Appalachian League Top 20 Prospects List

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TOP 20
1. Travis Snider, of, Pulaski (Blue Jays)
2. Bill Rowell, 3b, Bluefield (Orioles)
3. Kieron Pope, of, Bluefield (Orioles)
4. Tommy Hanson, rhp, Danville (Braves)
5. Jamie Richmond, rhp, Danville (Braves)
6. Daryl Jones, of, Johnson City (Cardinals)
7. Desmond Jennings, of, Princeton (Devil Rays)
8. Chase Fontaine, ss, Danville (Braves)
9. Jon Edwards, of, Johnson City (Cardinals)
10. Zach Britton, lhp, Bluefield (Orioles)
11. Emmanuel Garcia, ss/2b, Kingsport (Mets)
12. Blake King, rhp, Johnson City (Cardinals)
13. Tyler Herron, rhp, Johnson City (Cardinals)
14. Brian Kirwan, rhp, Elizabethton (Twins)
15. Alex Burnett, rhp, Elizabethton (Twins)
16. Justin Edwards, lhp, Bristol (White Sox)
17. Ronald Ramirez, ss/2b, Greeneville (Astros)
18. Yohermyn Chavez, of, Pulaski (Blue Jays)
19. Nevin Ashley, c, Princeton (Devil Rays)
20. Sergio Sevrino, lhp, Greeneville (Astros)

While Danville and Elizabethton again dominated the Rookie-level
Appalachian League and met in a rematch of last year’s championship
series, a pair of lefthanded-hitting high school sluggers taken in the
top half of the 2006 draft made the strongest impression. Pulaski
outfielder Travis Snider, taken 14th overall by the Blue Jays, and
Bluefield third baseman Bill Rowell, who went ninth to the Orioles,
already are above-average hitters and both project to hit for more
power as they mature.
No pitcher could match the raw arm
strength of righthander Brandon Erbe, the top pitcher on this list a
year ago. But the Orioles and White Sox each sent their top-drafted
lefthander to the league in third-round picks Zach Britton and Justin
Edwards. In all, clubs sent six players drafted in the top three rounds
to the Appalachian League, with Bluefield second baseman Ryan Adams
(Orioles, second round) and Danville shortstop Chase Fontaine (Braves,
second) rounding out that group.

Righthanders Tommy Hanson
(Danville) and Blake King (Johnson City), two of most promising
draft-and-follow signs this spring, fared well in their pro debuts in
the league. Potential five-tool center fielders Daryl Jones (Johnson
City) and Desmond Jennings (Princeton) showed glimpses of what they can
become. Both were pursued by Division I football programs out of high

Jones was one of several players who stood out in
their second tour of the Appy League. Like Jones, Bluefield outfielder
Kieron Pope received a late-season promotion, while Johnson City
righthander Tyler Herron and Greeneville lefthander Sergio Severino can
look forward to full-season ball next year.

The talent extended
beyond the top 20. Elizabethton closer Danny Hernandez had one of the
best arms in the league, reaching 96 mph with his fastball, and greatly
improved his command this season. Danville outfielder Concepcion
Rodriguez might have been the Braves’ steadiest hitter and his
defensive potential also bears watching.

Greeneville lefthander Polin Trinidad exhibited good fastball
location and an effective changeup. Princeton had three promising
18-year-old righties, including two sons of former major leaguers:
Chris Andujar, son of Joaquin; Alex Cobb, a fourth-round pick in June;
and Tyree Hayes, son of Charlie.

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