the Pujols and Texerias. I am not worried
about specific statistical goals as much as being a great all around

    Chris (Rocklin CA): What are your thoughts on Mike Stanton? What is his work ethic like?

Logan Morrison: Mike, no question, has the chance to be one of the greatest players of all time. His work ethic is second to none.

    William (Mobile, Alabama): I have attended a
    game in every Southern League stadium at some point the past three
    years and was wondering what stadium did you enjoy the most while on
    the road and the least ?

Logan Morrison: I would have to say that I enjoyed
Mobile the most, I like how the suites were down on the field. Plus my
family came to see me play there for my birthday. The worst would be
Huntsville, the locker room was cramped and it was really hot.

    Jamie (Jamestown): What are you most looking
    forward to about joining the Marlins' Major League club? What do you
    need to work on to become their everyday 1B'man at some point in 2010?
    Thanks for chatting!

Logan Morrison: The thing I most look forward to is
fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing in the Major Leagues. There is
always room for improvement in every facet of the game.

    Lance F (Tampa, FL): Logan,

    Which minor league pitcher have you faced that you feel has the nastiest stuff?

    Good luck this year and Geaux Saints!

Logan Morrison: Who dat!!!!! I am excited for the
game. I don’t give pitchers credit so that’s tough for me to answer but
if I had to choose, I would say Travis Wood from the Reds org.

    Mark (Fargo, ND): Which one of your teammates do you feel is under rated and has a chance to be a star? Why?

Logan Morrison: Chris Dunn! Has great work ethic and
attitude to excel in this game. He suffered a set back last year with
an injury but is ready to go this year and is hungry to dominate at
whatever level he ends up at.

    roberto (miami): are you willing to play the outfield in case you dont win the job at first base

Logan Morrison: I will catch if they want me to.

    Rick Shaffer (Hagerstown, MD): What were the most important factors or drills in your development as hitter through high school and into the minor leagues?

Logan Morrison: It’s not so much about drills but the
people around you and developing an approach at the plate. Also, having
confidence to know that you are better than everybody else on the field.

    Tony (Coloma, Michigan): At which level do you
    think you will play at in 2010? When do you expect to arrive in the
    major leagues? What do you enjoy doing when your not playing baseball?

Logan Morrison: That’s a better question for Larry Beinfest, our GM.

    Matt (Jacksonville): hi Logan, do you think
    you'll be back with Jacksonville to start the year? You and Stanton
    could certainly help us at least win the first half title and get a
    shot to repeat as league champs.

Logan Morrison: I really don’t know but I feel like I proved that I could play at the AA level and am looking for a new challenge.

    Sean (Calgary, Alberta): How tough is it for a
    top prospect, such as yourself, dealing with an injury? Do you think it
    slowed your development or time to reach the majors?

Logan Morrison: Being a top prospect doesn’t change
the fact that dealing with an injury is always difficult. As for it
slowing my development, well it didn’t help.

    john (Houston): who has bigger power you or mike stanton?

Logan Morrison: Mike.

    pat (new york): did your hand injury sap some
    of your power last year or did we see the best from you as far as your
    homerun output is concerned?

Logan Morrison: Well if I had played the whole season
there would have been more opportunities to hit home runs, but I don’t
really concern myself with them.

    Wayne (Kansas City): Logan, I go to Maple
    Woods CC, just like you did... What advice do you have for kids that
    feel like going to a small small school thinking they can't make it big?

Logan Morrison: If you think you can’t make it big,
you never will! You are what you believe, hard work and dedication goes
a long way in making up for lack of talent. Go Monarchs!

    Dennis (Los Angeles, CA): Thank you for the
    chat, Logan. How did you develop your keen batting eye? Bobby Abreu
    once said he was just always able to tell where a pitch was going to
    land in the strike zone even as a youth - is it the same way with you?
    And do you expect to play any left field this year? Have a great season!

