Enough Of The Music Already?

SANTIAGO, D.R.–Having live bands playing on a big league stage behind the center field wall is cool and all, but it even had Aguilas left fielder Luis Polonia a little ticked off Monday night.

Ït’s not the bands or the music at all," Polonia said. Ït’s the time. It takes too much time.

The bands play at every half inning, which normally the league standard is two minutes. But for the Series, they added another minute (though sometimes the lapses have reached six minutes) to allow for commercials and entertain the fans during those spans.

Polonia was waving at the band every time the Licey leadoff hitter stepped in the box Monday, trying to get them to stop. But they just kept playing. And fans kept clapping, cheerleaders kept dancing on top of dugouts and thundersticks kept on hammering away.

Those delays aren’t going to end anytime soon, and they don’t seem to bother anyone except maybe some of the media and those guys who are out there working on the field.