High Class A Leaderboards

The third installment of our look at the classification leaders, with stats through games of July 4. Triple-A and Double-A leaderboards also are available.


* Bell, Bubba, Lancaster (Cal), .370
* Craig, Casey, High Desert (Cal), .352
# Castro, Jose, St. Lucie (FSL), .348
# Granadillo, Tony, Lancaster (Cal), .347
Delaney, Jason, Lynchburg (CL), .340
Milons, Jereme, Visalia (Cal), .337
* Daeges, Zach, Lancaster (Cal), .336
* Hughes, Rhyne, Vero Beach (FSL), .335
Craig, Allen, Palm Beach (FSL), .331
Teagarden, Taylor, Bakersfield (Cal), .330

Castro, 19, is the biggest surprise here. He hit just .219/.286/.251 with low Class A Hagerstown last year.

Teagarden, Taylor, Bakersfield (Cal), .461
* Bell, Bubba, Lancaster (Cal), .455
Bates, Aaron, Lancaster (Cal), .445
Kreuzer, Josh, Dunedin (FSL), .434
* Craig, Casey, High Desert (Cal), .432
Delaney, Jason, Lynchburg (CL), .432
# Granadillo, Tony, Lancaster (Cal), .432
Ramirez, Max, Kinston (CL), .428
* Jeroloman, Brian, Dunedin (FSL), .426
Gimenez, Chris, Kinston (CL), .425

The only percentage category Bell does not lead’"and he trails here by a measly six points. So where did Billy Wayne Bell come from? The Red Sox drafted him from Nicholls State in 2005 and he’s hit at every stop, though he’s never shown anywhere near this much power before his stop over in the Cal League.

* Bell, Bubba, Lancaster (Cal), .665
Recker, Anthony, Stockton (Cal), .609
* Daeges, Zach, Lancaster (Cal), .601
Teagarden, Taylor, Bakersfield (Cal), .598
Gimenez, Chris, Kinston (CL), .595
Schnurstein, Micah, Winston-Salem (CL), .595
* Bruce, Jay, Sarasota (FSL), .586
Kaaihue, Kala, Myrtle Beach (CL), .583
* Davis, Chris, Bakersfield (Cal), .580
Bates, Aaron, Lancaster (Cal), .570
Kreuzer, Josh, Dunedin (FSL), .570

To no one’s surprise, Cal League batters occupy six of the top 10 spots. And Lancaster batters have really taken advantage of their home park, as the JetHawks are slugging .591 at home this season. On the road, they’re slightly mortal, with a .450 mark.

* Bell, Bubba, Lancaster (Cal), 22
Bates, Aaron, Lancaster (Cal), 19
Kaaihue, Kala, Myrtle Beach (CL), 19
* Davis, Chris, Bakersfield (Cal), 18
Craig, Allen, Palm Beach (FSL), 17
Schnurstein, Micah, Winston-Salem (CL), 17
* Daeges, Zach, Lancaster (Cal), 16
Everidge, Tommy, Stockton (Cal), 16
Gimenez, Chris, Kinston (CL), 16
Mayberry, John, Bakersfield (Cal), 16

Gimenez, a 24-year-old catcher from Nevada, has had a quietly good year. He earned a promotion to Double-A last week.

* Daeges, Zach, Lancaster (Cal), 31
Schnurstein, Micah, Winston-Salem (CL), 31
Kreuzer, Josh, Dunedin (FSL), 28
* Bell, Bubba, Lancaster (Cal), 27
* Bruce, Jay, Sarasota (FSL), 27
* Gamel, Mat, Brevard County (FSL), 27
* Dewitt, Blake, Inland Empire (Cal), 26
Nielsen, Eric, Dunedin (FSL), 26
* Davis, Chris, Bakersfield (Cal), 25
Einertson, Mitch, Salem (CL), 25
# Granadillo, Tony, Lancaster (Cal), 25

Good category. Bruce just keeps hitting and hitting. He’s one off the minor league doubles lead right now, after finishing sixth last year. Davis, a fifth-round pick from Navarro (Texas) JC in 2006, has had a very strong first full season, while learning a new position: third base. Einertson, top prospect in the Appy League in 2004, is back on the map after two poor seasons in low Class A. And in the Year of the Hitting Streak, Gamel has an active 31-game hitting streak (through July 4).

# Suero, Ovandy, Lakeland (FSL), 54
# Young Jr., Eric, Modesto (Cal), 41
# Powell, Pedro, Lynchburg (CL), 37
# Richardson, Antoan, San Jose (Cal), 35
* Coon, Brad, Rancho Cucamonga (Cal), 31
* Davis, Quentin, Myrtle Beach (CL), 29
Flores, Josh, Salem (CL), 25
Ramirez, Wilkin, Lakeland (FSL), 24
Cunningham, Aaron, Visalia (Cal), 23
Golson, Greg, Clearwater (FSL), 23
Maybin, Cameron, Lakeland (FSL), 23

Last year’s minor league stolen base champ, Young Jr., will need a big second half to repeat. Suero is already 25 and spends most of his time at DH.