Logan Morrison: I had to learn my discipline at the
plate. This year especially, because coming off the hand injury I was
unable to drive the ball like I am used to. So if there is one positive
to take away from my injury it would be my improved discipline at the
plate. I have no expectations of playing time at left field or 1st
base. When I am called upon I just want to play hard and let the
results happen.

    john (fl): Logan who do you think was the best
    pitcher you faced this year in the souther league? Also the best all
    around player not named jennings heyward, or stanton?

Logan Morrison: I don’t give pitchers any credit, I
get myself out, they don’t get me out. Chris Hisey is the best all
around player I faced this year.

    mike (alabama): Are you ready to be playing with guys like Hanley and JJ on a daily basis, and what will be looking to learn from them?

Logan Morrison: I am ready for any challenge that is presented. I want to learn everything I can from them, I don’t want to limit myself.

    Richard Astro (Vero Beach, FL): Logan,
    I realize that this may seem slightly off-beat, but although I'm a
    university professor, I work with the New York Mets and spend the
    spring and summer helping minor league guys plan to complete degrees,
    get off-season internships to help plan post-baseball careers, etc.
    Over the years, I have worked with several guys who were draft and
    follow, and while that practice has been abandoned, I'm curious about
    your experiences with it. Do you think it helped or hindered your
    baseball progress given that you're not just still in the game, but are
    now a top prospect? And do you think it's a good thing that it longer
    Thanks in advance for considering this question.

Logan Morrison: I think it helped me because I didn’t
know if I wanted to be a pitcher or position player coming out of high
school. I don’t have enough knowledge of the subject to say whether
it’s a good or bad thing that it doesn’t exist any more.

    Karl of Delaware (Georgetown, Delaware):
    Logan, thanks for the chat. When you were in the Sally League which
    park did you find it to be the hardest to hit in? I ask as I ateend the
    Delmarva Shorebirds games and the park has a reputation of being a
    pitchers park.

Logan Morrison: It was definitely Augusta. The combination of the tough pitching they had and the park made it tough.

    Michael (New Jersey): Logan, With your injury,
    do you feel the organization will give you a legit shot at starting the
    season at first base for them? Looks like the Marlins could be an upper
    tier team with the talent coming up.

Logan Morrison: I feel that I will do the best with
whatever shot they give me. I am hopeful that I get an opportunity but
am also realistic and would understand if that shot is not presented to

    Jason Barham (Starkville, MS): Logan, I see
    you come from a perenial HS baseball power (Northshore High School).
    How big of a part of your development as a player can be attributed to
    competing in that setting at young age? Also how big of a challenge was
    jumping into the farm system righ out of HS?

Logan Morrison: Hey Jason, how ya been? Playing with
those guys helped me at a young age and put me ahead of the curve. I
went to a year of JC but it was tough at first. Like anything, it’s an
adjustment that has to be made.

    Jason Barham (Starkville, MS): After living in
    the great state of LA for years, are you more excited about possibly
    playing big league ball or the Saints playing in the superbowl???

Logan Morrison: I am glad I don’t have to choose. Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!

    Women (USA): Do you think less attractive players have it easier with less distractions than extremely good looking players like yourself?

Logan Morrison: Mom! Get off Baseball America! Hahaha.
It helps having an awesome girlfriend that supports me with everything
that I do. Thanks for the compliment!

    Jason Barham (Starkville, MS): if you would've attended a big D1 school, which one would you have like to go?? (come on, say Mississippi State)

Logan Morrison: They didn’t recruit me but I would have if they did….. Just kidding, geaux Tigers!

    Wayne Hagaa (Slidell, LA): What is the longest HR you think youve ever hit?

Logan Morrison: Hey Mr Hagaa! I have no idea, but I remember hitting Northshore’s math hall.

    Ryan (Tustin): Hey Morrison, what's your goal for 2010 season?

Logan Morrison: Get to the league.

