Few Minor Leaguers In Deadline Deals Pan Out

Whether you’re a fan of a team trying to tweak its roster for the postseason or a fan of a team rebuilding for 2013, this past weekend’s trade deadline provided plenty of reasons to pay attention.

Teams completed 15 trades in the final four days leading up to Sunday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline. In all, 27 minor leaguers changed teams in those swaps. And if past history is any indication, most of them will never make their old organization wish they had held on to them.

As much as we love prospects here at Baseball America, we also are realists. When it comes to players swapped right at the deadline, most minor leaguers remain minor leaguers—or major leaguers of little consequence.

Let’s look back at every deal consummated between July 28 and July 31 for each of the 10 seasons between 2001 and 2010. This four-day period before the deadline is, theoretically, the point at which sellers have the most leverage because buyers have become more desperate.

It’s easy to track down the names by simply heading over to Trade Central. From there you can use the links at the bottom of the page to navigate to any year you wish.

Some trade acquisitions stand out, but on balance most of the minor leaguers swapped for short-term veteran assistance never panned out. By our count, 206 players were in the minors at the time they were dealt. Of that group, fewer than 20 have gone on to have significant big league careers.

Here’s a look at one person’s opinion of the most successful prospect acquisitions at the deadline:

Rk. Player, Pos. New Team Old Team
1 Jason Bay, of Padres Mets 2002
The Padres traded Bay to the Pirates the following year after he took just eight major league at-bats for them. They got Brian Giles in that deal, making out much, much better than the Mets, who got only relievers Steve Reed and Jason Middlebrooks when they traded Bay.
2 Scott Kazmir, lhp Rays Mets 2004
Another emphatic trade-deadline blunder for the Mets. Kazmir now appears to be washed up, but for four years he was a frontline starter for the Rays, and at a very affordable price. As a parting gift to Tampa Bay, he brought Alex Torres and Sean Rodriguez in a trade from the Angels.
3 Nelson Cruz, rf Rangers Brewers 2006
Carlos Lee was supposed to be the Rangers’ big haul in the Francisco Cordero deal, but Cruz has proven to be a reliable power hitter.
4 Milton Bradley, cf Indians Expos 2001
Bradley’s act wore thin in multiple clubhouses, but he was a productive outfielder for the next decade. Plus, the Indians never missed Zach Day.
5 Aaron Harang, rhp Reds A’s 2003
The Reds gave Harang time to adjust to the big leagues and saw it pay off as he became the club’s most consistent starter from 2005-09. Jose Guillen scuffled down the stretch for Oakland but went 5-for-11 with a double in his only playoff appearance that fall.
6 Freddy Sanchez, ss/2b Pirates Red Sox 2003
Neither Jeff Suppan nor Brandon Lyon pitched for the Red Sox in the playoffs (and Suppan had an ugly 5.57 ERA down the stretch). All Sanchez has done is make three all-star teams, win one batting title and play second base for the most recent World Series champion.
7 Elvis Andrus, ss Rangers Braves 2007
Still just 22 years old, he could climb these rankings if he becomes a more consistent hitter.
8 Neftali Feliz, rhp Rangers Braves 2007
2010 AL rookie of the year has given the Rangers a reliable closer. Texas acquired him, Andrus and Matt Harrison in Mark Teixeira trade with Braves that just keeps giving.
9 Mike Gonzalez, lhp Pirates Red Sox 2003
Almost cheating to include him, Pirates traded him away in 2003, then re-acquired him eight days later.
10 Wilson Ramos, c Nationals Twins 2010
Top NL rookie catcher has taken over starting job from Ivan Rodriguez and Jesus Flores. Washington hardly misses Matt Capps.

The complete list of players traded between July 28 and July 31 while playing in the minor leagues at the time of the trade . . .


RHP Kevin Joseph, Fresno (AAA)

RHP Kris Foster, Las Vegas (AAA)

C Geronimo Gil, Las Vegas (AAA)

RHP Tomo Ohka, Pawtucket (AAA)

LHP Rich Rundles, Augusta (A)

LHP Adrian Burnside, Jacksonville (AA)

RHP Brad Voyles, Greenville (AA)

2B Alejandro Machado, Macon (A)

RHP Tony McKnight, New Orleans (AAA)

OF Milton Bradley, Ottawa (AAA)

RHP Zach Day, Buffalo (AAA)

RHP Brett Jodie, Columbus (AAA)

OF Darren Blakely, Tampa (A)

RHP Roberto Miniel, Beloit (A)

RHP Ruben Quevedo, Iowa (AAA)

OF Peter Zoccolillo, Daytona (A)

RHP Ryan Vogelsong, Fresno (AAA)


OF Aron Weston, Hickory (A)

LHP Rick Palma, Iowa (AAA)

LHP Tim Lavery, Daytona (A)

OF/2B Jason Romano, Oklahoma (AAA)

OF Robert Stratton, Norfolk (AAA)

RHP Franklin Francisco, Sarasota (A)

LHP Byeong An, Sarasota (A)

