Caribbean Series Top 10

We actually only went with a top prospect for the Series, but here are the top 10 things that I loved about being there.

10. Tony Batista not being able to stop his momentum and running all the way into right-center field whenever he ranged to his left at third base.

9. Juan Gonzalez. Do I really need to say any more?

8. Game 1, Day 1: 18-innings. And that was only the first game.

7. Game 2, Day 1: Only 9 innings, but ended just after 3 a.m. Went to bed with the sun already at full blast.

6. Mexican fans. They kind of creep me out a little with the wrestling masks and the time the guy dressed as a red bug with antennae was milking the guy dressed as a cow’s udders on top of the dugout while the guy dressed as a rancher danced and shouted cheers into a bullhorn. You’d never see that in South Bend.

5. Every time the Puerto Rico team played, there is a guitar lick piped in over the PA system and then everyone yells, “que se joda,” which roughly means “go (expletive deleted) yourself.” Always a good one for family night.

4. Yadier Molina. The guy just won a World Series, and yet here he is, catching every game for Puerto Rico. Just impressive.

3. Karim Garcia playing center field. Well, the whole Mexico outfield defense, which looked like someone cloned Royals prospect Billy Butler . . . defensively only.

2. Miguel Tejada. The guy that makes the most money here plays the hardest, is the most soft-spoken and perhaps the most impressive thing was the fact that he did it all with the flu.

1. Jose Lima. He would have been No. 1 before he pitched his heart out throwing 87-88 mph fastballs and breaking balls that looked like they were blown in on a stiff wind from the Caribbean Sea. But watching him was always something back home–and he’s 10 times Lima Time when he’s representing Dominicana Republica. Believe it!