Hot Sheet Chat: May 22

Moderator: Jim Shonerd will chat about prospects beginning at 2:30 p.m. ET.

    JAYPERS (IL): No David Price??? Granted, he
    threw only 5 innings, but what 5 innings they were, K'ing 9 along the
    way and showing why he has arguably the highest ceiling of anyone on
    the Hot Sheet. Was it merely the lack of playing time that excluded
    him, or something else?

Jim Shonerd: Good afternoon and welcome to this week’s
prospects chat. This is my first go-around with our new chat software,
so hopefully this won’t be too ugly. Let’s get started. We considered
Price, but the facts that he only threw five innings plus this was the
first time all year he’s been really dominant were what kept him off.
This was a pretty crowded week for pitchers as well.

    Andrew (New York): Do you see any pitchers on Lexington's "Legendary" staff being promoted any time soon?

Jim Shonerd: Not really. They’re all age appropriate
for the Sally League and there’s nothing wrong with letting them have
some sustained success there. Plus there’s no reason to rush them into
the wind tunnel that is Lancaster before they’re ready.

    Josh G (Sacto, CA): Who says no first Giants or Padres: Ehire Adrianza and 2 mid level pitching prospects ( IETanner & Pucetas) for Peavy?

Jim Shonerd: Padres. Nothing against Adrianza, but if
I’m trading my staff ace, I don’t want the centerpiece of the return to
be a 19-year-old in Low A. I think that’d be a tough sell to the
fanbase and I’d want someone who’s more of a sure thing. And I doubt
they’d trade Peavy within the division anyway.

    konrad (washington): I was expecting to see
    Ben Revere on the hotsheet, but he was even mentioned among the
    also-rans. He was FSL player of the week. Were there really so many
    players with better numbers and potential?

Jim Shonerd: He was on our worksheet, but going
0-for-4 last night ended his chances. He hit .346/.393/.423 this week
and is up to .324/.387/.378 for the year. He’s not going to hit many
home runs, but his lack of extra-base hits (one triple) this week hurt

    john (ct): No question Jesus Montero could
    probably make this list weekly based on his talent and productivity.
    But where will he play for the Yankees. He's not likely to be a catcher
    and first is blocked by Teixiera"s long term deal. I can't believe
    Yankees management considers him trade bait.

Jim Shonerd: For now, he has enough athleticism that
he might be able to play left field, but he’s still only 19 and that
could change as he fills out.

    PT (NH): When, where, and in what role will we see Nick Hagadone next?

Jim Shonerd: He’ll be back with either high A Salem or
low A Greenville in June most likely. The Red Sox might put him in the
bullpen initially to keep his load lighter, but his longterm future is
still to be determined. He has the potential to move quickly though.

    Ben (Leland Grove): What will be Vitters'
    timetable? Seeing as how he's basically the Cubs' lone star prospect,
    is a promotion forthcoming, or are they taking it slow with him?

Jim Shonerd: I can see him getting promoted around the
midpoint of the season possibly. I’m curious to see how his aggressive
approach will work for him against more advanced pitchers, but he could
certainly move quickly.

    Sheetskout (Milwaukee, WI): I didn't expect
    Kyle Skipworth to begin the season completely on fire and he's played
    well below expectations. What are your updated thoughts on Skipworth
    and what do you feel his true ceiling is?

Jim Shonerd: Skipworth has yet to produce in his pro
career. He hit only .208/.263/.340 in the GCL last year and is at
.167/.221/.292 this year. There’s still plenty of time for him to come
around, but his pitch recognition has to get better. Greensboro’s park
is a bandbox, so it’ll be disconcerting if his power doesn’t start
showing up.

    Brian Daniels (Kennesaw Ga): How soon do we see Hanson in Atlanta and F-Mart in New York? Also, thoughts on Andrew McCutchen? Is he considered a bust? or just a slow developer... The Pirates need him now!!

Jim Shonerd: No later than September, probably sooner
especially in Hanson’s case. McCutchen needs a shot. He’s done
everything he can do in Triple-A.

    steve ericksen (naperville il): In general do
    teams keep players in extended spring and wait for the weather to
    break, if so what's the cutoff date for that, still waiting for Aaron
    Hicks in Beloit .

