Arizona League Top 20 Prospects List

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1. Hank Conger, c, Angels
2. Jeremy Jeffress, rhp, Brewers
3. Cedric Hunter, of, Padres
4. Marcus Lemon, ss, Rangers
5. Brent Fisher, lhp, Royals
6. Matt Sweeney, 3b/1b, Angels
7. Sharlon Schoop, ss, Giants
8. Kyler Burke, of, Padres
9. Jason Taylor, 3b, Royals
10. Vladimir Veras, rhp, Angels
11. Brent Brewer, ss, Brewers
12. Gerardo Avila, 1b, Mariners
13. Luis Durango, of, Padres
14. Jose Ceda, lhp, Cubs
15. Manuel Cabez, rhp, Giants
16. Derrick Robinson, of, Royals
17. Nick Van Stratten, of, Royals
18. Carlos Peguero, of, Mariners
19. Warner Madrigal, rhp, Angels
20. Felix Carrasco, 3b, Padres

Pitchers dominated our Rookie-level Arizona League Top 10 Prospects list last season, with Mark Pawelek, Nick Adenhart and Craig Italiano rating 1-2-3. This year saw a reversal, as position players took seven of the top nine spots.

Angels catcher Hank Conger, one of three 2006 first-round picks who played long enough to qualify for consideration, showed all-around skills before breaking the hamate bone in his right wrist 19 games into his pro debut. Another first-rounder, Brewers righthander Jeremy Jeffress, ranked as the AZL’™s top pitcher.

The third, supplemental pick Kyler Burke, also cracked the top 10 but was upstaged by another Padres outfielder, third-rounder Cedric Hunter. Hunter won the MVP award after leading the league in runs (46) and hits (71) while finishing second in batting (.371) and on-base percentage (.467). The Padres won the league championship by defeating the Angels in a one-game playoff.
Two players who repeated the AZL intrigued managers. Still teenagers, Royals lefthander Brent Fisher and Giants shortstop Sharlon Schoop both have rare skill sets and enough ability to project as big leaguers. They made this list a year ago, Schoop at No. 11 and Fisher at No. 18.

Subscribers can read scouting reports on all 20 players  (Click here to subscribe)