Karim Kollapse

So . . . getting back to Mexico a second, the words “center fielder” and “Karim Garcia” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand in this day and age. Garcia was tossed from Sunday’s afternoon game for arguing with an umpire after getting thrown out on the back end of a double play in the fifth inning . . . while Mexico was already down nearly 10 runs.

On his way back to the dugout, Garcia tried to rally the fans behind him; fans that are among the most vocal and colorful in the tournament. But no matter how much Garcia waved his hands in the air on his way back to the dugout, the fans didn’t show one iota of caring . . . in fact, they were more quiet than during the Dominican blowout over Puerto Rico.

After their center fielder was ejected, the Mexican team moved minor league veteran Jon Weber to center. Weber had already misplayed several balls in left during the series, but this shows you how much their roster has played against them since Chris Roberson (Phillies) decided not to come to San Juan.

Without him, Mexico’s outfield defense is an accident waiting to happen. There is no speed, and every fly ball is like watching Billy Butler try to get a jump. Except they’re older and they can’t hit.