Jim Shonerd: Sometimes it’s because they’re waiting
for the weather to break but not always. Often, they’re just waiting
for the short-season leagues to start to send the players there. On
that note, I think Hicks might be ticketed for Elizabethton in the Appy
League. The Twins have follwed the same pattern in the past with high
school OFs in their first full years like Angel Morales and David
Winfree. And they would’ve done the same thing with Ben Revere last
year as well, if not for injuries opening up a spot in the Beloit

    James (Plymouth, MA): One more, do you see
    Michael Taylor or Dominic Brown being impact players soon? Didn't
    Taylor have a gangbuster week? I just don't see the need to have the HS
    cluttered with 1-hit, no-hit wonders. (No pun intended). If you say
    David Price didn't make it because hes struggled all season (despite 5
    no-hit innings,) how do you justify a non-prospect making it for doing
    the same thing for a few extra innings. I'll bet you all the change in
    my pocket that guy's going nowhere fast...

J.J. Cooper: Michael Taylor went 3-for-12 this week
with two home runs. That’s a nice week, but not Hot Sheet worthy while
Dominic Brown played only one game this week—a good game, but still
not anything that would get him on the Hot Sheet. We really do work
hard at putting the best guys on this list. The justification for
putting Jeanmar Gomez on it is that it was a PERFECT game, which
doesn’t happen but once every couple of years, and beyond that, he also
has a 0.31 ERA in 4 Double-A starts with a 26-1 BB-K ratio, and he’s
only 21, so he’s young for the league. We would have been crazy to
leave him off.

    Tim (Mechanicsville): Does the BA staff agree
    in majority that Jarrod Parker has a higher big-league celing, and will
    make more of an impact at that level than the likes of Bumgarner,
    Alderson, Tillman, Feliz, Chacin, Bowden, Duffy, Reckling, Matusz,
    Arrietta, etc.?If you could rank the top-10 P prospects in the game
    right now, how would it look?
    Great job, gentlemen!

Jim Shonerd: Wow, that’s a lot of names. We’re not
putting ahead of all of those guys, but we think he’s going to be
pretty darn good. Price and Hanson are still 1-2. I would put Parker
No. 4 behind Bumgarner as well. As for 5-10, I think I’d go Feliz,
Matusz, Tillman, Alderson, Arrieta, Chacin.

    Keith (Tampa): I know Strasburg isn't a
    prospect yet but all hype as the greatest pitcher ever in the draft is
    a lot to live up too, so where would he rank right now against Price ,
    Hanson, Buchholz and Porcello because it wasn't that long ago they were
    saying the same thing about Price and Porcello.

J.J. Cooper: I’d rank him above all of them. We
weren’t saying the same things we’re saying about Strasburg about Price
and Porcello. We said that Price was one of the best college pitching
prospects in years when he came out, but we’ve been consistent in
saying that Strasburg, at the same point in his career, is better.
Porcello is a very good prospect, but he was never in this class.
Strasburg has the best fastball of the group, arguably the best command
and secondary stuff that compares with anyone you named.

    Ryan (NM): Did Brandon Waring receive any
    consideration for the list? I know there are only so many spots but he
    had a decent week. Also, what are your thoughts on him being in
    Baltimore, say next year.

J.J. Cooper: His name came up in the meeting, and he
almost landed in the man among boys category. The move to first base
hurts his long term potential, and he’s 23 in the Carolina League, so
he’s a little old for the league, but he has impressive power. As far
as getting to Baltimore, I think Brandon Snyder, ahead of him in
Double-A playing the same position and having an even better year, will
have something to say about that.

    Jay (Madison): Matt Weiters can't even sneak into the photo?

J.J. Cooper: He was on the worksheet, but to be honest .333/.348/.810 trailed several other hitters who were left off.

    J.P. (Springfield, IL): Jeanmar Gomez was not
    on BA's 2009 Indians Top 30 Prospects list. Would you describe his
    perfect game as a fluke? How would you evaluate his mechanics?