    Jason Barham (The South): quick question... Saints or Colts??

Logan Morrison: Saints, are you done yet? haha

    Cody Higgins (Kansas City, MO): Hey Logan, it
    is Cody Higgins from Maple Woods. Just wanted to drop you and note and
    say congrats on all the success you have had so far, and I wish you
    continued success this year and for the rest of your career. It is
    going to be really cool when I see you on the tube this year! My
    question is what was your favorite moment so far in professional

Logan Morrison: Hi Cody, hope you are well. Winning a championship last year.

    Jason Barham (The South): What do you like best about being a part of the Marlins organization?

Logan Morrison: The people work with me everyday to
help me succeed and actually care about me as a person. Josh Seligman
and Gene Basham and Masa and Paul Fournier.

    Steven Korte (New Orleans, La): I remember
    watching you play at Northshore HS, and really thought you could hit!
    You have continued to play great and put up outstanding numbers, what
    do you do to stay strong in the offseason and is that where you get the
    bat speed from? Thanks and good luck this season!

Logan Morrison: In the offseason I go to Pelican
athletic club in Mandeville, LA to work out with speed and strength
guru, Coach Chad Englehart AKA Coach Bad Chad AKA Swole Patrol Captain.
He teaches me all the fundamentals of lifting and speed training to get
me to be the best athlete, not just baseball player, I can be. He’s a
great motivator and all around good person. If you are looking for a
speed and strength guy in Louisiana he is the one stop shop. He has
trained guys like the late and great Andy Cannizaro.

    Mark McGwire (St. Louis): Logan, how do you produce so much power at the plate? How serious do you take weight training compared to your all around game?

Logan Morrison: I train just as hard in the weight room, if not harder.

    Omar (Venezuela): Hi Logan, first of all I'd
    like to wish you the best of luck in getting the starting 1B job come
    opening day. A lot of latin american countries such as Dominican
    Republic and Venezuela are currently in their respective league finals,
    what you guys over there call Winter Ball. Have you ever considered or
    been approached to play in one of these leagues with the purpose of
    getting more at bats during the winter?And if approached, would you
    ever consider it?

Logan Morrison: I considered playing in Puerto Rico this year but they didn’t want me to. I don’t how the latin players do it.

    Mervin (Philadelphia): Does it put any added pressure knowing that you are a step away from the bigs?

Logan Morrison: No one puts more pressure on me than myself. Nothing will change that.

    Jason Barham (Starkville, MS): Logan, what players did you idolize growing up? what players do you try to emulate today?

Logan Morrison: George Brett, Jason Barham, you can
pretty much mention those guys in the same breath. I just try to play
my own game and not worry about anybody else.

    Jason Barham (Starkville, MS): Logan, who has
    been the toughest pitcher youve faced thus far in your career? And if
    you could hit a bomb off of anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Logan Morrison: I dont give pitchers credit, Jason. I
would like to pull a Miguel Cabrera vs Roger Clemens after Clemens
threw at him, the very next pitch Cabrera took him oppo in the world
series, so it’s not so much who I would like to face but the situation.

    Peter (Anaheim): Hey Logan, according to BA
    scouting report, it says that your weaknesses are your stats against
    LHP and your defense at 1st base. Do you see yourself playing for
    Marlins in next 5 y ears? (playing at 1st base) or DH-ing at someother
    AL team. (I'd love to see you in Halos uniform!)

Logan Morrison: Well, Peter thanks for bringing up
those weaknesses! jk, but I actually like to read about my weaknesses!
I use it for motivation to get better. I hope to be playing in the big
leagues within in the next year. hopefully it will be with the marlins,
but la is a nice area as well.

    Mervin (Philadelphia): What do you appreciate the most about the minor leagues?

Logan Morrison: the comradery with your teammates that create life long friendships

    Shane (Miami): Do the Marlins still plan on having you try the outfield? Did you enjoy playing there?

