Licey Stuns Aguilas

SANTIAGO, D.R.–Licey made one thing clear during Monday night’s surprise 5-2 win against Aguilas Monday night: this isn’t a one-team show.

The Tigers led 1-0 for the first six innings of the game, then scored again on the seventh on catcher Matt Tupman’s two-RBI double that brought home Jose Bautista and Ronnie Belliard, leaving the home club facing a 3-0 deficit.

But things got worse when Aguilas manager Felix Fermin opted to bring in Santiago Ramirez, who elevated in the zone against Yordanny Ramirez and the latter Ramirez drilled it off the left-field foul pole for a commanding 5-0 lead.

For Aguilas, who loaded the bases with nobody out in the ninth before closer Carlos Marmol entered, they couldn’t sniff a run until Licey decided to concede two–on consecutive ground ball outs hand-delivered by the Cubs righthander.

Things here in the Dominican just got a lot more interesting, as the teams each face Mexico and a hungry Venezuela club before their final matchup in the Series finale on Thursday night.

* So to recap, it’s Licey (3-0) in the driver’s seat now, with Aguilas (2-1), Venezuela (1-2) and Mexico (0-3) all trailing in the round-robin tournament.

The best Mexico can finish is at .500, though that isn’t likely given the fact that they’ve won just one of their last 15 Caribbean Series games . . . it doesn’t matter how many people dress up as cows and play with their udders while dancing between innings.