Goose! Maverick! Baseball At 1 O’Clock!

There was little doubt that the Charleston RiverDogs would pull off something special as host of the South Atlantic League all-star game in June. After all, this is the same minor league franchise that brought you such famed promotions as Nobody Night (with an official attendance of 0), Silent Night (no talking) and the quadrennial Presidential Bobblelection (Obama vs. Romney on Aug. 28).

Those may pale in comparison to what the RiverDogs have in store for this year's all-star home run derby. The team will stage the event on the flight deck of the USS Yorktown—a World War II aircraft carrier that was retired in the 1970s and is now part of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in the Charleston Harbor. (If you'd like to learn more about the Yorktown and other Essex Class carriers, tweet our own @jjcoop36 with your questions.)

Though the details are still in the works, the premise is simple: "We're going to let (participants) crush balls out into the harbor," Charleston executive vice president and general manager Dave Echols said.

The first two rounds of the event will take place aboard the Yorktown on Monday, June 18, with the championship round taking place at Joseph P. Riley Jr. Ballpark before the all-star game the following day.

"We thought we wanted to try something a little different," Echols said. "I don't know too many other teams that have a ship of that magnitude sitting in their backyard that they can take swings off of."