Eastern League Top 20 Prospects List

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TOP 20
1. Philip Hughes, rhp, Trenton (Yankees)
2. Matt Garza, rhp, New Britain (Twins)
3. Mike Pelfrey, rhp, Binghamton (Mets)
4. Adam Miller, rhp, Akron (Indians)
5. Adam Loewen, lhp, Bowie (Orioles)
6. Adam Lind, of, New Hampshire (Blue Jays)
7. Jacoby Ellsbury, of, Portland (Red Sox)
8. Carlos Gomez, of, Binghamton (Mets)
9. Humberto Sanchez, rhp, Erie (Tigers)
10. Tyler Clippard, rhp, Trenton (Yankees)
11. Jonathan Sanchez, lhp, Connecticut (Giants)
12. Trevor Crowe, of, Akron (Indians)
13. Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3b, Akron (Indians)
14. Kory Casto, 3b/of, Harrisburg (Nationals)
15. Alexi Casilla, ss, New Britain (Twins)
16. Scott Mathieson, rhp, Reading (Phillies)
17. Jair Jurrjens, rhp, Erie (Tigers)
18. Gio Gonzalez, lhp, Reading (Phillies)
19. Radhames Liz, rhp, Bowie (Orioles)
20. Garrett Olson, lhp, Bowie (Orioles)

For the second year in a row, the Double-A Eastern League significantly more in the way of pitchers than position players. The EL’™s five best prospects and seven of its top 10 did their work on the mound.

Trenton’™s Philip Hughes edged Akron’™s Adam Miller for the ERA title, while Miller led the league in wins. New Britain’s Matt Garza and Binghamton’™s Mike Pelfrey both made stops in the EL on their way to the big leagues and drew consideration as the league’s top prospect.

As for the hitters, only New Hampshire outfielder Adam Lind and Jacoby Ellsbury received universal support from scouts and managers. Neither player fits the all-star profile of some of the EL’s top players of the recent past, such as Ryan Howard, Nick Markakis, Hanley Ramirez and David Wright.

“In terms of the position players, I thought it was very weak,” one scout said. “There was just no one that really stands out, no position player other than Elsbury that stood out as a guy you saw and really wanted to have.”

Altoona outfielder Andrew McCutchen, who reached Double-A at age 19 and in his first full pro season, would have ranked ahead of Lind and Ellsbury if he had played long enough to qualify.

Subscribers can read scouting
reports on all 20 players
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