Logan Morrison: i haven’t asked them, but i did enjoy it.

    Ryan (Indianapolis): Thanks for taking the
    time to talk to us. Would you say you are fully recovered from your
    injury last season? Do you think it affected your bat last season and
    will you be 100% going into the 2010 season?

Logan Morrison: I still have soreness from time to
time, but nothing that will limit what i can do this year. I do think
that the injury did affect me when i first came back.

    Jason Barham (LA): Logan, most say you're the
    second best player behind RHP eric meyer to every come out of the HS
    baseball power Northshore in Louisiana... How tough is it to handle the
    new found attention and media spolight?

Logan Morrison: well, thats very true he is also way
better looking than me. really not much media spotlight on me bc in the
whole scheme of things i am a nobody!

    Brian Alvardao (Burbank, CA): Logan,
    huge marlins fan in california. My question to you is: after spending
    four years in the minor leagues, what tool or skill do you feel is more
    developed in your game that is major league ready to help the marlins
    this year. wish you nothing but the best and see when your at the
    dodger stadium.

Logan Morrison: Its tough to say i haven’t had a big
league at bat yet so I’m not quite sure what is ready and what is not.
I can guarantee one thing that I will play hard until 27 outs are mad.
then i will come back the next day and do the same thing

    Jeff (Miami): What major league pitcher would you be most excited to face?

Logan Morrison: I haven’t really thought about that. Any of them, cause that means I’m up there!

    Michael (Gainesville, FL): Logan, if you were to compare your game to someone in the big leagues now, who would it be and why?

Logan Morrison: I try not to compare and i haven’t
really thought about it. I try to just worry about me and leave that up
to the media and fans.

    don (brick , nj): logan i had the pleasure of
    meeting you in daytona, if you do make it big will you always take time
    out for your fans? best of luck to you

Logan Morrison: always the fans are what make the game go!

    David (Chicago): With reference to your loving
    George Brett, I am hoping you have a similar career as I drafted you
    for my Scoresheet league, did you know that for his first few years in
    the league, George would, when required to give his name, say that "I'm
    Kenny Brett's little brother." Hold on to that strike zone judgment!

Logan Morrison: haha, sounds like a george quote. thanks david

    Tony Sabo (Covington, La): Logan, I was
    wondering what type of workouts do you do in the offseason to get so
    big and strong? Do you have a personal trainer or strength coach that
    works with you?

Logan Morrison: i do his name is chad englehart in la.
he is the best in la. going somewhere else is only cheating yourself.
he makes you want to come to the gym everyday. he has programs set up
for all body types and will set up a plan with you to see what goals
you want to achieve.when im in fl i train with paul fournier and josh
seligman the best strength coaches in professional baseball

    Andy (Fullerton): if you weren't playing baseball, where do you see yourself now?

Logan Morrison: id probably be coaching or involved with the game some how!

    Nick (Logan, Utah): Hey Logan, I feel you had
    a great season last year even after missing around 2 months. How is the
    wrist? What do you feel is your greatest asset to your team? Also I
    read a quote saying you feel like your offensive game compares to James
    Loney, he's not a bad player, but i feel you have a far greater

Logan Morrison: thanks nick! the wrist is fine. i
think that my greatest assest to my team is the fact that they know
that i will do anything i can to help us win.

    Josh G (Sacto, CA): Have the comparisons with Freddie Freeman led to a personal rivalry with him?

Logan Morrison: no hes a good kid! great player

    Jack (Wallingford, CT): Logan,

    There are a number of athletes that collect memorabilia and cards of themselves and other players, do you?

    If so what is your best card? If not do you think you ever will?

Logan Morrison: no i dont, i have a couple of things but its hardly a collections. i jisut give it to my dad

    Rob (Alaska): Thanks for the chat, Logan. Do
    you consider yourself more of a pure hitter or a power hitter? Or do
    you even think about it like that, the way scouts have to evaluate you?