C Sal Fasano, Indianapolis (AAA)

SS/2B Johnny Raburn, R. Cucamonga (A)

RHP Pedro Liriano, R. Cucamonga (A)

RHP Jason Middlebrook, Portland (AAA)

OF Jason Bay, Binghamton (AA)

RHP Josh Reynolds, St. Lucie (A)

RHP Seung Song, Trenton (AA)

RHP Sun-Woo Kim, Pawtucket (AAA)

INF Marshall McDougall, Midland (AA)

RHP Doug Nickle, Scranton (AAA)

LHP Bud Smith, Memphis (AAA)

RHP Enemencio Pacheco, Salem (A)

RHP Felix Diaz, Shreveport (AA)

LHP Ryan Meaux, Hagerstown (A)

RHP Francisco Cruceta, South Georgia (A)

RHP Ricardo Rodriguez, Las Vegas (AAA)


RHP Scott Proctor, Las Vegas (AAA)

LHP Ryan Hannaman, San Jose (A)

SS/2B Freddy Sanchez, Pawtucket (AAA)

LHP Mike Gonzalez, Pawtucket (AAA)

RHP Anastacio Martinez, Altoona (AA)

LHP Brandon Claussen, Columbus (AAA)

LHP Charlie Manning, Tampa (A)

RHP Joe Valentine, Sacramento (AAA)

RHP Aaron Harang, Sacramento (AAA)

RHP Jeff Bruksch, Modesto (A)

OF Jason Fransz, Lansing (A)

RHP Bret Prinz, Tucson (AAA)

C Jon-Mark Sprowl, South Bend (A)

LHP Phil Dumatrait, Sarasota (A)

LHP Tyler Pelland, GCL Red Sox (R)

RHP Doug Nickle, Salt Lake (AAA)

RHP Scott Dunn, Birmingham (AA)

LHP Tim Bittner, Winston-Salem (A)

OF Kenny Kelly, Tacoma (AAA)

RHP Jeremy Hill, Wichita (AA)


OF Matt Murton, Sarasota (Hi A)

INF Brendan Harris, Iowa (AAA)

RHP Francis Beltran, Iowa (AAA)

LHP Justin Jones, Lansing (Lo A)

OF Henri Stanley, Pawtucket (AAA)

C Koyie Hill, Las Vegas (AAA)

LHP Bill Murphy, Carolina (AA)

OF Reggie Abercrombie, Vero Beach (Hi A)

RHP Travis Chick, Greensboro (Lo A)

LHP Matt Merricks, Myrtle Beach (Hi A)

OF Brad Correll, Potomac (Hi A)

SS Anderson Machado, Scranton (AAA)

LHP Bill Murphy, Carolina (AA)

RHP Jon Huber, Lake Elsinore (Hi A)

2B Jeff Keppinger, Altoona (AA)

RHP Alfredo Simon, Clearwater (Hi A)

RHP Matt Peterson, Binghamton (AA)

C Justin Huber, Norfolk (AAA)

RHP Bartolome Fortunato, Durham (AAA)

LHP Scott Kazmir, Binghamton (AA)

RHP Joselo Diaz, Binghamton (AA)


RHP Yorman Bazardo, Carolina (AA)

RHP Mike Flannery, Carolina (AA)

C Miguel Ojeda, Portland (AAA)

RHP Nathanel Mateo, Mobile (AA)

RHP Jesse Foppert, Fresno (AAA)

RHP Kyle Bono, Wilmington (Hi A)

INF Kenny Perez, Portland (AA)

LHP Ryan Meaux, Birmingham (AA)

RHP Roman Colon, Atlanta

RHP Zach Miner, Richmond (AAA)

RHP Justin Berg, Staten Island (SS)

RHP Eduardo Sierra, Trenton (AA)

RHP Ramon Ramirez, Trenton (AA)

3B/SS J.J. Furmaniak, Portland (AAA)


RHP Scott Dohmann, Colo. Springs (AAA)

RHP Denny Bautista, Omaha (AAA)

OF/INF Joel Guzman, Las Vegas (AAA)

OF Sergio Pedroza, Vero Beach (Hi A)

RHP Jesse Chavez, Oklahoma (AAA)

RHP Jose Ceda, AZL Padres (R)

RHP Joselo Diaz, Omaha (AAA)

RHP Zach Ward, Dayton (Lo A)

RHP Brian Rogers, Erie (AA)

RHP Justin Germano, Louisville (AAA)

SS C.J. Henry, Charleston (Lo A)

LHP Matt Smith, Columbus (AAA)

C Jesus Sanchez, GCL Yankees (R)

RHP Carlos Monasterios, GCL Yankees (R)

RHP Wilfrido Laureano, West Virginia (Lo A)

RHP Shairon Martis, Augusta (Lo A)

OF Laynce Nix, Oklahoma (AAA)

LHP Julian Cordero, Clinton (Lo A)

OF Nelson Cruz, Nashville (AAA)


RHP Steve MacFarland, Hickory (Lo A)

