‘Gomez, Gomez’ On The Mind

New Twins outfielder Carlos Gomez came out with some entertaining comments last week. This week, he’s back again with some more predictions.

"(Justin) Morneau, probably this year (he) has better year because (the pitcher) thinks more ‘Gomez, Gomez,’ " the centerfield candidate bashfully predicted after powering the Twins’ 4-0 victory over Toronto in Knology Park. The pitcher "has to be quicker and he throw more fastballs to the catcher. You know, he scared for breaking ball (because) I steal second easy. Now I’m at second — whatever base hit, I score."

Gomez had 29 stolen bases and was caught seven times in 94 games between Triple-A and the majors last season. In 2006, Gomez finished second in the Double-A Eastern League with 41 stolen bases (with nine caught stealings) in 120 games. He led the low Class A South Atlantic League in stolen bases the previous year despite being caught 24 times, swiping 64 bags in 120 games.