Groove One (Or Three)

SAN FRANCISCO–Chuck Lofgren and Max Ramirez have yet to play on the same team together in the Indians organization, and they won’t be playing on the same side in the Futures Game this afternoon.

Lofgren will pitch for the U.S. side, while Ramirez will serve as the World team’s starting DH.

“I’ve caught him a few times, just bullpens,” Ramirez said. “So I know the stuff. But that doesn’t matter. I know I can hit him.”

We’ll have a chance to find out in the second inning, which is Lofgren’s scheduled frame in the seven-inning game. Ramirez bats fifth for the World club.

“I told him there was a chance,” Lofgren said. “And he was asking me to groove some fastballs. I know this is an all-star game–like the all-star game of all-star games–but I’m going to do what I can to get him out. I’m not grooving anything.”