Logan Morrison: i dont think about those things i just try to have good at bats every time

    Michael (New Jersey): I thought I saw on the
    MLB network the other day that the Marlins are going to give you some
    playing time in the outfield. Did you play any winter ball in the
    outfield and if so,how did it go?

Logan Morrison: i didnt play any this year. i am not opposed to idea though

    Mervin (PA): Who do you think is the toughest team to beat in the NL east this year?

Logan Morrison: marlins wouldn’t want to play for a team that i didn’t have confidence in

    Ryan (Indianapolis): Do you have any pregame rituals? Perhaps a favorite kind of music to listen to or a pregame meal to get you ready for a game?

Logan Morrison: i do listen to my ipod before games
and try to visualize myself having success in different situations.
types of music anything thats up tempo

    Kyle (Fort Lauderdale): Logan,
    You just mentioned a hand injury, I had heard that it was a wrist
    injury or that it was a thumb injury. So what was it, and do you have
    any lingering effects?

Logan Morrison: it was thumb its sore every once in a
while but nothing thats going to get in the way of me reaching the
goals that i want to achieve this year

    tony (key west): whats the best thing of playing ball in florida?

Logan Morrison: the best thing is that i get to play close to my cousin and his family!

    aaron (the rock): What do you say to the folks who question your ability to hit LHP like you do RHP? What are you doing to cut this split down?

Logan Morrison: well if you look at the split the year
before there wasn’t much of a difference. i have made adjustments in
the past i will make adjustments in the future

    Pepe (Miami): Hey Logan, You know the Saints
    will be playing the Super Bowl in the same stadium your going to be
    playing in this season. It's fate.. haha... anyways what position in
    the line up do you prefer to hit out of?

Logan Morrison: it doesn’t matter to me…. how about the position that helps the team win the most games we can

    Tom Morrison (Slidell, LA): Logan do you think the HR you hit in CF out in Greensboro might have been your longest. I heard it went out into the street?

Logan Morrison: i don’t know which one is the longest.
its up there, but i don’t worry about how far or how many i get. just
as long as the good guys have more runs than the bad guys at the end of
the game!

    Dudley G. (Louisiana): Is it true that you train like a football player in the offseason? I heard something about some "Beast Workout"?

Logan Morrison: I don’t like to think of it as
training like any kind of player, I like to think of it as training
like a beast, an animal if you will. Chad Englehart helped me unleash
the beast. Thats how we kinda came up with beast mode training. It
helps you get that extra couple of reps. It might sound corny or
ridiculous, if it sounds that way than you must not be ready to
experience greatness! Chad Englehart helps put you in a position to
achieve greatness. Train like the rest and you fail against the best!
Train with coach bad chad and greatness shall be had! he is the true
beast mode guru!

    Ryan (Dallas, TX): Before being drafted, who was your favorite Major League team?

Logan Morrison: the royals im from kc originally

    Dallas (Jackson, MS): I own a number of your autographed baseball trading cards. Is it cool to see yourself on a card?

Logan Morrison: At first, but you get use to it

    patrick (miami): Hey Logan i really cant wait
    to see you play here in Miami. Anyways, any other minor league players
    you thought, should be in the top 50 along with you?

Logan Morrison: yes chris dunn he is an outfielder in our organization who was hurt this year, but watch out next year!

    Matt (NJ): Where was your favorite place to hit including when you played in the Arizona Fall League?

Logan Morrison: Scottsdale stadium. I think i got out like twice in like 10 at bats

    Chris (New York): Is Jason Barham stalking you? LOL

Logan Morrison: haha no he is just an interested fan i guess

    Tony (Dallas, TX): Logan,
    I'm sure that you're used to the coverage now, but how did you feel the
    first time you saw yourself in Baseball America or another sports

Logan Morrison: the first ever ink i got in a mag. was
BA and it said that chris medlen rendered me helpless striking me out
with a curve ball. so, it kinda was depressing. haha

    Dennis (LA): Thank you for answering my
    earlier question. Between playing 1B and LF, do you enjoy one more than
    the other? Can you see yourself playing mostly LF in the big leagues at
    some point in the future?

