Prospect Hot Sheet Chat With Jim Shonerd

Jim Shonerd: Good afternoon, everybody. Let’s finish the week with some prospect talk.

Jason Pennini (Denver): Addison Russell appears to be turning the corner. If this type of performance continues could he be promoted to AA this year?

Jim Shonerd: My guess is the A’s will keep him in Stockton most of the year if not all of it. Maybe they call him up to Midland for the last week or so of the season and the Texas League playoffs if Midland makes it. We’ve seen them do that with other guys before to give them a chance to get their feet wet at a new level going into the next year.

Ted (Buffalo, NY): How long before Joc Pederson is called up to Los Angeles? Do you think he will spend time at Triple-A? Could he be a prospect that is traded at the deadline?

Jim Shonerd: Wouldn’t be surprised if Pederson gets traded. The Dodgers already have long-term commitments to Kemp, Ethier and Crawford, and of course Puig’s not going anywhere, so it’s hard to see where Pederson gets any time in the immediate future. I’d expect he does get bumped to Triple-A at some point, but beyond that, who knows?

John (CT): No Gary Sanchez this week?He's knocking the cover off the ball after his promotion to a pitcher's league.

Jim Shonerd: Sanchez had a strong week, but his .320/.370/.600 line really didn’t get him that close. This was a pretty stout week all around.

Conor (Boston): What kind of ceiling are we looking at with Kyle Crick?

Jim Shonerd: He’s got the arsenal to be a No. 2 starter, and the Giants have thrown out Matt Cain comparisons about him.

Matt (Kansas): Bubba Starling is starting to make more consistant contact. His last 10 games look promising. Is there reason to get excited or should we reserve judgement for a while longer?

Jim Shonerd: That 10-game stretch is inflated somewhat by one game in which he went 5-for-5, but overall Starling has been making incremental progress, hopefully getting more and more comfortable now that he’s seen 70 games’ worth of Sally League pitching.

John Blevins (Erie, PA): What are the long-term projections for Glasnow? ETA to Majors?
Jim Shonerd: I’m very intrigued by Glasnow. Stands 6-foot-7 and shows signs of two plus pitches. 2016 is probably a realistic ETA, with mid-2015 the best case scenario.

Chris Owings (Reno): Will I ever be called up this year and do you see me starting in Arizona in 2014?

Jim Shonerd: At second base. Didi Gregorius has Owings blocked at shortstop, but it’s going to be hard for the Dbacks, as long as they remain contenders, to let Owings’ bat languish in Triple-A.

Jake (Corona, CA): What's it going to take for Grant Green to get promoted? He seems to finally have a home defensively and Eric Sogard is certainly not the A's long term 2B.

Jim Shonerd: Don’t think there’s much more Green can do. Sogard’s hitting well enough that there’s not a crushing need to promote Green right this moment, but if Sogard goes in the tank or gets hurt, I have to believe Green gets that call over the forgotten Jemile Weeks.

Chris (phoenix): Thanks for taking my question. I can't find anything on mookie betts beyond a great stat line. Can you comment on his tools and if he has become any kind of prospect?

Jim Shonerd: He’s a prospect. Not a huge one, but a prospect nonetheless. He doesn’t really have any tools that wow you, but he’s an intelligent hitter with a gap-to-gap approach. He’s a good runner, so he could be a leadoff-type guy.

Rubby (of the Rose): What are your thoughts on Ranuado? Is his ceiling still a #2/3 starter, or would you revise that?

Jim Shonerd: Now that he’s back to looking like the guy we saw at LSU, I think his ceiling is still up there so long as he stays healthy. Those injury questions will continue to hang over him, but you have to like the package.

michael (toronto): Is Olt still a ggod prospect

Jim Shonerd: Definitely. Assuming he’s gotten his vision problems sorted out, he’s getting back on track in Triple-A: .261 with 7 homers in June so far.

Chris (Chicago): Does Maikal Franco have a shot at jumping to the majors if the Phils move Michael Young before the deadline?

Jim Shonerd: Franco just got to Reading a week ago, so I’d be surprised if he was jumped to the majors after only a month or so of Double-A experience. He could be there next year though, probably a midseason ETA after some Triple-A time.