Jim Shonerd: He’s been great all year, so it’s tough
to say it was fluke. Though all perfect games could be called flukes to
a degree. He’s not overpowering, but he’s shown great command and has
been very impressive in how he’s handled Double-A as a 21-year-old.

    Rob (Alaska): I see Derek Norris is becoming a
    fixture on the Hot Sheet. How's his defense coming along? I know he's
    still relatively new to the position.

Jim Shonerd: It’s coming along, but he’s got work to
do. He’s still new enough to the position that it’s too early to draw
any real conclusions, but this is an important year to see how much
progress he makes.

    C. Johnson (North Carolina): Am I a everyday player in Atlanta? 15 homeruns is pretty impressive.

Jim Shonerd: Cody Johnson has the potential, but he’s
got to start getting the bat on the ball more. The home runs are good,
but Johnson still strikes out far too much as he’s at 57 through 40
games this year after piling up 177 in 127 games last year in low A.
It’s not encouraging to see anyone who whiffs that much in A ball.

    Paul (New York): What can you tell me about Josh Thole, he's hitting .354 at double-a is he the Mets future at catcher?

J.J. Cooper: Intriguing prospect. He’s got a good
swing, but he’s still a ways away from being a big league catcher
because of concerns about his defense. The bat can play, he still has
to show that the glove will allow him to make it to Citi Field.

    Shoshana (Chapel Hill): What's Dave
    Hernandez's potential? Do you think the O's bring him up to replace
    Eaton in the rotation (who has apparently been released

J.J. Cooper: Wouldn’t be surprised at all if Hernandez
got a call soon. He doesn’t have blow you away stuff, but you wouldn’t
know it from his results, as he’s piled up strikeouts wherever he’s
pitched in the minors thanks to some deception in his delivery. Long
term I still think he fits better as a reliever than a starter, but the
O’s have nothing to lose by giving him a shot. Baltimore has a ton of
pitching prospects and very little pitching in the big leagues, so
before long we’ll start to see Baltimore sort out who ends up as
starters and who will be a reliever.

    dan (chicago): How would you compaire Vitters to Moustakis as an overall third base prospect.

Jim Shonerd: The Nos. 2 and 3 picks in the ’07 draft,
Moustakas and Vitters will probably be measured against each other
quite a lot as their careers develop. I think I’d give Moustakas a
slight edge with both the bat and Vitters with the glove, though
neither will be a Gold Glover. Moustakas has shown more willingness to
be patient, and he’s proven himself over a full season, but they’re
very close.

    Rhett (NC): With Heyward's semi-slow start to the season, when do you think he will get called up to Mississippi?

Jim Shonerd: Not before July or even August. But I
think that would’ve been the case even if he’d gotten off to a good
start. Plus, he’s still slugging .524 for the year, so he’s hardly been
a stiff out there.

    Jon (Sacramento): Will Brett Wllace show the
    same power he did last year 39 home rums. His power #'s seem to be down
    this year. What is his power rating on the scout scale 20-80 and will
    he be a 35-40 homer guy in the majors?

J.J. Cooper: I don’t know where you’re getting 39 home
runs. He hit 22 with Arizona State and another eight in the minors. And
even those are comparing apples to oranges as one set is with a wood
bat and the other is with metal. He’s more of a high average hitter
with solid power that could develop into above-average power. I haven’t
heard anybody slap an 80 on his power, and that’s what you’re doing if
you project him as a 35-40 HR guy.

    Ricky (Hilton head, SC): Who other than Desmond Jennings, might be in the front running for Minor League Player of the Year?

Jim Shonerd: Tommy Hanson would be his main competitor, but of course who knows how much longer Hanson will be in the minors.

    Tanner (West Hills, PA): Jim, What are your thoughts on Jason Knapp, is he a prospect we should be keeping an eye on?

Jim Shonerd: I like Knapp. His secondary pitches have
shown potential, but even if they don’t become plus offerings, they’ll
play up since he can throw in the mid 90s. He’s been better than his
2-3 record would suggest.
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