Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet Chat (Aug. 29) With Josh Norris

Josh Norris: All the chatters gonna chat, chat, chat, and I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake it off.

11. (eeeeeeeeleven): It's 1:11 as im writing this, anyway.....Where is Tyler Glasnow on this list, are we tired of seeing him on the hot sheet every week?
Josh Norris: It is 1:27 as I am typing this. Mr. Glasnow had many strikeouts (17) this week, but he also allowed six earned runs in 11 innings. This is not Hot Sheet-worthy.

Chris (Myrtle Beach): What can you tell me about Michael De Leon of the Rangers? What is his potential?
Josh Norris: He’s a 17-year-old with incredible skills defensively and great makeup. He puts the bat on the ball, but he needs to get stronger before he makes an impact. But he’s worth getting excited about.

Craig (San Diego, CA): What can we expect from Fredrick's Steven Brault? Pitched very well in LowA, and continued success in his first taste of the Carolina league. What's his future projection? Obviously the focus is on Balt SP Prospects: Harvey, Gausman, and Bundy for good reason, but does Brault have the potential to slot in at the end of the future rotation? 1) Bundy 1A) Harvey, 3) Gausman, 4) Tillman, and 5)Brault?
Josh Norris: He’s a fringy type prospect. Four average to below-average pitches who throws across his body and vaults over his front leg. Doesn’t belong in the discussion with Harvey, Gausman, Bundy etc.

#JPsFirstFlight (Airport): If you were to have a homerun derby right now, what 3 MILB players would you invite not named Gallo?
Josh Norris: Kris Bryant, Steven Moya, Matt Olson

Shannon R. S. (117, VA): Which prospects are you looking forward to seeing in the AFL the most?
Josh Norris: I’ll go with guys I haven’t seen before: Mark Appel, C.J. Edwards, Archie Bradley, Wei-Chung Wang, Justin O’Conner, Matt Olson, Daniel Robertson, Dan Vogelbach.

Nils (Shake Shack): Has Steven Moya's approach improved enough this year that you would say his immense power could play at the MLB level in the future?
Josh Norris: With an 8-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio this year, I’d say he has some work to do.

rob (wathena, ks): Take Buxton out of the equation due to injuries, Who is the next Mike Trout in the minors? Is there one?
Josh Norris: No. Mike Trout is the rarest of birds, a generational player. There isn’t another one in the minors. There won’t be another one like him for a long time.

Big Jake (The Arch): I'm going to St. Louis this weekend! Favorite Nelly song, and which Cubs prospect should I look more forward to -- Baez or Soler???
Josh Norris: Enjoy them both man. Baseball love can be polyamorous.

Big Boi Jake (Club, NY): Yo whos gonna hit more career home runs -- G. Stanton, M. Trout or J. Soler???
Josh Norris: I’ll say Stanton and feel very safe in my prediction.

#JPdoesSTL (Missouri): What do you think about a skills competition at the All-Star game? Wouldn't it be fun to watch Bourjos and B-Hamilton shag flys?
Josh Norris: I have been on this idea for year. I want to see a catcher throw off, maybe a 60-yard dash, a Puig vs. Cespedes vs. Reddick throw off, stuff like that. It can’t all be home run derby.

Formerly the Smasher (Canada): Can Dan Norris surf his way into the Jays rotation and fans hearts as early as next year?
Josh Norris: I think he can surf his way into the bullpen in a few days, and probably have a shot at the rotation next year.

Pat "the G" (Failing): So who wins the minor league MVP this year?
Josh Norris: If there were such an award, I’d think it’d be unanimous for Kris Bryant. His season is pretty much unimpeachable.

Taylor Swift (Levine, MO): my new song is No. 1! Who is your No. 1 prospect after this year??? is it still Bryon??
Josh Norris: He was still No. 1 in our midseason update, and probably still will be come Top 100 time, especially if he has a good showing in the Fall League.