LHP Will Startup, Richmond (AAA)

RHP Julio Mateo, Tacoma (AAA)  Acquire:

SS/2B Jesus Merchan, Reading (AA)

OF David Murphy, Pawtucket (AAA)

OF Engel Beltre, GCL Red Sox (R)

RHP Jon Link, Lake Elsinore (Hi A)

RHP Kyle Davies, Richmond (AAA)

OF Sean Danielson, Springfield (AA)

OF Dustin Martin, St. Lucie (Hi A)

C Drew Butera, Binghamton (AA)

HP Matt Maloney, Reading (AA)

SS Elvis Andrus, Myrtle Beach (Hi A)

LHP Matt Harrison, Mississippi (AA)

RHP Neftali Feliz, Danville (R)

LHP Beau Jones, Rome (Lo A)

OF Shaun Cumberland, Montgomery (AA)

RHP Calvin Medlock, Louisville (AAA)

LHP Brian Shackelford, Louisville (AAA)


RHP Gaby Hernandez, Carolina (AA)

RHP Jhonny Nunez, Harrisburg (AA)

SS Alberto Gonzalez, Scranton/WB (AAA)

3B Andy LaRoche, Las Vegas (AAA)

RHP Bryan Morris, Great Lakes (Lo A)

OF Brandon Moss, Pawtucket (AAA)

2B Danny Richar, Charlotte (AAA)

RHP Stephen Marek, Arkansas (AA)


RHP Aaron Thompson, Jacksonville (AA)

RHP Ryan Mattheus, Colo. Springs (AAA)

RHP Robinson Fabian, Asheville (Lo A)

LHP Nick Hagadone, Greenville (Lo A)

RHP Bryan Price, Salem (Hi A)

LHP Aaron Poreda, Charlotte (AAA)

RHP Adam Russell, Charlotte (AAA)

RHP Dexter Carter, Kannapolis (Lo A)

RHP Zach Stewart, Louisville (AAA)

C Chase Weems, Charleston (Lo A)

SS Tyler Ladendorf, Beloit (Lo A)

LHP Mauricio Robles, Lakeland (Hi A)

LHP Tom Gorzelanny, Indianapolis (AAA)

3B Josh Bell, Chattanooga (AA)

RHP Steve Johnson, Chattanooga (AA)

RHP Kevin Hart, Chicago (NL)

RHP Jose Ascanio, Iowa (AAA)

2B/OF Josh Harrison, Daytona (Hi A)

RHP Tim Alderson, Connecticut (AA)

RHP Robert Manuel, Louisville (AAA)

RHP Carlos Carrasco, Lehigh Valley (AAA)

RHP Jason Knapp, Lakewood (Lo A)

SS Jason Donald, Lehigh Valley (AAA)

C Lou Marson, Lehigh Valley (AAA)

RHP Ian Snell, Indianapolis (AAA)

C/1B Jeff Clement, Tacoma (AAA)

RHP Nathan Adcock, High Desert (Hi A)

RHP Brett Lorin, Clinton (Lo A)

RHP Aaron Pribanic, Clinton (Lo A)


RHP Dan Turpen, Richmond (AA)

C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Oklahoma City (AAA)

1B Chris McGuiness, Greenville (Lo A)

RHP Roman Mendez, Lowell (SS)

C Michael Thomas, Greenville (Lo A)

LHP Tim Collins, Mississippi (AA)

OF Gregor Blanco, Gwinnett (AAA)

3B Matt Cusick, Trenton (AA)

RHP Andy Shive, Staten Island (SS)

RHP Rick VandenHurk, New Orleans (AAA)

OF Andrew Lambo, Chattanooga (AA)

OF Wilkin Ramirez, Toledo (AAA)

RHP Brett Wallach, Great Lakes (Lo A)

RHP Kyle Smit, Chattanooga (AA)

LHP Nick Greenwood, Fort Wayne (Lo A)

RHP Corey Kluber, San Antonio (AA)

SS Pedro Ciriaco, Reno (AAA)

RHP Matt Gorgen, Montgomery (AA)

2B Jimmy Paredes, Charleston (Lo A)

RHP Mark Melancon, Scranton/W-B (AAA)

RHP Zach McAllister, Scranton/W-B (AAA)

RHP Ryan Tatusko, Frisco (AA)

RHP Tanner Roark, Frisco (AA)

RHP Dan Hudson, Chicago (AL)

LHP David Holmberg, Great Falls (R)

C Wilson Ramos, Rochester (AAA)

LHP Joe Testa, New Britain (AA)

RHP Wynn Pelzer, San Antonio (AA)

RHP Evan Reed, Frisco (AA)

1B Brett Wallace, Las Vegas (AAA)

LHP J.A. Happ, Philadelphia

OF Anthony Gose, Clearwater (Hi A)

SS Jonathan Villar, Lakewood (Lo A)

C Lucas May, Albuquerque (AAA)

RHP Elisaul Pimentel, Great Lakes (Lo A)

LHP Giovanni Soto, West Michigan (Lo A)