Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet Chat (July 25)

Tyler Glasnow's Impatient Clone (Bradenton, FL): Am I ready to sample the tuna in Altoona?
Josh Norris: I sure think so. It’s probably time to move him up. Note: There is a mascot, Al Tuna, who comes out and dances after every home run in Altoona.

Kyle (Dallas, TX): You young'uns at BA may view older prospects differently than young ones, but Charlotte's Andy Wilkins deserved better this past week than to be completely ignored. Would you care to comment, Joshua?
Josh Norris: No, he didn’t. He’s a 25-year-old, one-tool 1B/DH in Triple-A. That’s not a prospect. The Hot Sheet is for prospects only.

Steven Alengakis (Brooklyn, NY): Does Luis Torrens have a chance to be the top prospect in the NYPL this summer? What's the word so far on Leonardo Molina who's playing in the GCL at age 16?
Josh Norris: That’s an interesting question. Assuming he gets the requisite plate appearances (almost a certainty), Torrens will probably up there for sure.

Katy Levine (Riding the Dark Horse): If you had a Dark Horse, what would you name it?
Josh Norris: Chris Melchiorre

Stacy (Paris, FR): Talking my Red Sox. If the Sox are buyers, with regard to a trade, who are the untouchables on the farm? Thanks
Josh Norris: I don’t believe in untouchables, period. If there’s a big fish on the table, and the contract situation is favorable, I’d think anybody is in play. That said, the prospects I’d want in a deal with them are obvious: Henry Owens, Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart.

Bubble Bass (Bikini Bottom): How is Dilson Herrera doing so well in double a?
Josh Norris: Because he’s good at baseball and also athletic.

satchel (las vegas): What is the latest with Daniel Carbonell? He was a hot name 2 months ago, and nothing sense?
Josh Norris: He was a hot name because he’s Cuban. That’s pretty much it. For every Yasiel Puig who comes over, there are guys like Adonis Garcia or Yadil Mujica. Who is Yadil Mujica, you ask? Exactly.

Katy Perry (Dark Horse, Levine): Who is the "Dark Horse" of this hot sheet? Aka, a prospect that is ready to shoot up an org's prospect ranks seemingly out of nowhere?
Josh Norris: Just by definition, it would have guys like Elizalde and Aquino. Most of the others are already high in org’s rankings.

Katy Levine (Fox Woods): Oy Vey. Back to back first round BLUNDERS for the Astros. Now what for Luhnow and co?
Josh Norris: It’s embarrassing for sure, but all you really can do is starting working on next year’s draft and who you’ll take with your pair of first-rounders next year (assuming nobody wins a grievance).

Tyler (Nj): Is servino just another overhyped Yankee prospect or is he for real thanks
Josh Norris: I’m the high man on him for sure. Three plus pitches in my eyes (and those of outer-org evaluator) and tore up two levels this year with a fine start in Double-A. What’s not to like?

Shannon P. (Levine, CT): Hey! What's up, BA? Thanks for the chat. I just wanted some of your thoughts on Oscar Taveras -- should the Cards send him down and get him AAA at bats??
Josh Norris: If he’s not getting regular playing time, probably. The only caveat I’d add is that perhaps the Cardinals want him to learn what it means to be a major leaguer as far as lifestyle is concerned.

Kenny Graves (Newburgh, NY): Love these chats! I have been trying to find this out and no one can give me info hopefully you guys have the resource's for a answer. Is Carlos Contreras permanently moved to the bullpen or do the Reds still see him as a reliever.
Josh Norris: From what we hear, yes, he’s a reliever from now until forever.

Z, Levine, Starkey (Firefighters): Who has the best fastball in the minors?
Josh Norris: Our Best Tools issue is coming out next issue. Check it out then for the answers to this, plus all of your other romantic queries.

Josh Norris: Our Best Tools issue is coming out next issue. Check it out then for the answers to this, plus all of your other romantic queries.

Greg Morales (Croton, NY): Nate Karns really has a live arm. Will the Rays give him a shot in the rotation or will it take a trade for that to happen. I really like his stuff.
Josh Norris: He’s wildly inconsistent, from game to game and inning to inning. Last night was his first walk-free start of the year.

Tyler (Nj): Harold ramirez hasn't broke out like I thought he was gonna time to give up on his potential?
Josh Norris: He was hurt for a good chunk of the year and he’s still 19. That’d be like giving up on an apple tree a week after planting the seeds.

Elliot (Youngstown OH): Ever seen a worse defensive play (in minors or majors) than the hatchet job of Raburn's last night?
Josh Norris: Oh man, a million times over. I recall Phillies outfielder Larry Greene not moving on a fly ball, watching it land on the warning track and giving up an ITP HR in the process. That was embarrassing.

