High Winds Decapitate Bull

Decapitated snorting bull at DBAPHigh winds and gusts of 50 mph tore the head off the wooden snorting bull that has adorned the left field wall at Durham Bulls Athletic Park for the past 13 years.

The bull had been a fixture atop the 32-feet high Blue Monster and is patterned after the original snorting bull that was built for and made famous by the movie “Bull Durham.” The bull’s eyes flash and smoke emerges from its nose when a Durham player homers.

“It was a sad sight to see when I arrived this morning,” Bulls general manager Mike Birling said in a press release. “Mother Nature did what some pretty strong ballplayers never could. I hope she doesn’™t expect her free steak, though.”

The sign beneath the bull reads, “Hit bull win steak. Hit grass win salad.”