Home Run-Happy 6th In Beijing

We don’t usually do any in-game blogging other than in Omaha at the College World Series. But NBC is blowing out the Olympics online, which is phenomenal, and unlike the 2004 Games, the baseball games can be viewed online. Waking up to see Cuba play Canada is slightly cooler for me than breakfast at any tennis tournament, though I suppose Nadal v. Federer this year was an exception.

I tuned in just in time for the sixth inning with the score tied 3-3 in the sixth inning, with Cuba sporting its new, all-white, baggy uniforms that get the Cubans out of the 1980s and into the present day. Lefthander Adiel Palma was on the mound, facing Scott Thorman, and the former Brave lofted a soft fly ball to right field. The online games are announcerless (at least the ones I’ve seen are), so you get to hear the Chinese fans’ reactions. They oohed and aahhed at Thorman’s fly ball, but then didn’t know how to react when Cuba right fielder Alexei Bell simply whiffed on the ball and failed to make the catch.

Indians prospect Nick Weglarz was the next hitter, and he promptly took advantage of the error and broke the tie. Palma’s first pitch appeared to be a fastball down and in, and Weglarz golfed it out of the park to right field for a two-run homer.

Canada gave the lead right back in the next inning, as Alexander Malleta blasted a long two-run homer off Jonathan Lockwood, a former Mariners farmhand. Chris Reitsma, the former big leaguer from Calgary, entered the game with the score tied at five in the bottom of the sixth and a runner on.

Alfredo Despaigne greeted Reitsma with a long homer to center field, and just like that, Cuba had a 7-5 lead back, and Palma’s 14-0 international record will remain unblemished. Vicyohandri Odelin is on for Cuba in middle relief and looks to vulture the victory.