Logan Morrison: i don’t know about that i just enjoy being out there and competing

    Brian Alvardao (Burbank, CA): i follow minor
    league baseball all the time. I feel your the best first base prospect
    in the minors and i dont say that just cuz im a marlins fan. I've seen
    freddie freeman play lars anderson and justin smoak and i still believe
    u have the best all around game. what do you say to all the scout that
    say you are behind them? please prove me right cuz i have you winning
    the rookie of the year award this year. Go Marlins!!!

Logan Morrison: i would to tell them thank you for the
motivation! i love hearing that, it just reinforces what i believe.
that is that there is someone always out there that is better than you.
You can never be satisfied!

    Guillermo m (MIA 305): Whats good Lomo. Can you please pick up your phone?

Logan Morrison: haha ill call you when im done

    Dennis (LA): One more question if you have
    time: How did you learn to hit? I'd like to be able to teach my son how
    to hit as well as you some day. Any tips on teaching young kids how to
    hit? Thanks again!

Logan Morrison: i started of the tee and practiced a
lot. it helps to have people around you that puts you in positions to
succeed and that is what my family and coaches always tried to do

    Aaron (AR): You say that you want to be the best ever.... What are you going to do to improve your approach against lefty's?

Logan Morrison: I am going to work on staying inside the baseball and driving up the middle and the other way not trying to do to much

    mark (Slidell): Do you attribute your success
    to your work ethic? or the coaches in the Marlins organization??
    thanks, and good luck this year big guy!!

Logan Morrison: both, there is never just one secret or one answer. it always a combination of different things.

    jay (utah): what relievers are up and comers
    in the marlins bullpen this year?? from what it looks like they will be
    relatively young. Can they be successful? thanks

Logan Morrison: we have arms for days in the bullpen!
we have guys like chris leroux, jay buente , dan jennings, casey
olenburger, jay voss, and lavelle spaigner. hope fully i didn’t butcher
spag’s last name to bad. anyways, they might be young, but talent can
make up for a lot of things and there is no lack of that in our pen. i
hate giving pitcher credit, but there on my team so i guess i have too.

    Jim (Redondo Beach, CA): You pretty much nailed every question...Just want to wish you the best of luck this upcoming season. Thanks

Logan Morrison: thanks jim

    Jim (Redondo Beach CA): Logan, now that Mike Stanton has been moved to the OF are you more relieved that your not competing for a job with him anymore?

Logan Morrison: mike’s been in the outfield since he
signed with us. If he was a first basemen I would love the competition.
I have never been one to shy away from it, i look for it cause it helps
me be the best i can!

    Joe (New York): Logan, what is your offseason workout?

Logan Morrison: kind of long to explain. i go in every weekday to the field and throw and hit then i get in the gym

    heywood (jax fl): as a big fan of fashion like
    yourself i always enjoyed watching you walk into the park and was
    wondering where i could get a pair of those pink/blue/purple sneakers
    that went so well with the green/orange and aquamarine argyle socks you
    wore thanks

Logan Morrison: haha, that was joke me and mike
stanton kind of played on each other. we had to pick socks and shoes
out for each other his were pretty hideous as well!

    Porky (Looney Tunes): Best BBQ restaurant in KC?

Logan Morrison: arthur bryants

    jeff (Kansas City): Logan, congrats on your
    success thus far! Did Puljos ever make it back to Maplewoods to say
    hello while you were there? Did you have an agent/adviser for the draft
    out of HS and College, and would you recommend a potential draft pick
    have one? Best of luck this year.

Logan Morrison: he did come back for a hitting clinic. i did have an advisor and i would recommend one