In His Own Words, Theo Epstein

FORT MYERS, Fla.–Boston GM Theo Epstein on bringing in former Indians farm director John Farrell as the club’s pitching coach at the major league level:

“We were very intrigued by his communication skills, his integrity and his ability to connect with his players on a number of different levels and obviously a lot of the skills necessary to be an effective farm director translate to being a pitching coach and being a pitching coach in Boston.

“We needed somebody with credibility and presence, but who also might also have a good feel for breaking younger pitchers in too’"in Boston. And that’™s not an easy thing to do. I think being a successful farm director for a number of years gives you the feel for how to finish off a player’™s development and what it takes for a young player to succeed in the big leagues.

“I think John demands accountability from his players and he holds himself to that same standard, so he’™s not going to back down from any challenge whether it’™s learning a Japanese approach to pitching and training to working with (Craig) Hansen to help regain his slider. John’™s not the guy who’™s going to take the easy way out.”