Golson, Greg, Clearwater (FSL), 104
Battle, Tim, Tampa (FSL), 100
* Davis, Chris, Bakersfield (Cal), 97
# Szymanski, B.J., Sarasota (FSL), 91
Renz, Jordan, Rancho Cucamonga (Cal), 90
Baez, Welinson, Clearwater (FSL), 86
Roberson, Ryan, Lakeland (FSL), 82
* Saunders, Michael, High Desert (Cal), 81
Carte, Daniel, Modesto (Cal), 80
Vega, Miguel, Wilmington (CL), 80

Golson makes the most of his speed’"he has 23 steals’"as he strikes out in bunches and has just a .320 OBP. Szymanski, last year’s strikeout champ with 191 in 128 games, is on a similar pace this season.


Inman, Will, Brevard County (FSL), 1.72
Davis, Wade, Vero Beach (FSL), 1.84
James, Brad, Salem (CL), 1.84
* Hardy, Rowdy, Wilmington (CL), 1.87
Ayala, Manny, Lake Elsinore (Cal), 2.22
Sosa, Oswaldo, Fort Myers (FSL), 2.29
Pimentel, Julio, Wilmington (CL), 2.58
Hynick, Brandon, Modesto (Cal), 2.60
McCutchen, Daniel, Tampa (FSL), 2.60
* Leblanc, Wade, Lake Elsinore (Cal), 2.64

Inman and Davis both got promoted to Double-A. Ayala, a changeup artist formerly of the independent Golden League, has quietly had one of High A’s finest seasons.

Ayala, Manny, Lake Elsinore (Cal), 11
* Hardy, Rowdy, Wilmington (CL), 10
Hernandez, Moises, Myrtle Beach (CL), 10
Carpenter, Drew, Clearwater (FSL), 9
Hynick, Brandon, Modesto (Cal), 9
McCutchen, Daniel, Tampa (FSL), 9
Rodriguez, Derek, Winston-Salem (CL), 9
Badenhop, Burke, Lakeland (FSL), 8
* Edell, Ryan, Kinston (CL), 8
James, Brad, Salem (CL), 8
Masterson, Justin, Lancaster (Cal), 8
* Outman, Josh, Clearwater (FSL), 8

A nondrafted free agent from Austin Peay, Hardy has owned Carolina League hitters. He’s 24 and throws in the mid-80s, so Hardy will have to prove himself at each level.

Butcher, Brok, Rancho Cucamonga (Cal), 110 1/3
Hynick, Brandon, Modesto (Cal), 107 1/3
* Durden, Brandon, Modesto (Cal), 103 1/3
Roe, Chaz, Modesto (Cal), 102 1/3
Ayala, Manny, Lake Elsinore (Cal), 101 1/3
* Hardy, Rowdy, Wilmington (CL), 101
* Norrick, Tyler, Palm Beach (FSL), 100 1/3
Ortega, Anthony, Rancho Cucamonga (Cal), 99
Volstad, Chris, Jupiter (FSL), 99
McCulloch, Kyle, Winston-Salem (CL), 98 2/3

Butcher was drafted from Oxnard (Calif.) JC in the 25th round of the 2005 draft, but he signed too late to play that year. The 23-year-old righthander has been extremely durable this year and his surrendered just four home runs in the Cal League thus far.

McDonald, James, Inland Empire (Cal), 11.45
Inman, Will, Brevard County (FSL), 11.21
* McGee, Jacob, Vero Beach (FSL), 11.05
Hernandez, David, Frederick (CL), 10.22
Davis, Wade, Vero Beach (FSL), 10.11
Ottavino, Adam, Palm Beach (FSL), 9.33
Spoone, Chorye, Frederick (CL), 8.96
Guerra, Javy, Inland Empire (Cal), 8.91
* Leblanc, Wade, Lake Elsinore (Cal), 8.80
Cuevas, Jairo, Myrtle Beach (CL), 8.78

That’s 104 strikeouts against just 21 walks in 82 innings for the 22-year-old McDonald, who was drafted out of a Long Beach high school as a first baseman in 2002. He signed in 2003 and spent his first pro season as a pitcher, then spent 2004 and 2005 as an outfielder, before moving back to the mound in 2006.

Pichardo, Kelvin, San Jose (Cal), 14.03
Schmidt, Josh, Tampa (FSL), 13.39
Gervacio, Sam, Salem (CL), 12.68
Carr, Adam, Potomac (CL), 12.32
Morlan, Eduardo, Fort Myers (FSL), 12.29
Strop, Pedro, Modesto (Cal), 12.23
* Payano, Nelson, Myrtle Beach (CL), 11.83
Stange, Daniel, Visalia (Cal), 11.54
Valdez, Jose, Tampa (FSL), 11.17
Currin, Patrick, Stockton (Cal), 11.12

The A’s snagged both Currin (22nd round) and outfielder Jermaine Mitchell (fifth round) from UNC Greensboro in the 2006 draft. Currin, 23, already has been promoted from low Class A this season and could earn a promotion to Double-A if he keeps pitching this well.