Walter (albuquerque, NM): D-backs look like they have some serious pitching talent in the system. What does their 2017 rotation look like 1-5?
Josh Norris: Glad you asked, Walter. (I assume you are chatting covertly while waiting for Gus Fring at Los Pollos Hermanos). In our Midseason Prospect Handbook, we posited Bradley, Shipley, Blair, Anderson and Miley. You’d better go, though, I hear your brother in law is hot on your case.

Jake the Mascot (Dark Horse): What's your fav. mascot? Al Tuna?
Josh Norris: The Oregon Duck.

Tywin (King's Landing, Westeros): Is Giolito on hiatus again?
Josh Norris: Nope. He’s pitching tonight in Hagerstown. If King’s Landing is anywhere near there, you should go see him.

Bob (MN): Any idea what the Twins are doing yo-yoing Polanco up and down between the FSL and MLB? Is he a top 100 guy with a chance to be an above average regular?
Josh Norris: He’s on the 40-man, so it makes him easy to yo-yo when he needs a shortstop. Scouts who have seen him this year definitely like him. He’s got a plus glove and has a chance to hit in the big leagues.

Jeff (IL): It is of utmost importance to understand that Rodon is a monster.
Josh Norris: This isn’t a question. However, I believe he’s less a monster and more a Rodontosaur.

Marco (Pleasuretown, PA): How good is Aaron Judge?...You hear Mike Stanton Comps cause of his size but is he that kind of hitter?
Josh Norris: No. That’s not downing Judge at all. Throwing out Stanton for anyone shouldn’t be done lightly. Gallo’s the only one in the minors with that type of power.

Levine (Dorman, IN): You guys get "romantic" queries?? Huh? What kind of best tools issue is that? Competing with Playboy?
Josh Norris: Tim Meadows knows the deal.

Foxwoods Zalaski (Ledyard, CT): What do you think is more likely to happen. Giolito is a front line multiple cy young award winner, or I hit the Hard 6 twice in a row at the craps tables?
Josh Norris: The latter.

Katy P. Starkey (Tkts, NY): If you could buy tickets to see ONE minor leaguer, who would it be and why?
Josh Norris: Well, we have press credentials, but I’ll reword this into plane tickets and say, strangely, Mark Appel. I want to see what’s going wrong.

Brett Z (Trading for Days): Why the knock on Trevor Story, Didn't he basically do the same thing last year where he struggled until making adjustments by the next season...and he is 3 years younger than the league too.
Josh Norris: It’s a week-by-week thing. If he goes crazy he could get the top spot in the next hot sheet.

Mike (NY): You don't think Severino best profiles as a reliever due to his small build and delivery?
Josh Norris: No. Height isn’t a death blow. Johnny Cueto is 5-11. Tim Hudson is 6-1. Pedro Martinez was 5-11. Greg Maddux was 6-0. Tim Lincecum is 5-11.

Katy Perry (Levine, CT): You'd pick me over Tim Meadows. Admit it.
Josh Norris: Depends what I’m picking you for, Ms. Hudson.

Katy Perry (Levine, CT): better 80-grade assets -- me or Byron Buxton?
Josh Norris: Buxton

Pick Nerry (work :(): After Addison Russell, I think JaCoby Jones is the best SS prospect out there. Would you say this is accurate?
Josh Norris: It is not. Mssrs. Baez, Crawford, Mondesi, Correa, Lindor, Polanco and Arcia would like to speak with you.

Scott (Pa): Best 2B prospect going forward for Braves? Lastella or Peraza?
Josh Norris: Peraza by a lot.

Shannon Starkey (Shea's): Favorite MILB team name?
Josh Norris: I’m partial to the Laredo Lemurs

Jag "Upton Here" Traylor (#PW Northwest): Assuming no contracts, I had the chance to trade Carlos Gonzalez for javier Baez and Alex Meyer. Should I have pulled the trigger?
Josh Norris: I am godawful at fantasy baseball. Case in point: I turned down a trade of Chris Davis for Matt Adams and Tanaka before this year, and failed to keep Yordano Ventura on my team.

Ellie Goulding (Starkey, CT): Me or Katy Petty?
Josh Norris: I don’t know who you are.

Josh (Philly): Is there anyone out there with Stanton comps (maybe a healthy Sano)?
Josh Norris: Not really. Joey Gallo is the closest in terms of the power.

Chris (KC): Best SS prospect in 2016?
Josh Norris: For my money, Correa, if he’s still in the minors, then Crawford.

Romantic Levine (The Chapel): If you could put a ring on any prospect because he's just that good, who would it be? This is a romantic query.
Josh Norris: What kind of ring? Like a ring pop. They all deserve one. PolygYUMMY!

Larry R. (Ohio): I don't seem to hear much about the Astros' Tony Kemp. What are your thoughts on him and his MLB future?
Josh Norris: I like this guy. He’s got one real tool, but it might get him to the majors.

Chrash (Hoboken): Ellie Goulding is really hot, ok?
Josh Norris: I still don’t know who she is.