Can-Am League Adds One Team, Loses Another

The Can-Am League will grow to eight teams in 2011 thanks to the addition of the Rockland (N.Y.) Boulders. The Boulders were admitted to the league by a unanimous vote of the league's directors. The addition of the Boulders and the travel team New York Federals should round out the Can-Am League lineup for the upcoming season.

At the same time, the league announced that the Sussex Skyhawks will not field a team for the upcoming season. The Skyhawks had been in the league for five years since the city lost its New York-Penn League team, but had struggled to draw–the team's 1,670 fans per game was second worst in the league last year.

The league was able to move up to eight teams (from six franchises last year) because the Newark Bears moved from the Atlantic League to the Can-Am. The Atlantic City Surf, which have since dissolved, and the Nashua Pride, which have since moved to become the Pittsfield (N.J.) Colonials, had previously moved from the Atlantic League to the Can-Am League. The move to the Can-Am League enables teams to play a shorter season and significantly cut their travel and roster expenses.

The Boulders' new ballpark is under construction and is not expected to be ready for Opening Day, but in a release the league said it expects the team will open the stadium in early June.

The new travel team is nothing new for the Can-Am League, or indy ball in general, but the method in which it will be stocked is somewhat of a new approach. The Federals will be run by the New York State League, a league that does not pay its players, but showcases them in hopes of landing a job in indy ball. The Federals will take some of the best players from the New York State League and supplement that with additional free agent signings.