Freedom Of The Press?

So the big showdown between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic hasn’t exactly turned out that way so far . . . the DR jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first and is now up 9-0 in the sixth.

And I actually came up to the press box to tell you that, but then something weird happened. Like bad weird.

I think.

So I walked back through the concourse, stopped at the stand where they sell all the gear, and while I was standing there, Puerto Rican police were pulling a man out of the stadium–or at least trying to get him out. The man, who was wearing a DR hat, kept yelling at the police that he was a U.S. Marine while flashing his ID card at them. A crowd gathered and nearly spilled into a mob scene, when more police came from around the stadium, flushed a group of fans out and locked the front gates so no one else could follow outside.

After things calmed down, two men were talking about the incident and I asked if either spoke English. The one man began telling me he was drunk. His actual quote was “He was drunk, but . . .” before a police captain told both men to stop talking to me–obivously seeing my press ID–and to leave the area immediately. The men scattered, the cop did not say a word to me and I high-talied it out of there.

But it was one of those feelings where everything was lunging toward absolute chaos . . . a not-so-good feeling. Bad weird.