Aguilas Roster

Sorry for the delay. Here is the Aguilas roster for the Series. After last night (and actually before I even got on a plane to come here), I would be shocked if they didn’t run the table here at EL Stadio Cibao, their home park. And as you can see, Aguilas is stacked–even more than they were last year when they won it all in Puerto Rico:


Alfredo Simon, Derek Lee, Fabio Castro, Joselo Diaz, Bartolo Colon, Julian Tavarez, Arnaldo Munoz, Randy Choate, Santiago Ramirez, Leonel Nunez, Denny Bautista, Francisco Cruceta, Joel Peralta, Dario Veras.


Alberto Castillo, Brayan Pena.


Mendy Lopez, Edwin Encarnacion, Miguel Tejada, Tony Pena Jr., Hector Luna, Tony Batista, Rafael Furcal.


Luis Polonia, Alexis Gomez, Victor Diaz, Freddy Guzman, Bernie Castro.