Billy Hamilton Hits A Stand-Up Inside-The-Park Home Run

In his first week in Double-A, we've received another example of just how fast Billy Hamilton is.

Playing against the Jacksonville Suns on Sunday, Hamilton hit one of the fastest inside-the-park home runs anyone has ever seen. Hamilton hit a line drive that Suns right fielder Kyle Jensen dove and couldn't catch. Center fielder Donnie Webb came over quite quickly to back up the play, but a couple of bobbles handling the ball were all Hamilton needed to round the bases. He scored standing up without even a real throw home.

Timing the play, Hamilton rounded the bases in 13.8 seconds. The fastest home run in the past couple of years in the big leagues is a 14-second round trip by Angels outfielder Peter Bourjos.

Hamilton was held without a stolen base on Sunday, which means he still sits at 109 steals for the season. Here's the home run if you want to see it yourself.