Double-A Leaderboards

With the minor league season past its midpoint, it’™s time to start taking stock in accumulated statistics. This year, instead of presenting midseason classification all-star teams, we decided to mix it up and present leaders in important statistical categories.

Double-A is next in our survey of the four full-season levels. Stats are through games of July 2. We looked at Triple-A last week.

As usual, * signifies lefthanded batter/pitcher, and # is switch-hitter.


* Kroeger, Josh, Tennessee (SL), .382
Merchan, Jesus, Reading (EL), .357
Mathews, Aaron, New Hampshire (EL), .353
# Headley, Chase, San Antonio (TL), .346
Hoffpauir, Jarrett, Springfield (TL), .345
# Cabrera, Asdrubal, Akron (EL), .337
Pearce, Steven, Altoona (EL), .333
* Jaso, John, Montgomery (SL), .332
Melian, Jackson, Erie (EL), .331
Diaz, Robinzon, New Hampshire (EL), .327

Pearce is the lone Futures Gamer out of this group, though Headley might have been if not for his big league callup.

* Kroeger, Josh, Tennessee (SL), .449
# Headley, Chase, San Antonio (TL), .434
Sollmann, Steven, Huntsville (SL), .430
Brito, Javier, Mobile (SL), .429
Morrissey, Adam, Arkansas (TL), .427
* Jaso, John, Montgomery (SL), .423
Merchan, Jesus, Reading (EL), .423
Hanigan, Ryan, Chattanooga (SL), .420
Hoffpauir, Jarrett, Springfield (TL), .420
* Whitesell, Josh, Harrisburg (EL), .419

Though it seems like Kroeger has been around forever, he’s just 24. Headley’s 1.058 OPS edges Kroeger’s 1.048 mark for the Double-A lead. Hoffpauir’s older brother Micah is a Triple-A all-star.

# Headley, Chase, San Antonio (TL), .634
* Kroeger, Josh, Tennessee (SL), .609
Mather, Joe, Springfield (TL), .607
Pearce, Steven, Altoona (EL), .604
Duran, German, Frisco (TL), .561
* Jacobs, Greg, Reading (EL), .544
Mathews, Aaron, New Hampshire (EL), .530
Ruiz, Randy, Reading (EL), .529
# Walker, Neil, Altoona (EL), .528
Hoffpauir, Jarrett, Springfield (TL), .527

Duran, 22, already has set a new career high for home runs with 16. He’s from Mexico but attended a Texas high school, Texas Christian and Weatherford (Texas) JC, where the Rangers found him in the sixth round of the 2005 draft.

Mather, Joe, Springfield (TL), 18
Collaro, Thomas, Birmingham (SL), 17
Longoria, Evan, Montgomery (SL), 17
Duran, German, Frisco (TL), 16
Esquivel, Matt, Mississippi (SL), 16
* Costanzo, Mike, Reading (EL), 15
* Larish, Jeff, Erie (EL), 15
* Rasmus, Colby, Springfield (TL), 15
Fox, Jake, Tennessee (SL), 14
# Headley, Chase, San Antonio (TL), 14
Jimerson, Charlton, West Tenn (SL), 14
Katin, Brendan, Huntsville (SL), 14
Mitchell, Lee, Carolina (SL), 14
Santos, Sergio, New Hampshire (EL), 14

Jimerson was the 2001 College World Series Most Outstanding Player, while Larish also made his name as a college star, belting three homers in a CWS game in 2005. Longoria’s home run pace hasn’t abated from last season, when he smacked 18 in 62 games.

Colonel, Christian, Tulsa (TL), 30
Hu, Chin-Lung, Jacksonville (SL), 28
* Rasmus, Colby, Springfield (TL), 26
* Brown, Jordan, Akron (EL), 25
Hill, Jason, Reading (EL), 24
* Robnett, Richie, Midland (TL), 24
# Walker, Neil, Altoona (EL), 24
* Bowker, John, Connecticut (EL), 23
Santos, Sergio, New Hampshire (EL), 23
Snyder, Brian, Midland (TL), 23

Santos spent the last two seasons in Triple-A and didn’t hit in either of them, including a .214/.254/.299 mark at Triple-A Syracuse last season. The 2002 first-round pick, who already has set a career high for homers, turns 24 on July 4.

* Loadenthal, Carl, Mississippi (SL), 28
# Velez, Eugenio, Connecticut (EL), 28
# Bonifacio, Emilio, Mobile (SL), 26
* Bernadina, Rogearvin, Harrisburg (EL), 25
Jimerson, Charlton, West Tenn (SL), 24
# Cabrera, Asdrubal, Akron (EL), 21
Christian, Justin, Trenton (EL), 18
Moran, Javon, Reading (EL), 18
# Reyes, Argenis, Akron (EL), 18
Sollmann, Steven, Huntsville (SL), 18

Velez jumped from low Class A to Double-A and has lost some power but his speed still plays; he’s leading Double-A in steals even though he didn’t play his first game until May 20.

