Experienced Former College Players Fill NYPL All-Star Rosters

Experienced college players dominate the rosters of the New York-Penn League’s All-Star teams. The National League-affiliated clubs will play the American League-affiliated teams Tuesday night at Dutchess Stadium, the home ballpark of the Hudson Valley Renegades. Here is a look at the rosters, followed by some insight on a few of the more interesting prospects from each squad:

National League-affiliated All-Star team

1B, Bill Rhinehart (Vermont)
1B, Justin Byler (State College)
2B, Tyler Mach (Williamsport)
2B, Matt Cusick (Tri-City)
3B, Jacob Eigsti (Brooklyn)
3B, Ryan Anetsberger (Jamestown)
SS, Carlos Piste (Jamestown)
SS, Matt Bouchard (Brooklyn)
RF, Aaron Seuss (Vermont)
RF, Austin McClune (State College)
CF, Keanan Simon (State College)
CF, Collin DeLome (Tri-City)
LF, Brandon Kawal (Brooklyn)
LF, Steve Brown (Tri-City)
UTIL, Andrew Brown (Batavia)
C/UTIL, Nick Stillwagon (State College)
C, Jason Jacobs (Brooklyn)
C, Torre Langley (Jamestown)

P, Chance Chapman (Williamsport)
P, Drew Naylor, (Williamsport)
P, Colton Willems (Vermont)
P, Glenn Gibson (Vermont)
P, Adrian Alaniz (Vermont)
P, Anthony Watson (State College)
P, Jess Todd (Batavia)
P, Josh Drew (Batavia)
P, Dylan Owen (Brooklyn)
P, Jason Dominguez (Tri-City)
P, Garrett Parcell (Jamestown)

The Phillies drafted Tyler Mach out of Oklahoma State in the fourth round this year, and the second baseman is hitting .319/.411/.493, showing an advanced approach at the plate. A third baseman in college, Mach’s transition to second base has been a little rocky, with seven errors in 40 games.

Matt Cusick was a 10th round pick this year by the Brewers out of Southern California, and he has shown patience at the plate, hitting .289/.397/.416 with more walks (22) than strikeouts (15).

Tri-City outfielder Collin DeLome is an Astros’ fifth rounder from Lamar hitting .290/.358/471. DeLome is a good athlete with the range, speed and arm to stay in center field.

Three Vermont pitchers made the team, and that doesn’t even include Nationals second rounder Jordan Zimmerman, who has a 1.76 ERA and a 44-to-11 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 30 2/3 innings. Zimmerman’s teammate Glenn Gibson, a fourth round pick last year out of high school, leads the league with a 0.62 ERA in 43 2/3 innings, and the lefthander owns an impressive 47-to-8 strikeout to walk ratio. Colton Willems, the Nationals’ first round pick last year out of high school, also has a crisp 2.27 ERA, but his 19-to-17 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 39 2/3 innings is of some concern, and the relative high quality of the Vermont defense could be giving him a significant boost.

American League-affiliated All-Star team

1B, Todd Martin (Mahoning Valley)
1B, Michael Jones (Lowell)
2B, Justin Henry (Oneonta)
2B, Jansy Infante (Mahoning Valley)
3B, Ron Bourquin (Oneonta)
3B, Justin Snyder (Staten Island)

SS, Tyler Henson (Aberdeen)
SS Yamaico Navarro (Lowell)
LF, Joseph Nowicki (Aberdeen)
LF, Benjamin Zeskind (Auburn)
CF, Matt Angle (Aberdeen)
CF, Ryan Kalish (Lowell) *INJURED
CF, Emeel Salem (Hudson Valley)
RF, Maiko Loyola (Hudson Valley)
RF, Casper Wells (Oneonta)
UTIL, Chris Carlson (Oneonta)
C/UTIL, Ty Weeden (Lowell)
C, Mike McCormick (Hudson Valley)
C, Alex Castillo (Mahoning Valley)

P, Guillermo Moscoso (Oneonta)
P, Zachary Jevne (Abderdeen)
P, Jason Ragan (Hudson Valley)
P, Brett Cecil (Auburn)
P, Heath Taylor (Mahoning Valley)
P, Kyle Landis (Mahoning Valley)
P, Zach McAllister (Staten Island)
P, Cody Crowell (Auburn)
P, Garrett Rieck (Mahoning Valley)
P, Noah Krol (Oneonta)
P, Felix Ventura (Lowell)

Nineteen-year-old Tyler Henson, an Orioles fifth round pick last year, is hitting .301/.372/.475 with 14 steals in 16 attempts, but his 22 errors in 48 games make him a defensive liability at shortstop.

Mike McCormick is a former third baseman now converted to catcher, and he has played in his new role, hitting .281/.380/.486. McCormick, 20, was a fifth round draft choice in 2005 of the Devil Rays, who moved McCormick behind the plate in part because of his strong arm.

Lowell has been in a tailspin since leadoff hitter Ryan Kalish‘s season ended a month ago with a fractured hamate bone in his right hand. Kalish, a 19-year-old center fielder and a nine round pick of the Red Sox in 2006, was hitting .368/.471/.540 with 18 steals in 21 attempts through 23 games.

Lefthander Brett Cecil and righthander Zach McAllister are two of the better pitching prospects in the league. Cecil, who the Blue Jays drafted out of Maryland in the supplemental first round in June, has a 1.64 ERA, 34 strikeouts and seven walks in 33 innings. Cecil pitches mostly off his low-90s fastball that can touch 94 and a good slider that can hit 86 mph.

McAllister, a 6-foot-5, 230-pound 19-year-old, was the Yankees’ third round pick last season, and has dominated this year. In 45 1/3 innings, McAllister has 51 strikeouts, 15 walks and a 2.70 ERA.