Andy (Austin): Francisco Lindor or Carlos Correa?

Jim Shonerd: Correa

Bud (NY): How good do you project Jake Marisnick to be? When do you think he arrives in Miami?

Jim Shonerd: He’s caught on to the Southern League pretty quickly now that’s back to full health, hitting .329 so far in June. He’s a potential five-tool guy and could make an impact next year, but it would surprise me if the Marlins gave him a spin before this season ended, given the way they’ve been handling their other young guys.

Ronnie Thompson (Pulaski, KY): What needs to happen before Kolten Wong can ascend to the Majors? He has little to prove other than improving his BB rate.

Jim Shonerd: Like I talked about with Grant Green, there’s just not a pressing need for him right now. Wong has pretty well proven he can hit Triple-A pitching.

Jeff (California): Is Arismendy Alcantara the Cubs Second Baseman after the All-Star game next year? And is he a viable lead-off option in the future?

Jim Shonerd: At the earliest, and he hasn’t exactly mastered Double-A yet. He didn’t look like a leadoff guy coming into the year, but he’s showing a lot more patience (his 32 walks are already a career high), so you could see him in a leadoff role, though he’s been hitting second or third with Tennessee.

Jeff (California): Is Alberto Cabrera more of a back-end guy or might he be a mid-rotation candidate?

Jim Shonerd: He can be more than a No. 4 or 5 guy. It’s a power arm and he’s shown effective secondary stuff enough to believe he can be a quality big league starter.

Nick (North Carolina): Keon Barnum has looked rough this year. He looks to have all the physical size to become a great power hitter, will he?

Jim Shonerd: Far too early to give a definitive answer on whether he will or won’t, but if he does, it’s going to take time. A lot of time. He doesn’t recognize breaking pitches well and has little grasp of the strike zone, and those issues won’t get fixed overnight.

Scott (South Texas): What kind of power projection do you see for Carlos Correa 2-3 years from now?

Jim Shonerd: He’s got the strength and bat speed to hit for plenty of power once everything comes together. That power potential from the shortstop position is one of, if the biggest selling point in why he was the No. 1 pick.

cocoa (new zealand): thanks Jim, Dan Vogelbach looks like one of the sweetest pure hitters I've seen in a long time. do you think his bat can carry him to the majors, and do you see him being a great hitter in the majors, maybe a .300+ avg hitter, maybe another prince fielder? Thanks

Jim Shonerd: .300 might be a stretch, but he’ll be more than a one-dimensional power hitter. He doesn’t just swing for the downs and will use the whole field, so he should be able to hit for solid averages, not to mention his patience that leads to walks.

Jen (Hawaii): After Buxton and Taveras, who is the next best hitting prospect?

Jim Shonerd: Correa, Sano and Bogaerts are the leading candidates there. We’ll be posting our annual Midseason Top 50 next week.

Mike (Dallas): I assume no Miguel Almonte because it was against whiff-happy Hickory?

Jim Shonerd: Almonte was one of the last cuts. Another victim of how deep the list of candidates was this week.

Mike (New York): How soon until Asher Wojciechowski is up to help the Astros?

Jim Shonerd: What’s the rush? Not a good outing for Wojo this week (4 ER in 5.2 IP), but I’d expect he’ll be up by September.

Sam (Asheville): When is Tom Murphy going to get sent to the next level? Are the Rockies just going to wait until next year since the SAL All-Star break has passed?

Jim Shonerd: The only explanation I can come up with is that they must really feel he’s not ready to handle high Class A pitchers from a defensive standpoint. And he does have 13 passed balls in 46 games behind the plate for Asheville.

Calvin (Toronto): What is the prospect outlook on AJ Jimenez? He is hitting very well down in Double-A but what is his ultimate ceiling with his tools?

Jim Shonerd: I’ve liked Jimenez ever since writing him up for our FSL Top 20 a couple years ago. I don’t think he’ll be an impact guy with the bat, but he’ll hold his own and has the defensive chops to handle a big league pitching staff.

Jim Shonerd: That’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for coming by, and now you know you’ve got that Midseason Top 50 to look forward to in addition to Ben Badler’s excellent July 2 coverage. Have a great weekend.