* Cannon, Chip, New Hampshire (EL), 110
* Costanzo, Mike, Reading (EL), 103
Collaro, Thomas, Birmingham (SL), 101
Katin, Brendan, Huntsville (SL), 98
Williams, Marland, Chattanooga (SL), 93
Mitchell, Lee, Carolina (SL), 92
* Robnett, Richie, Midland (TL), 90
* Hubbard, Marshall, West Tenn (SL), 89
# Coronado, Jose, Binghamton (EL), 84
Rodriguez, Sean, Arkansas (TL), 82

Cannon hasn’t built off his MVP performance in the Arizona Fall League in his second season in the Eastern League; on the contrary, he’s leading the minors in strikeouts.


Buchholz, Clay, Portland (EL), 1.69
Horne, Alan, Trenton (EL), 2.31
Mason, Chris, Montgomery (SL), 2.55
Zink, Charlie, Portland (EL), 2.59
Holliman, Mark, Tennessee (SL), 2.64
* Parra, Manny, Huntsville (SL), 2.68
Madsen, Michael, Midland (TL), 2.76
Smith, Brett, Trenton (EL), 2.77
Jones, Jason, Trenton (EL), 2.86
Egbert, Jack, Birmingham (SL), 2.88

Madsen had a 6.68 ERA at high Class A Modesto last year, but he’s been so good in 2007 that he earned a promotion to Triple-A. Zink has spent at least part of the last five seasons in Double-A.

Mason, Chris, Montgomery (SL), 10
Trahern, Dallas, Erie (EL), 10
Mendoza, Luis, Frisco (TL), 9
Egbert, Jack, Birmingham (SL), 8
Fritz, Ben, Midland (TL), 8
Geer, Josh, San Antonio (TL), 8
Green, Matt, Mobile (SL), 8
Horne, Alan, Trenton (EL), 8
Marquez, Jeff, Trenton (EL), 8
Munoz, Luis, Altoona (EL), 8
* Reyes, Jo-Jo, Mississippi (SL), 8
Zink, Charlie, Portland (EL), 8

Trahern also has a win at Toledo and is tied for the minor league lead with 11 victories. Reyes also has been in Triple-A.

Egbert, Jack, Birmingham (SL), 103
* Patton, Troy, Corpus Christi (TL), 102 1/3
* Maloney, Matt, Reading (EL), 100 1/3
Geer, Josh, San Antonio (TL), 99 2/3
Green, Nick, Arkansas (TL), 99
Holliman, Mark, Tennessee (SL), 99
Mason, Chris, Montgomery (SL), 99
* Ramos, Cesar, San Antonio (TL), 97
Russell, Adam, Birmingham (SL), 96 1/3
Green, Matt, Mobile (SL), 95 2/3

Egbert only has given up one home run in all those innings; he’s a command-and-control guy who keeps the ball down. Patton also will take his act to Triple-A.

Buchholz, Clay, Portland (EL), 12.13
* Gonzalez, Gio, Birmingham (SL), 10.68
Horne, Alan, Trenton (EL), 10.19
Liz, Radhames, Bowie (EL), 9.88
Madsen, Michael, Midland (TL), 9.51
* Lofgren, Chuck, Akron (EL), 9.18
* Parra, Manny, Huntsville (SL), 9.04
* Veal, Donald, Tennessee (SL), 8.73
* Reyes, Jo-Jo, Mississippi (SL), 8.71
Vasquez, Esmerling, Mobile (SL), 8.68

Half the list’s leaders are lefthanders. Buchholz ranks second in the minors in overall strikeouts, one behind Will Inman’s 116. Lofgren, who also has made a Triple-A cameo, has increased his strikeout ratio while simultaneously moving up a level.

Perez, Chris, Springfield (TL), 14.33
Meloan, Jonathan, Jacksonville (SL), 13.73
Devine, Joey, Mississippi (SL), 13.24
Romero, Felix, Bowie (EL), 12.89
Akin, Brian, Jacksonville (SL), 12.38
Guevara, Carlos, Chattanooga (SL), 11.97
Lewis, Jensen, Akron (EL), 11.31
Medlock, Calvin, Chattanooga (SL), 11.14
Miller, Jim, Bowie (EL), 11.07
Rivera, Mumba, West Tenn (SL), 11.05

College closers Perez (Miami), Meloan (Arizona) and Devine (N.C. State) top the list, while Lewis is a recent conversion from being a starter. Miller is on the comeback trail with a new organization after being acquired from the Rockies for Rodrigo Lopez.