Not Jake Levine (Not NY): Glenn Sparkman. That's a 70-grade name. thoughts?
Josh Norris: Nah. Not even close to a 70-grade name. Glenn is very ordinary. Sparkman is whatever. Sicnarf Loopstok is the gold standard.

tatum (Las vegas): Josh, What organization has the most minor league arms, ready to take an MLB mound in 2104/2015? Hou? Bos? thanks
Josh Norris: Boston would be on the top of my list. Henry Owens, Anthony Ranaudo, Matt Barnes and Brian Johnson all could see time in The Fens next year.

Formerly the Smasher (Canada): Ok, you're 18 years old. Which earns you a bigger signing bonus, an 80 fastball or 80 power? (regardless of all other tools.)
Josh Norris: If I were the one handing out the money, give me the guy with the 80-power. All these Tommy John surgeries have me a bit gun-shy.

Cw (Houston): Everyone keeps saying how great Mike trout is. He is putting up descent number this year, but he isn't dominating the league. I have yet to see this once in generation player.
Josh Norris: You aren’t looking hard enough.

Shannon S. (117): Who is the Yankees' best prospect, and how good is Brady Lail?
Josh Norris: We put Luis Severino in the top spot in midseason, and I see no reason he’ll move out of that spot when Top 30s are released. Lail is an intriguing arm with a pair of good offspeed offerings. He’ll probably find his way onto the top 30.

MJ (Chicago): Has Franco redeemed himself over the past two months? Or did his awful start knock him down a few ticks from what people expect him to become?
Josh Norris: Some opinions changed, but I think it’s really foolish to sell a guy who’s 21 years old after a few tough months at a league where the pitching is far more advanced.

David (Selkirk, MB): Can Cleveland's Jose Ramirez be a starting IF for the Indians?
Josh Norris: With Chisenhall, Lindor (soon) and Kipnis already there, it’s not likely.

Nate H (Finger to the Sky): There was recently an article released ranking stadiums and their offerings of beer...any preference on stadium or beer for you?
Josh Norris: I don’t drink, so no preference there, but I love me some Camden Yards and Safeco Field. Citizens Bank Park is pretty awesome too.

Jake's Richard (Moldy South): Who has the best change up in the minors?
Josh Norris: That title belongs to Mr. Henry Owens.

Jake's Oui Oui (South): Who's the best Pirates prospect?
Josh Norris: Tyler Glasnow

Jack Bauer (CTU): Greg Bird seems to be showing a lot more power in the EL than he did in the FSL, but a little less of everything else (avg, walks, etc). How do you regard him as a prospect and what kind of player can he ultimately become production/stats-wise? Thanks.
Josh Norris: I think he’s in the top 10 in the Yankees system. The power and batting eye are legit and I’m impressed with how quickly he’s been able to acclimate to Double-A. Very intrigued to get a look at him in the Fall League.

Shannon R. S. (117, VA): The bigger treat -- going to spring training, or going to the AFL?
Josh Norris: For me, it’s Arizona Fall League. It’s like two Futures Games a day. I’ll be out there again this year, with also a ton of time in the instructional league as well, where it’s basically spring training and you get a look at a bunch of 2014 draft guys and July 2 signees.

Nils Erickson - Dillon (IBC LEAGUE - USA): Who do you like in the long term behind the dish,Blake Swihart or Kyle Schwarber?
Josh Norris: If we’re gonna say behind the dish, Swihart. He’s extremely athletic and has great arm.

Stevie D'Asterhuzy (Sacramento): Who are you looking forward to seeing most, once the rosters expand on Sept 1?
Josh Norris: Joc Pederson and Daniel Norris come to mind.

Dorman, Zalaski, Vacek (Professional Eaters): What can we expect from Dilson Herrera, and if he exceeds expectations will it open up trade talks for Murphy next year?
Josh Norris: Might I suggest this article from our Vince Lara-Cinisomo?